This blog is a very personal one because it’s about my journey in bodybuilding, and the things I’ve done to make myself better mentally as well.

About three years ago I felt inadequate so I started to bulk up. I quickly hit a glass ceiling and couldn’t break through it. So this blog is about what I did after that. I started using bodybuilding supplements to break through that glass ceiling and get the physique I wanted.

But there’s a lot of crap out there I wanted to make sure I did a lot of research. So I’m passing that is now I’ve got the passion so that you can make better choices than I did initially.

Also, I’ll talk about diet and nutrition as well. Because that’s crucial. The classic mistake is to cut your calories which actually lowers your strength and recovery times, means you don’t build muscle, in fact, you lose it. It’s possible to up your calorie intake, build muscle, build strength, and cut fat at the same time, as will tell you about that.

Plus, I have started using kratom, and it’s great for calmness, pain relief, and feeling brilliant. So I want to talk a bit about that and how it’s helped me to recover after bodybuilding as well. It’s the same with CBD oil, which has been beneficial as well. Kratom especially can be complex and you can get ripped off, so I want to tell you about the good and the bad from my experiences to you can use it better.

Also, marijuana has become a bit of a thing for me, I like a couple of joints now and again. The problem is I have on the job drug testing, which has meant things have got complicated. So I also want to talk a bit about the fake urine and detox drinks I use to get around that problem as well so that anyone in my position can maybe not go through the struggles I have.