Using Kratom For Treating Anxiety And Depression

Answering the question about the best kratom for anxiety or depression is tough. That’s because they are two different conditions.

People talk about them interchangeably, but depression and anxiety are triggered differently and manifest themselves differently. If you try and use kratom to help with anxiety and depression, you have to approach things very differently in terms of the type of kratom in dose, depending on the condition you’re trying to help.

So in this quick guide to using kratom for anxiety and depression, I’m going to explain about how to use it for both conditions independently, tell you about the strains, dosage, and also where to buy 100% pure kratom that could help you with either of these debilitating problems.

How Kratom Can Help With Anxiety & Depression

It’s important to make a distinction between anxiety and depression as chronic conditions because otherwise using kratom could cause more problems than it solves.

Broadly, you’ve got two distinct conditions as follows:

  1. Anxiety is where your heartbeat raises, you can sweat, feel uncomfortable, panicky, unsettled. You may get into situations but be very unsettled in them. Or you might avoid situations that make you panicky and anxious, remaining anxious because of that avoidance.
  2. Depression is different because it usually takes away your desire to get into any sort of situation at all. You’ll want to hide away and struggle to lift your mood and enthusiasm for anything in life. So it’s almost the complete opposite of anxiety in terms of how you feel and react, even though symptoms of anxiety can form part of depression.

Using Kratom For Depression

Let’s start this quick guide by talking about using kratom for depression.

When you’re depressed you need to have something which balances your mood, and very importantly, lifts you emotionally and physically so that you get the confidence to get on with your life a bit.

Kratom comes in three main leaf vein colors: red vein, green vein, and white vein.

Red is very calming both physically and mentally. Green is partially calming but also can deliver energy and positivity, while white vein kratom is all about physical and mental energy and happiness. At low doses all kratom delivers energy, but as the dose gets to around 5 g the effects I’ve just described start to dominate.

So for depression, red kratom is not going to be the best thing for you. You’ll feel good, relaxed, but it won’t potentially lift you out of your mood, it could actually sink you further into that detached state. You’ll feel happier in that state, but you won’t get anywhere.

White kratom, or if you find it a bit unsettling, green kratom, is definitely the best kratom for depression.

We will talk about dosage in a little while, but just a few grams can lift you emotionally and physically, sharpen your mind, cheer you up, and get you up and operating as normal pretty quickly.

Some recommended strains to help with depression are:

  • Green Malay is a very rich and energizing kratom that is balanced with calmness and happiness
  • White Borneo is a classic energy-delivering kratom strain will make you feel happy and fill you with physical energy
  • White Maeng Da can be too strong for some people, and if it’s mixed with red kratom (Maeng Da isn’t a strain, it’s actually a blend of stronger kratom generally) but it can also be very energizing and focusing, with positivity.

kratom for social anxiety

Best Kratom Strains For Treating Anxiety

Anxiety can be the opposite of depression. With anxiety it’s not that you can’t physically and mentally lift yourself to do things or feel positive, it’s that all those things in life make you feel anxious and can overwhelm you, to the point where you have a panic attack or avoid the situation is entirely.

So what you’re looking for with the best kratom for anxiety is the opposite of using kratom for depression. You want it to lift you mentally and physically, but you wanted to be balanced, you don’t want it too energy-boosting, and you definitely want it to deeply calm you.

Which means we are looking at red kratom, or potentially green kratom for helping with anxiety. White kratom can be far too energizing and uplifting, like a huge caffeine hit which can actually make you feel more jittery and increase your anxiety.

But red kratom will really calm you down loads. Physically and mentally you’ll feel calmer, yet happy and fulfilled. Confident, with energy, but really chilled out. Things won’t seem so threatening or big.

If red kratom feels a little too anaesthetizing, then green kratom can be a fantastic compromise. It will still make you feel calm, but will also be more uplifting and energizing, but without the kick which can lead to increased anxiety.

How To Use For Social Anxiety

Some people wonder about using kratom for social anxiety specifically. The truth is that this type of anxiety is no different to any other, it’s a fear of being in a situation or feeling an emotion which is out of control, panicking you.

In fact, green kratom is often used in Indonesia as part of a fruit cocktail drink to help chill people out, yet energies them and get them chatty and friendly on nights out.

So for me, green kratom is a brilliant starting place using kratom to deal with social anxiety. You’ll feel energized and happy, yet calm, but it won’t be an overwhelming physical and mental energy that can be too intense and unsettling.

Red kratom could also be good, but it can be a bit sedating at the dose as you would need to deal with a night out.

Any green strain will do. Green Malay is a little closer to a red than many other greens, but at higher doses will give you an almost euphoric happiness that will lift you through a night out at the center of the party with no fear and complete calm.

Green Borneo, Green Bali, any strain will do. On a night out you might want to consider using kratom capsules rather than loose powder because of the convenience though.

In fact I’d always recommend capsules over powder for dealing with kratom during the day, or on the move. It’s far more expensive to buy kratom capsules. But if you’re dealing with anxiety during the day, they can be absolute gold dust for calm you down, or lifting your mood and delivering energy if you are suffering from depression.

Kratom Use For Social Anxiety

Recommended Dosage

The bottom line here is it’s perfectly fine to use kratom for anxiety, even social anxiety, and to use kratom for depression symptoms as well. It can really help as long as you don’t take the wrong kratom:

  • Red kratom/green kratom for depression
  • White kratom/green kratom for anxiety
  • Never take white kratom for anxiety
  • It’s not recommended to use red kratom (especially at high doses) for depression if you want to get anything done

But which kratom is best for anxiety or depression symptoms in you is going to be personal. That’s the same for dosing kratom as well.

A few grams of pure kratom for one person will lift them into orbit while for another person they will hardly feel a thing. So, it’s best to start with a low dose and work up a gram at a time until you find the spot that really hits you, and then work up from there to find when it’s too much.

I’d personally start with 4-5 grams of pure kratom. If it’s too much, drop it a gram, if it’s not calming you or energizing you enough, raise the dose by a gram.

Also, take your kratom on an empty stomach. That’s important because it means you will get the full dose very quickly and you’ll get the full benefit of using kratom for anxiety and depression that way.

Kratom Dosage For Anxiety

Where To Buy Pure Kratom

I want to conclude this guide on using kratom for anxiety and depression by telling you where to buy 100% pure kratom. If it’s not pure, if it’s not taken at the right dose, if it’s not taken on an empty stomach, then you cannot get the right experience which could cause you even more problems.

For me, the first place I’d always recommend you look is Coastline Kratom. They’ve been around for a lot of years and they guarantee the purity of the kratom they sell.

I always buy my Green Malay from them. The Maeng Da they sell is also a beautifully blended white or red kratom that is much stronger than normal kratom. You can take less and still get the same effects, but be very careful with it.

An alternative is The Evergreen Tree. I’ve only started using these people recently, but the two orders I’ve done with them have been superb.

The Green Bali and their white borneo capsules they sell are superb and perfect for dosing through the day, or a night out, to deal with either anxiety or depression (for me it’s calming anxiety).

Both of these webstores sell 100% pure kratom in both capsules and powder form that is competitively priced and wonderful to use for dealing with both anxiety and depression symptoms.