The Best SARMs for Women: Get the Body You Always Wanted To Have!

Transforming yourself into the best version of yourself is a very hard task. The good thing is that supplements such as SARMs exist that aid us in our journey. Many women have had problems losing weight or cutting fat and once they introduced SARMs into their routine, everything changed for the better.

They were finally able to achieve their bodybuilding goals and they were happier than ever before with their physical appearance. We believe that this is something that every woman wants to achieve and have therefore decided to write this article to acts as a guide for women worldwide!

There sadly isn’t much information regarding SARMs and women, but we are here to change that, one article at a time.

Why SARMs Are Better Than Prohormones And Steroids For Females

There are a couple of reasons why SARMs are better than prohormones and steroids for women.

First things first, SARMs don’t cause damage to any internal organs as they only bind to the protein in the muscle. Secondly, the SARMs we recommend for women don’t require PCT so you don’t have to worry about experiencing any suppression.

Additionally, SARMs have little to no side effects. Unlike SARMs, steroids wreak havoc in the female body, causing hormonal disbalances and emotional issues. That is just the psychological aspect, but what about the physiological reasons? A deeper voice, menstrual problems, increased hair growth, acne… These are all issues you have to grapple with if you use steroids.

Some might say that Prohormones are a better alternative to steroids and they are right in that regard, but when compared to SARMs, they still lose out. Prohormones are known to cause high blood pressure, problems with your immune system, liver damage and an increased chance to get diabetes!

Steroids and prohormones are nothing to play with so we definitely don’t recommend them to women.

On the other hand, SARMs offer themselves up as a safer alternative to both of these compounds and that’s why they are the right choice for women that want to spice up their bodybuilding routine.

SARMs vs prohormones

What Are The Best SARMs For Females

 The best SARMs for women are generally those that build lean muscle, cut fat and help you lose weight. You will also want something to give you extra energy during your workouts, so we recommend Cardarine as well.

Besides Cardarine, you also have Andarine and Ostarine at your disposal, both of which help in their own way.

Ostarine is great for cutting excess fat, while Andarine is good for building lean muscle mass. The best thing of all? None of these SARMs require any type of PCT, the only thing you’ll have to do is have a cooldown period that generally lasts as long as your cycle to let your body recuperate. There is a fourth SARM we recommend to experienced female bodybuilders and that is Ligandrol. It’s great for building muscle and bulking up and the recommended dosage is only 2,5mgs.

That’s as high as you can go without requiring PCT. You will also not experience any side effects on such a low dosage but will feel the positive effects. Don’t indulge in Ligandrol unless you have been bodybuilding for at least three years and have already done a SARM cycle. You need to know what to expect before going with Ligandrol as it is a bit risky.

If you feel any side effects on a 2,5mg dosage, immediately discontinue use! Let’s forget Ligandrol for a moment and concentrate on the best SARM for women as shown by anecdotal experience and that is Cardarine.

Cardarine For Women – The Best Female SARM

The reason why Cardarine for women is so good is that it positively affects the female body in a number of different ways. First of all, it gives her extra energy during workouts, which helps her during her journey of losing excess weight and fat.

Secondly, it helps in the preservation of already existing muscle mass. You don’t want to lose all of your muscles during your cut and Cardarine is perfect for that. Additionally, it helps you lose fat and weight around your important areas, such as your stomach and thighs. Lastly, Cardarine doesn’t cause any suppression at all, so you will be able to enjoy it without any sort of side effects.

Also, this means that there will be no PCT required and that you can rest safely in the knowledge that your hormones are in balance.

Cardarine for women

Dosages For Women

Since the male and the female body are different in their frame and structure, with the male body being bigger and stronger than the female body, this will affect the recommended dosages for women.

Women will want to take a lower dosage than men so that they don’t experience any side effects. If they were to take the same dose as a man, side effects would occur as that would be too much for the female body to handle.

With that being said, you should aim for around half of what men usually take when it comes to SARMs.

