10 Key Reasons Why SARMs Are Better Than Steroids Or Prohormones

Amazingly, some people still can’t decide which is better when faced with the choice between SARMs, or anabolic steroids, or even prohormones.

So what I’ve done here is putting together the top 10 reasons for you. That way you can’t be in any doubt which you should be using, and which has the best (and safest) effects.

Hopefully, by the end of this list of the top 10 reasons to use SARMs rather than steroids, you’ll understand exactly why the shady and the illegal world of steroids is simply something that nobody should ever do, when SARMs can do exactly the same thing more safely.

  1. SARMs Are Actually Legal To Buy In Many Countries

This is probably the most important point at the start of these top 10 reasons why SARMs are better than steroids or prohormones.

Quite simply, SARMs are actually legal to buy in most countries. Now the caveat to that is SARMs are a grey market product. They can be sold as research chemicals because they’ve never been through full human testing. But they still have more testing in humans when compared to anabolic steroids.

In the USA and many other countries, you can buy them as long as they are not sold for human consumption. Now obviously you need quality guarantees when you buy them, but this legality means that you can legitimately use SARMs, whereas you can’t legally use steroids or prohormones.

  1. Testosterone Problems In SARMs Vs Anabolic Steroids Are Incomparable

Some anabolic SARMs do cause testosterone drop. Testolone, Ligandrol, S-23, Andarine, and Ostarine are true SARMs, they are genuine selective androgen receptor modulators that can cause testosterone production to decrease naturally because it’s doing the job of testosterone.

Some SARMs don’t affect testosterone levels at all (Cardarine, YK-11, MK-677) because they aren’t agonists of the androgen receptors, they have different mechanisms of action.

So with some SARMs, you will get some testosterone drop. But compared to the aggressive anabolic effects of steroids, and even true prohormones, it’s simply not in the same ballpark. So you can get the gains, but you don’t get the aggressive drops in testosterone that you do with steroids.


  1. SARMs Purity Is Far More Guaranteed Than Steroids Or Prohormones

There simply can’t be a guarantee of purity on steroids or prohormones because they are sold illegally on the black market because they are completely banned. In fact, it’s been proven that many of the steroids and prohormones out there are cut with all sorts of horrible crap.

That isn’t the case with SARMs, which are legitimately sold. Because of this, SARMs from reputable vendors are batch tested by a third-party independent lab, and the purity report is then published on the product page for each batch.

You can get purity guaranteed SARMs, but you simply cannot get that reassurance if you are buying steroids or prohormones. If you value your body, then those purity guarantees are like gold dust.

  1. SARMs Aren’t Going To Kill You

Now I say SARMs are going to kill you, more realistically, there is an incredibly small chance of SARMs killing you. Sure, if you take really high doses of anabolic SARMs, continually, you don’t use PCT, and you just keep hammering it, then you could suffer problems with liver and kidneys, alongside other health issues over years of use.

But anabolic steroids do kill people all the time. They can cause heart attacks, blood clots, strokes, artery damage, liver and kidney problems, tumors, and psychosis which can lead to people doing crazy things.

Plus, you do know that anabolic steroids are mostly designed for use on animals, especially horses, right? That’s right, anabolic steroids have mostly been developed, and the most widely used in the veterinary world. They are simply repurposed for sale to humans.

Although prohormones aren’t as bad, they are significantly more dangerous than SARMs in terms of being able to produce side effects which can dramatically harm your health.

  1. SARMs Are Unlikely To Give You Hepatitis Or HIV

Although you can inject SARMs, it’s very rare that people do. For a start, they are difficult to buy, and secondly, as long as you buy sublingual liquid SARMs of high-quality, you simply don’t need to.

But most anabolic steroids are injectables. That raises your risk generally with getting infections. But worse than that, unfortunately, a lot of people using anabolic steroids use needles that have been shared. To me that’s crazy, but it’s a fact.

So whether it’s hepatitis, HIV, or just a general infection, the fact you have to basically inject anabolic steroids, and you don’t have to inject SARMs, really is a standout health difference.

  1. You’re Less Likely To Punch Through The Wall Or Punch Someone Else Using SARMs

Anabolic steroids are generally linked to male aggression. Because of the way they mimic the effects of testosterone, and they do it too aggressively, it means that people can feel out of control.

Studies have consistently shown that people using anabolic steroids are more likely to be aggressive than those who aren’t. Of course, that can be affected by personality disorders and emotional problems, but not only does it amplify those, but it makes that feeling of a testosterone spike more pronounced and could lead to mental health problems occurring.

SARMs simply do not have the same problems. Sure, high doses of the anabolic SARMs like Testolone can make you aggressive, that’s a proven fact. But it’s simply not on the same level as anabolic steroids unless you take very high doses.

  1. You’ll Get Significant Gains With SARMs That Are More Than Enough For Most People

SARMs are not as aggressive in terms of muscle development, strength, or endurance, as anabolic steroids or genuine prohormones. However, unless you want to take things the extreme, or you want to cut corners and do things to the point where your body is being pushed to its limits just to look ripped, then you don’t need to use steroids.

SARMs are more subtle, and at normal doses, even stacked, it will take you several cycles to really see huge results. However, what you’re getting is something which accentuates what you do normally and far more quickly. SARMs definitely build muscle mass that’s bigger and firmer than natural, they allow faster recovery, and crucially some of them also dramatically increase your performance (which is why Cardarine is known as “energy in a bottle”).

SARMs bottles

  1. The Different Types Of SARMs Allows You More Choice Of The Effects You Want

Anabolic steroids and prohormones are like hitting a walnut with a sledgehammer. In fact, taken aggressively, they are like driving over that walnut in a 50-ton modern battle tank. SARMs are more subtle, but still, produce dramatic gains, and shred tons of fat. They are simply a far more subtle tool to get to the same end result more safely.

So rather than just having a single tool to build muscle, strength, and endurance, you’ve got nine main types of SARM you can use on their own, in stacks, or with other natural bodybuilding supplements to get an incredible subtlety on the effects very safely.

  1. You Can Stack SARMs Really Easily To Produce A Far More Tailored Affect

anabolic steroids tend to produce one result. They mimic testosterone and dramatically increase muscle mass and performance. But just like prohormones, that comes at an incredible cost in terms of stress to the body and mind.

But you can stack SARMs to create an amazing variety of effects, in a way you simply cannot do with the illegal bodybuilding supplements.

You can take an anabolic one to build muscle, while also backing up with something that is not androgenic but that can produce energy, like Cardarine or Ibutamoren. Or you can shred fat (Ostarine and Ligandrol), or you can stack SARMs to achieve bulking, energy, and cutting at the same time.

  1. Steroids And Prohormones Have Been Linked To Psychological Disorders

Finally, SARMs have not been linked to any type of psychiatric problem. Of course, some people get obsessed with bodybuilding, and if they have aggressive tendencies or underlying mental health problems then the swing in testosterone levels can unsettle them. But it’s nothing like the problems that steroids can cause.

The bottom line is it’s just not the case with steroids and prohormones. It’s been proven anabolic steroid use can hit the wallet, become obsessive, create a physical addiction, and also impact on family life and social life.

SARMs are simply do not have the potency and variation that steroids and prohormones do to create mental health problems. Are usually used far more conservatively, and a far more aggressive at normal doses.