Using Kratom For Insomnia & Sleep Deprivation

Sleep problems are often not a problem in the short term, but over time they can build up into a debilitating and life changing problem. But many people are finding the kratom for sleep disorder resolution has really helped them with chronic insomnia.

If left unchecked, those few poor nights’ sleep can snowball into permanent insomnia or sleep deprivation issues that really affect your quality of life. Kratom can really help, because not only can it directly help you to sleep more readily, but it can also help to alleviate some of the underlying physical and mental problems that can cause sleep disorders.

So in this quick guide, we’re going to talk you through really quickly how you can use kratom for insomnia. You’ll learn which types of kratom, which strains of kratom to use, the sort of dosage and timing of taking kratom you should be considering, and also a couple of strategies you can do alongside kratom to encourage the onset of sleep.

The Benefits Of Kratom

Sometimes sleep disorders are not about problems with sleeping at all. They can be about physical or emotional pain or disruptions. Left unchecked, and with an ongoing pattern of poor sleep, these distortions in our routine can snowball and exacerbate the underlying problems. That’s where kratom can really help.

Generally, depending on the dosage, kratom has the following general health benefits:

  • Red and green kratom is very good for regulating physical pain
  • Red and green kratom are great for calming anxiety
  • White kratom can relieve depression and help with motivation
  • Kratom generally at a low dose can give you energy
  • Kratom is good for positivity and getting things done

So as you can see, kratom can help with many underlying conditions, things like anxiety which can keep you awake at night, or physical pain.

How Using Kratom For Insomnia Can Help

Now I’m not suggesting that kratom is a replacement for investigation. You need to find out what the underlying reason is and deal with it, but getting a few good nights’ sleep and starting to feel calmer and more in control can help you to deal with anything emotional which is causing the problem.

So kratom could be used in moderate quantities alongside other techniques to trying to get a better night’s sleep so you can deal with any underlying mental issues.

You can’t just take kratom and assume it will knock you out. Go for a walk, use energy and wind yourself down. Put your tablet and phone away, turn off the TV. Read a book, get ready for bed. Start telling your mind that you are going to sleep soon so that it can release the chemicals that help to achieve this.

And if it’s for physical pain, take the kratom so that those physical pain symptoms can be gone alongside that wind down before you actually get into bed.

kratom for sleep disorder

Which Vein Color Is The Best Kratom For Sleep?

Kratom comes in three main colors of a vein: red, green, and white:

  1. Red kratom is high in the alkaloid which promotes analgesia and sedation. So it’s great for calming you down and chilling you out, and very good for pain relief. So moderate doses of red kratom are perfect for putting into the category of the best kratom for sleep.
  1. White kratom is the opposite of red. Although at smaller doses all kratom is a stimulant, this stimulation grows stronger with white kratom at higher doses. So white kratom is not good for helping you to sleep, or for physical pain relief either.
  1. Green kratom tends to be milder than white or red kratom. It does have an ability to calm you down, and chill you out, and relieve pain, but it also energizes It may be suitable for some people, but too much for most.

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Choosing Strains Of Kratom For Sleep Deprivation

So let’s move this quick guide to the best kratom for sleep along by telling you about the strains of kratom that are best to help with insomnia and other sleep disorders. As you’ve already learned, white kratom really isn’t very good for helping with sleep because it physically and mentally energizes us so much.

We are really looking mostly at red kratom. Red kratom can calm you down and chill you out, make you feel happy, alleviating emotional problems.

It can also alleviate physical pain symptoms as well. So it’s good for both reasons, calming you mentally and physically. Red kratom is definitely the potential best kratom for sleep deprivation problems.

Any red strain will do, just be cautious about using Red Maeng Da though. That’s a blended strain of kratom which can contain white and green sometimes, which can be far too energizing Stick to classic red’s like Bali and Borneo and you will be fine.

It’s also very important to buy high quality, pure kratom. Do not ever buy kratom from smoke shops or gas stations. Check out my latest article about best kratom vendors.

Kratom Dosage For Sleep

Kratom dosage for sleep problems should be as low as possible. At higher doses, you can get a rush that will keep you awake before you get sedated and pass out. You may find a dose as low as a couple of grams of good quality red kratom could be enough.

The dose of kratom for sleep you take is far important than the exact strain of kratom you select. You’re looking really a 5 g or less. I’d advise you to start with 2 g, and work up a gram at a time.

You should also not do this every night. A couple of times a week to get a couple of good nights sleep is the sweet spot that will give you the mental acumen to feel refreshed enough to start confronting what’s going on. Around 4-5 grams is also usually the sweet spot in terms of dosage.

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When To Dose Kratom For Sleep Problems

When using kratom for insomnia or sleep deprivation, it’s when you use it that is just as important as the dose, especially initially.

If you take it too close to when you go to sleep you won’t have switched off, and it will take an hour for the effects to kick in. That could mean you end up laying there energized

The sweet spot is often around 1-2 hours before bed, sometimes a little longer. Take it before you start your wind-down routine so that you feel good, happy, and the pain starts to vanish physically if that’s your problem as well.

The full effects of kratom start to kick in around 30 minutes after consumption and are definitely felt within one hour. So in that second hour before bed, you are winding down, feeling good, starting to look towards sleep, with the kratom helping to calm you and slightly sedate you.