Top 3 Best Kratom Vendors & How To Spot High Quality Kratom

Most kratom for sale online is awful. It’s really poor quality and isn’t worth the money. You’ll get a bad experience, and you may even not bother with kratom again. That would be a tragedy, because if you can get high-quality kratom the best kratom vendors, then it can be transformational.

Kratom can help with a range of ailments, both mental and physical conditions, as well as helping to improve mood, energy levels, and it can also deliver a fantastic recreational experience.

But none of that is going to happen if you get your hands on poor quality kratom. So in this quick guide to the best kratom vendors, you’re going to learn exactly how to spot great quality kratom, where to buy it from, and learn where not to buy it.

I’ll also give you quick kratom vendor reviews of the top three sellers in the USA who consistently get their hands on batches of fantastically pure kratom direct from the source, backed up by full guarantees.

How To Spot Good Quality Kratom

It’s only possible to truly spot the best kratom once you have actually bought from the best kratom vendors.

But just as with many things, finding out who sells the best kratom can actually be quite difficult unless you spend money experimenting with kratom from a lot of different vendors. That’s why I have put this guide together, to help you avoid all that pain, because I’ve already been through it myself.

Before you order from a kratom vendor, there are a number of signs to watch out for that will give you an idea as to how reputable they are likely to be:

  1. They will offer guarantees on the quality of their kratom. These will usually be moneyback guarantees, as well as quality guarantees.
  2. A good quality guarantee is always backed up by independent third-party lab testing. This is where each batch of kratom is sent off to the third-party independent lab, who then test it for quality. That purity report is then published on the product webpage.
  3. The company will have clear links to reputable exporters in the regions kratom comes from. A poor kratom vendor won’t mention this. That’s because they are just buying blind from an importer here in the USA. In worst-case scenarios, they may not even know what sort of kratom it is, they are just given a huge batch of white, red, and green kratom which they then label up as they want.
  4. The website will be good quality, it will contain information, the easy to order from, and generally show that love, care, and attention has been put into making it one of the best places to buy kratom online.

But how you spot great kratom for sale once you’ve actually received your order?

Well, you’re looking for several things:

  • The kratom has been very well packed
  • It’s fresh stock that has a long life (if it’s dated)
  • That it smells earthy
  • That it tastes bitter
  • The kratom won’t be very light and powdery dust
  • A small amount will give you the effects stated

In terms of a small amount giving you the effects stated, the best place to buy kratom online will deliver kratom straight to your door that is pure. That means you will feel the full spectrum of effects kick in from a relatively small dose.

Now, unfortunately, it’s not possible for me to tell you about the exact kratom dosage here, as it’s very individual. But with pure kratom, on an empty stomach, and as an average user, you should be starting to feel the full spectrum of effects when you take as little as 3 g, sometimes a gram or two higher.

But if you aren’t feeling the full effects, very strongly, by the time you’ve taken around 5-7 g then you have been sold dud kratom.

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Where Not To Experiment With Kratom For Sale

When it comes to knowing who sells the best kratom, then you’re talking about finding kratom for sale online. Your choice is definitely around where to buy kratom online, not whether you should buy it online or in a physical shop.

The only places that really sell kratom offline tend to be places like smokeshops, headshops, some garages, and some small, independent retailers.

The thing that all the places having common is they have no expertise. None of them really know what they’re buying in, they just get it wholesale. You can bet the wholesalers don’t know what it is either, they just get generic kratom that’s been labeled up by someone else.

So you should never seriously consider buying kratom anywhere other than specialist online retailers. I made that mistake right back at the start my kratom journey, and it put me off kratom for a few months because it cost a lot of money and there was very little effect. I thought that was it the effects of kratom, and it wasn’t until I tried again out of curiosity from an online vendor, that I learned a hard lesson.

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Watch Out For Fake Kratom Vendor Reviews

Before I tell you about the top three best kratom vendors, I want to talk to you quickly about watching out for fake user reviews.

This is a strategy that some of the poorer kratom vendors will employ. They basically just put up fake reviews on the website under the product. Worse than that, they will delete real reviews that are not one hundred percent positive. The giveaway is always that the product reviews are universally positive, and some sound too good to be true.

The other place to watch out for fake reviews is on sites like YouTube and Reddit. People are paid to promote companies, and the poorest kratom vendors who are desperate to push traffic to their website because their reputation is bad will employ these underhand tactics.

So take user reviews with a pinch of salt on informal sites like Reddit and YouTube. Although the commenter could be genuine, they could also be paid.

The bottom line is that to find out who sells best kratom means looking at the tell-tale signs I’ve already mentioned in this guide, and then biting the bullet and placing a small order with each of your targets to compare the experiences.

Where To Buy Kratom Online: Top 3 Best Kratom Vendors Online

So look, I really hope that’s been helpful. Finding the best place to buy kratom online can be tough if you’re a beginner, but following the simple tips I’ve given you here, your journey can be a lot easier than mine was.

To make it even easier for you, I’m now going to tell you about my list of best kratom vendors that I’ve found on my journey.

Any of these will sell you great kratom, but you can also place a small order with all of them so you can compare the experiences you have with similar strains of kratom from each. It’s a great way to get knowledgeable about kratom, and it will save you a lot of money in the long run.

  1. Kratora

The first on my list of best kratom seller reviews is the number one company in the USA for selling kratom, Kratora.

