Tools and Resources

Fact Sheets
Short summaries of selected topics, diseases, and conditions

Related Analysis
Selected literature from the editors including working papers, books, external links, articles and more, updated regularly

Conference and Workshop Presentations
Conferences and Workshop Presentations (insert real text here)

Data and Maps
Download and use the data from tables and maps in The Global Burden of Disease and Risk Factors when preparing reports, presentations, briefs, etc.

Cost-Effective Interventions
This tool demonstrates how decision makers could use cost-effectiveness information in combination with information on disease prevalence and avertable illness to determine which interventions should be extended and which ones should be questioned. If developing countries scale up interventions and extend health care services that are cost-effective, the impact on the disease burden could be substantial. Download this data in CSV or Excel formats

Expert Essays
Essays from world health leaders on the value of DCPP information


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