Awesome Exercises For Chest Muscles That Pop In Just 28 Days

 Some guys will work out for months and still be disappointed with their chest workout results. The real problem is nearly always that you’re not hitting all four groups of muscles in the chest with the maximum range and motion to produce the best results.

If you don’t focus on your chest muscles, and then hit them with the right exercises at the right angles, then you won’t develop the muscle you want. Also, trying to exercise for chest fat removal is also a bad strategy, as it’s your overall diet and exercise that will lose you the body fat you want, not just on your chest, but everywhere.

So what we’re going to do here is look at the best exercise groups for chest muscle development. As well as telling you which muscles we’re going to hit, and what supplements you can use to make this easier, we are going to give you a complete workout that consists of seven simple but effective exercises for all areas of the chest, including the upper chest.

How Easy Is It To Get Great Pecs In Just 28 Days?

If you have been working out for long, then you know that nothing is easy. The more you want to gain or cut, the harder you have to work to achieve it, and the more seriously you have to take things to get there.

If you want to get that developed chest, that sculpted and chiseled look, then it is hard work, and you’re going to have to know how to get rid of that chest fat to reveal the full glory of your hard work. But it’s perfectly possible to achieve that in just 28 days using the chest exercise routine we’re going to talk you through in a moment.

You can’t exercise for chest fat removal specifically. That comes through a superb diet and an overall exercise plan. You can’t just hit the gym to burn fat and build muscle. You have to run; you have to do the cardio work as well. Boxing, even shadow boxing, is fantastic. So fit in sessions of HIT or similar to burn that fat while you are working on your chest muscles because the combo will produce dramatic results in around a month.

Which Chest Muscles Does This Hit?

This group of 7 easy chest exercises will combine to hit all four groups of chest muscles: pectoralis major, pectoralis minor, serratus anterior, and subclavius, with a focus on an exercise regime to target upper chest development.

One of the problems beginners make is to not hit all four groups evenly. They focus on a specific set of exercises that hit a specific pectoral muscle group, or maybe two, and this in balance leads to poor development which then takes time to correct.

These are the reasons why your chest muscles may not be developing the way you want:

  • Fast reps are not as effective as slow reps
  • Not squeezing the muscle group tight at the top of the exercise
  • Cold muscles don’t produce power and strength to the same levels
  • Using too much weight so reps are very low
  • Not working the muscle fully by not completing full range and motion

Best Exercises For Chest Fat Loss

The truth is that you don’t burn fat just from your chest, so there is no exercise for chest fat that you can do specifically. What you have to do is build up your chest muscles using the best exercises for chest muscles out there, but you also have to burn fat alongside that.

That means cardio and proper fat burning exercises. As I said earlier, that means HIT training, it means shadowboxing, it means running long distances, it means generally burning more calories than you take in to cut fat across your body, not just your chest.

You can accelerate fat loss though by using SARMs. I’ll talk you through the SARMs you can use to burn fat more quickly at the end of this guide to the best exercises you can do to build your chest muscles.

Exercises For Chest Muscles

Complete Best Exercises For Chest Workout

Right, let’s get to the meat of the matter by giving you the complete seven exercise workout that focuses on all four groups of chest muscles to give you a complete workout in just 30 minutes.

You’re going to need a workout bench for this. But don’t worry, even if you haven’t got one, they can be bought off sites like Amazon and eBay for around 100 bucks, sometimes less than that. Also, they collapse flat and can be stored under beds, or stacked up in cupboards like an ironing board. You can do these exercises laying on the floor, but to get the full range of motion and work for the full muscle groups, it’s best to be on a bench.

When you’re doing this group of exercises, aim for about eight reps per set, and aim for three sets where possible. If you can’t do eight reps, lighten the weights ever so slightly so that you can achieve a minimum of eight. If you can do 12 or more easily, then you need to increase the weight ever so slightly.

  1. Dumbbell squeeze press

Method: for this exercise on the chest, you will lay flat on your workout bench, and hold a dumbbell in each hand, with the dumbbells turned to be parallel across you, and not parallel down your body. Start with the dumbbells flats your chest and then push upwards. Make sure your arms go straight, and the dumbbells come together, and that you squeeze your pecks at the top.

Benefits: this works for all four pectoral muscle groups. In addition, the thing that most people ignore is the squeezing of the dumbbells and the muscles at the top of the exercise, this small change not only gives you full range of motion but also tenses the muscles further.