But Kratora probably sells the best quality pure kratom powder you can buy in the USA. They sell most strains in loose powder and capsule form, but you have to visit the product page and look at the drop-down selector to see what options are available.

They don’t sell the widest range of kratom, but they do sell all the main strains, Malay, Maeng Da, Borneo, Bali, and the less widely used Horned kratom.

Quality is superb. The powder they sell is rich, bitter, and earthy to smell. It’s exactly the same powder in capsules as well, and whichever you choose you will have a great experience. The only thing to watch out for is that the powder is half the price of the capsules. You definitely pay a significant premium to have the powder put into capsule form.

Kratora has been around for a long time and should definitely be top of any list of companies that sell the best kratom in the USA.

I often use the Green Malay strain from them, and White maeng da for pure energy. Occasionally I have used red, but I’m not into the red as much because I mainly now use kratom for boosting cognitive and physical energy, rather than calmness and pain relief.

You’ll get free shipping in the USA, and a 100% moneyback guarantee. Just take a look at their website, you will see it’s packed with obvious knowledge and expertise.

I’ve also finished this quick review of Kratora in my list of best kratom vendors by mentioning they are one of the few places that sell genuine kratom extracts. Kratom extracts are a very potent type of kratom that is made by boiling down a large number of kratom leaves into resin than is normal, meaning there are more alkaloids than in standard strength kratom. It’s very expensive, but an incredible experience.

  1. TheEvergreenTree

The second company on my list of where to buy kratom online is the well-established company The Evergreen Tree.

Their kratom powder is of excellent quality just as good as Kratora ‘s powder.  But I’m really recommending them on my list of the top three best kratom vendors because of the huge range of kratom capsules they sell, and at a very decent price when compared to other people who sell kratom capsules.

Let me mention here exactly why kratom capsules are worth the extra money. You don’t have to worry about dosing the kratom precisely using a micro-scale, because each capsule is 500 mg. You also don’t have to worry about storage as much, because the kratom is more protected than loose powder. In addition to all that, you’ve also got the benefit that you don’t have to taste the kratom, which can be very bitter and unpalatable.

So you are paying a bit more, but especially for beginners, or those who want to dose on the move, they are brilliantly convenient.

When I counted up, I made it 27 different types of kratom sold in capsule form. That’s far more than any other kratom vendor I’ve ever found. It’s the same kratom is in loose powder, and it is very good quality.

You might have to experiment a bit to find which strain works best for you, but they also do a kratom capsule variety pack. This is where you can choose a trial pack of green, white, and red kratom strains from their range, so you can start to experiment with more kratom at a lower price.

As with the other two best kratom vendors on my list of the top three, they offer completely free shipping in the USA, a comprehensive moneyback guarantee, and the kratom they sell is tested and backed up by evidence to prove it.

  1. Tropic Health Club – Best Place To Buy Kratom Online For Newbies

The third choice of best kratom vendors is a relative newcomer called Tropic health club. I’ve ordered once from these guys to test them out, and I was very pleasantly surprised.

One of the big problems with kratom is that it’s quite complex. There are three different colors, even more, if you add in the yellow/gold kratom, and tons of different strains, all reputed to have slightly different effects.

Tropic Health Club is aimed at the health market, at using kratom for pain management. So they boil things down to a simple choice in a very small product range.

They sell a green blend, and a red blend kratom (they are also introducing a white mix soon). These are sold in capsule form. So your choices are just narrow down to green, red, or white.

The red kratom is a classic Red Maeng Da. The white kratom I’m not sure about that as I haven’t tried it yet, and the green kratom is comparable to Green Malay, smooth and balanced between being energizing and chilling you out.

So you’re getting classic green kratom effect,s, and classic red kratom effects, in an easy to take capsule form without any of the other hassles around buying kratom.

I can tell you that the kratom they sell is top quality. Comparable to the other two top kratom vendor’s I’m going to mention in a moment. So they are not packaging up rubbish to sell to an ignorant audience, they are selling high-quality kratom which can really have a positive effect.

It’s not the cheapest kratom, especially as it’s only sold in capsule form. However, it is well worth the investment. You can also put in an order for a monthly rebilling option. You simply order once, and then every month you get the requested number of capsules through your door. Put all that together, and it’s a brilliantly simple way to get into the benefits of kratom.

You’ll get 60 capsules in a container, at 500 mg per capsule for $34.99. You may need to order more than one container to last a month, but it will depend on how you want to take it. If it’s an occasional hit of kratom, then one container might be enough for you.

You’ll get completely free shipping on all your orders, and a 100% moneyback guarantee. All this put together makes Tropic Health Club one of the simplest places to start experimenting with high-quality kratom.

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Best Kratom Vendors Conclusion

The conclusion of my guide to the best kratom vendors is that any one of the three on my list is a great starting point. If you really don’t want to get involved with the different strains, then go for Tropic Health Club green, as this will give the most balanced kratom experience.

If you want to get a bit more involved, but you want capsules, then TheEvergreentree sells the widest range and variety packs that you can get experimenting safely and quickly.

If you want to go straight into powder, or a combination of powder and high-quality capsules, then if you are prepared to pay the slightly higher price the absolute best, then Coastline Kratom is the way to go.

So I hope this guide to finding the best place to buy kratom online has been helpful, and that whatever your reason for starting to experiment with kratom, that your journey is easier than mine now that you have some of the knowledge I gained through trial and error.