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March 25, 2009


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DCPP Around the World

New Feature Stories

New Fact Sheets

Press Releases to Recognize World Health Events

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  DCPP Around the World

Findings from the Disease Control Priorities Project continue to be highlighted and presented at health policy events around the world. Below is a list of notable events since our last newsletter where the World Bank or other DCPP partners disseminated the DCPP findings:


DCPP recently worked in conjunction with global health experts to produce an in-depth work on HIV prevention that expounds upon DCPP concepts. Sandra I. McCoy, Fariyal F. Fikree and Nancy S. Padian address the urgent need for HIV prevention programs in their February technical working paperWhat Will it Take to Prevent HIV? Constructing an Effective Prevention Program”. The paper examines the efficacy of current and future HIV interventions in a comparative analysis and further discusses recommendations for implementing HIV prevention packages. The working paper can be accessed in the Related Analysis section of the DCPP website here.

New Feature Stories

The Disease Control Priorities Project continues to commission seasoned science and health writers to highlight real-world examples of the global burden of disease, cost-effective interventions, policies, and programs. Since the last newsletter, one feature stories has been added to www.dcp2.org covering the first topic, Trachoma, in our neglected tropical diseases trilogy. The feature can be viewed by clicking the titles below: 


The End of Blinding Trachoma Among the World's Poor Is in Sight  By Beryl Lieff Benderly


Previous feature stories are archived and new feature stories are posted regularly; please visit http://www.dcp2.org to view our most recent feature.

New Fact Sheets

Fact sheets present brief summaries about the broad range of diseases, conditions, or issues addressed by DCPP. Since the last newsletter, the following fact sheets and fact sheet translations, based upon chapters in Disease Control Priorities in Developing Countries, 2nd edition (DCP2), have been added to www.dcp2.org.

Tax and Spend for Better Health: Often Overlooked, Fiscal Policies Are Powerful Tools

Press Releases to Recognize World Health Events

Starting this January 2009, DCPP is publishing a series of press releases related to DCPP’s mission that coincide with significant world health dates and events. This new initiative uses DCPP findings to raise awareness of important health and development issues, and to recognize efforts in the global community to address the global burden of disease. Since the beginning of the year, five press releases covering special health dates and events related to leprosy, cancer, congenital heart disease, water sharing, and tuberculosis have been added to www.dcp2.org. They can be viewed by clicking the titles below:  

World Leprosy Day

World Cancer Day

Congenital Heart Defect Awareness Day 2009

World Water Day

World TB Day

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