Are Blackstone Labs SARMs Safe And Legit?

One of the names you might come across in your search for bodybuilding supplements is Blackstone Labs SARMs. But it’s a confusing story, and the supplements Blackstone Labs sell now are not what they used to sell.

Also, there’s the small issue of the Federal indictment of 2019 on 19 counts of importing and selling band schedule III substances. This is an ongoing trial which I’ll talk about you can see how trustworthy Blackstone Labs are.

So what I’m going to do here is review Blackstone Labs for you. Not just the products they have previously sold, or the products they sell now, but I’ll also give you the lowdown on what this company has been through, and the trading practices they have undertaken. Then you can see if they are legitimate or trustworthy and whether the bodybuilding supplements they sell are worth buying.

What SARMs Do Blackstone Labs sell?

This question doesn’t actually exist now. Let me explain.

Blackstone Labs used to sell SARMs, alongside prohormones, and steroids. However, that stopped in 2019.

So the SARMs that Blackstone Labs used to sell, all the usual ones like Ostarine, Testolone, stuff like that, was available but under proprietary names. Those whose names are pretty crazy, things like “chosen one” and to be honest they sound a bit childish to me.

But they don’t actually sell SARMs anymore. You can’t buy Ostarine or MK-677 from them. They are just not the place to go to if you want to buy SARMs.

So I can’t tell you about product choices, prices, anything like that, because they simply do not exist. If you want SARMs, Blackstone Labs are not a place you can buy them from.

What Do Blackstone Labs Actually Sell Them?

Blackstone Labs sell supplements that use a variety of chemicals to produce the claimed effects. For example, they sell growth hormone mimics, and IGF-1, which the company claims is extracted from whey protein to directly put insulin-like growth factor one hormones into your body.

This is alongside lots of different supplements with names like “Crit”, and “Brutal 4 Ice”. These are basically prohormones.

For example, many of the supplements they sell contain 19-NorDHEA, a chemical precursor to nandrolone, better known as “Deca”. It is six times more anabolic than testosterone, and Androsterone, another anabolic precursor to testosterone. All of them are basically variants of DHEA.

So what Blackstone Labs sell are prohormones. But how the hell are they doing this when prohormones are a Schedule III banned substance that cannot be sold?

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Blackstone Labs And The Federal Indictment Of 2019

To answer the question around how Blackstone Labs are selling prohormones, we have to talk about the federal indictment the company faced in 2019:

“Popular sports nutrition company Blackstone Labs, its co-founders and key employees, and manufacturing partners were indicted by a federal grand jury for selling illegal substances, including prohormones (primarily dimethazine, or DMZ), AMP citrate (aka 1,3-Dimethylbutylamine/DMBA) and SARMs (selective androgen receptor modulators), as dietary supplements”

The company was hit with 14 charges around selling banned substances, shifting products through fake companies to avoid detection, and even impersonating an FDA officer!

The CEO and several key employees are up on all of these charges. The trial is scheduled to commence on June 14, 2021, and is currently going through some frankly crazy pre-trial shenanigans, including the prosecution seeking to exclude evidence around a Blackstone Labs customer filming themselves having sex with a blowup doll which the defendants claim proves the product sold worked safely!

So at the time of writing, Blackstone Labs still exists, and it still selling prohormones. But the prohormones they are selling are actually legal. However, looking at the court case details, who the hell would trust this company?

Blackstone Labs Prohormone Vs SARMs Products

So we need to talk about Blackstone Lab’s prohormones Vs SARMs, basically, which should you choose. Blackstone Labs are getting around the law by only selling variants of DHEA, the one prohormone which bizarrely escaped schedule III classification.

So even though they sell about 20 different products with different names and claims, they are all basically containing variants of the same thing, which in various ways produce the same results.

Prohormones are pretty unsafe, which is why they have been banned. DHEA simply doesn’t escape the potential side effects of blood flow problems to the heart, anabolic side effects, and the increased likelihood of triggering androgenic cancer cell proliferation.

So I wouldn’t go near Blackstone Labs products if you paid me a fortune, to be honest.

SARMs, which Blackstone Labs no longer sell, are far safer. They are not as potent, but they specifically target the androgen receptors in muscle and bone tissue only.

Plus, some of the non-androgenic chemicals classified as SARMs for marketing purposes work in various ways to produce spikes in HGH and IGF-1, increase metabolism, regulate the body clock, and uprate how the body makes energy available. In addition to this, SARMs can also tell the body to burn fat before glucose and muscle tissue.

So for me, there’s no competition. A good stack of 100% pure SARMs will beat Blackstone Labs prohormones hands down, both for long-term safety, and the ongoing results that you can achieve with minimal side effects.

Where You Can Buy Genuine SARMs

My advice is not to go near Blackstone Labs, because they sell prohormones which can have a lot of negative side effects in the body.

SARMs are a much cleaner supplement, and as long as you can buy 100% pure SARMs, that have been independently third-party lab tested the composition, and the purity reports are available on the product pages, then they are head and shoulders above in terms of safety and capability.

If you’re looking to buy genuine SARMs, then I would look at Swiss Chems, or sell really good value, 100% pure, raw SARMs powder and liquid.

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