  1. Incline bench press with barbells

method: because you need the incline, will definitely need a workout bench for this I’m afraid. It’s the same as the dumbbell squeeze press, but you’re at an angle. Start with the barbells close to your chest, and push upwards. Make sure they meet and make sure you squeeze your pecks. Then return to the starting position slowly.

Benefits: by doing this exercise on an incline, you will work the clavicular head. It’s a key reason why this is such a potent exercise for a bigger chest. You can increase the effectiveness of this by doing incline and then decline variations of this exercise.

  1. Single barbell bench press (closed grip)

Method: lay flat on the bench and hold a barbell with a narrow and overhand grip. Taking a deep breath, slowly lower the barbell until it touches the center of your chest. In a controlled and slow manner, push the barbell back up to the starting position with an explosion of power, making sure you breathe out as you do that.

Benefits: because you are using one barbell, usually heavier than a pair, you have more control, and because it’s narrower it places less strain on the shoulders. The emphasis is on the center of your chest, so it will really work on your triceps.

  1. Decline press-up

Method: You won’t need a bench for this one, but it’s best to have one. You could just put your feet onto a box about 6 inches high, but it’s better to use a workout bench. Basically, this is a standard press up, but with your feet about 6 inches off the ground. Start with your arms up in a classic push-up position, with the hands level with the shoulders creating power line straight up and not too wide. Complete the standard press up by getting as low as you can, and then explosively pushing back up.

Benefits: this works all of the chest and shoulder areas in the way that a standard ground push-up does, but with greater emphasis on the top muscle groups and gravity creating a heavier load.

  1. Cable fly

Method: you can do a high cable fly, or a low, meaning you are pulling from behind you from a low angle or a high one. It gives your pecks and your deltoid chest muscles a workout but with a different angle to the usual resistance. You will need a cable fly machine, but you can get cheap alternatives that fit on doors or heavier home workout benches. You’re basically standing, and while bracing the core of your body with 1 foot in front of the other, you pull the handles around in front of you and then let them back slowly to create continuous resistance in both directions.

Benefits: your work your whole core doing this, and it will boost your pectorals and deltoids significantly.

  1. Narrow press-up

Method: This is a variation on the standard floor press up that really does work the center of your chest hard. You take a classic setup position, but then you move your hands inwards until your thumbs and fingers touch. Then you get down as low as you can and explosively push back up.

Benefits: This is an excellent exercise for when you built up your capacity to do dozens of reps of standard push-ups, because it works the muscle slightly differently, and you’ll need to exert far more strength to get back up to the top.

  1. Alternating dumbbell bench press

Method: get into position for standard dual dumbbell bench press. Face up on the bench, both dumbbells parallel to your chest facing across your body. But rather than pushing both up explosively, you’re keeping your body straight in control, while pushing one arm up and then slowly back down. Once you’ve completed the first time, you repeat the process with the other to complete a single rep.

Benefits: not only does this work your pecs as a standard dumbbell bench press does, but you’re also having to control the rest of your upper body at the same time, deriving benefits across your whole chest in an alternating fashion.

SARMs bottles

Supplements To Help Make You Progress Faster

Just by completing that simple group of seven exercises once every three days, I’m telling you that in 28 days your chest will be transformed.

To get the best gains will have to incrementally add to the weight each time. But be careful because you’re on a bench most of the time, it can be difficult to control weight before and after you have completed the reps, especially after when your arms and chest are weaker. It’s best to do slightly more reps with a lighter weight than try to go heavy and drop one on your chest or head while trying to lower them at the end.

It’s tough to burn fat to show your chest off though naturally unless you do all the hard work. But you can dramatically accelerate this process by using supplements.

SARMs are undoubtedly the best way to do this. You don’t have to go heavy here, you don’t have to take high doses of fully androgenic SARMs that deplete your testosterone levels so much that you have to do a strong course of post cycle therapy afterward.

But you could use something relatively mild like Ostarine, or even smaller doses of LGD-4033. Both are excellent at telling the body to cut fat and to maintain muscle. That way you’ll keep your gains while you’re cutting fat, leading to a better definition of all muscle groups.

Another alternative is Cardarine, which is excellent for strength and endurance. You’ll be able to up your reps, and build your strength more rapidly because it’s known as “a workout in a bottle”. That will help you to burn more fat as well because you will be wanting to exercise more rigorously and more regularly.