Search Tips

To get the best results, enter text in to the search box using the following formats.

  1. Single Word Search (format= term): Search for a term by entering the word into the search text box and hitting enter or clicking the search icon.
    For example, if you enter MALARIA the search should return all chapters that mention malaria.
  2. Multiple Word Search (format= term term): Find results containing all the words you entered into the search text box.
    For example, if you enter DIABETES PREVENTION you should get results that mention one or both of the words.
  3. Phrase Search (format= "term term"): Search for a specific set of terms that appear together by entering terms with quotations marks around them.
    For example, entering "TROPICAL DISEASES" will find all instances of that phrase rather than just results with both tropical and disease
  4. With / Without Word(s) Search (format= +term, -term):
    For example +LEARNING -DISABILITIES will return results that mention learning but do not mention disabilities.
  5. Fuzzy Match Search (format= term~): Will match against terms that are spelled similarly with this one.
    For example searching for LERNING~ will return results for learning.


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