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The Disease Control Priorities Project editors have compiled by theme combinations of chapters from Disease Control Priorities in Developing Countries, second edition, and Global Burden of Disease and Risk Factors for your quick reference.

Adolescent and Childhood Diseases (PDF | 3.0MB)

Burden of Disease/Comparative Risk Assessment (PDF | 1.1MB)

Cardiovascular Disease (PDF | 1.8MB)

DCP2 Summary Chapters (PDF | 1.4MB)

Drug Resistance (PDF | 2.8MB)

Drugs/Vaccines/Product Development (PDF | 755.6k)

Economics and Cost-effectiveness (PDF | 1.6MB)

Finance (PDF | 518.8k)

HIV & TB (PDF | 1.8MB)

Health Policy (PDF | 4.4MB)

Health Systems (PDF | 2.4MB)

Helminthic Infections/School Health (PDF | 640.3k)

Infectious Diseases (PDF | 4.2MB)

Injuries and Violence (PDF | 1.6MB)

Lifestyle (PDF | 2.7MB)

Maternal and Neonatal Conditions (PDF | 1.7MB)

Mental Health Disorders (PDF | 604.6k)

Millennium Development Goals (PDF | 5.0MB)

Non-Communicable Diseases (PDF | 5.1MB)

Pain Control (PDF | 1.1MB)

Prevention (PDF | 1.8MB)

Research & Development (PDF | 2.1MB)

Respiratory Diseases (PDF | 1.2MB)

Risk Factors (PDF | 1.6MB)

Sanitation (PDF | 1.2MB)

Sexual Health (PDF | 872.7k)

Surgery (PDF | 2.0MB)

Tropical Diseases (PDF | 589.0k)

Vaccine-Preventable Diseases (PDF | 588.7k)

Women's Health (PDF | 4.2MB)


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