This means that if men take 20mg of Andarine per day, you should take 10mgs of Andarine in a day. This doesn’t mean that SARMs aren’t going to have the same effects on you, that’s not true. It just means that a lower dosage is enough for you to feel the full effects of the SARM in question.

Don’t forget about all the money you will save as men have to take more to get the same effects as you.

SARMs dosage for women

Female SARM Cycle – How Long Does It Last

A female SARM cycle usually lasts between four to eight weeks depending on how experienced the user is in taking SARMs. If you’re just starting out or are a beginner at bodybuilding, you shouldn’t go for more than four weeks on your first cycle. If you’ve already taken SARMs a couple of times and are experienced with them, six weeks should be your cap.

On the other hand, if you consider yourself to be a professional, ramp your cycle up to eight weeks, but make sure to note any side effects that might occur during the last two weeks. Immediately discontinue use if any side effects start appearing.

What To Expect As A Female On SARMs

You will generally experience three things while on SARM as women:

  • You will lose weight: Since we’re using SARMs like Ostarine and Andarine, one can expect to lose massive amounts of weight while on a cycle.
  • You will cut fat: Because of the addition of Ostarine at our disposal, whose main purpose is to cut fat, you will without a doubt lose some of your total body fat during the process.
  • You will build lean muscle: As we’re also using Cardarine, which is very helpful when it comes to building lean muscle and giving us strength and energy, we can expect very positive results out of it. If you opt for the 2,5mg Ligandrol option, you can expect to gain a bit of mass and some muscles. Your pumps are going to be stronger and you will feel more powerful in the gym. Just make sure to leave the dosage at 2,5mg as this is the perfect dosage for women.

These are generally the results you can expect while on a female SARM cycle. You will lose weight and fat a whole lot easier than men, but are going to have trouble packing on some muscle. To those women that are yearning for more muscles, we can only say: Have patience and the gains will come! You need a few cycles to start seeing real results when it comes to muscle growth.

SARM Stacks For Females – What Are The Best Stacks?

 Don’t get your hopes up too high, we will not be stacking Ligandrol as that could lead to some potential side effects to be experienced. We want you to be safe and would never recommend something that could endanger your health.

With that being said, the best SARM stacks for females are between Ostarine and Andarine and a triple stack of Ostarine, Andarine, and Cardarine.

Ostarine and Andarine mixed together to give great results both in the weight loss and fat cutting department. A female friend of ours lost 10 pounds of weight and 3% of her total body fat while on this stack and she only did it for six weeks. She didn’t require any PCT or anything like that after her cycle which is true for all of our SARM stacks.

Next up is the triple stack of Andarine, Ostarine, and Cardarine. This stack can get you the body you always wanted to have in just a few cycles, you just have to be patient with it. Besides losing a ton of weight and fat, you will also build up some lean muscle and you will feel a lot more energetic throughout the day. Many women also report feeling a more positive mood while on this stack and claim that they are handling social problems a lot better.

These are the two best stacks for women, let’s not forget that you can also stack Andarine and Cardarine and Ostarine and Cardarine, but they are not as effective as the two stacks mentioned above.

best SARMs stack for women

Possible Side Effects of SARMs Use On Women

It’s very rare that we get to here women experience any side effects on SARMs, especially those that stick to our recommended dosages. Most of the problems with side effects can be avoided by just lowering your dosage, as that seems to be the main issue in most cases.

These side effects that we’ll list only occur if you overdo it with SARMs if you’re careful as we advise you to be, you shouldn’t experience any of these side effects.

Let’s name them all!

  • Acne All Over The Body: This is a real problem for women that take too much SARMs, as their precious skin gets turned into a horrible outbreak of acne. We know how dear the skin is to the female users out there, so make sure to lower your dosage if you experience any changes on your skin.
  • Menstrual Issues: While on higher dosages of SARMs, some women have reported that their menstrual cycles got all messed up. They say that it either came prematurely or didn’t come at all and it was something which worried them greatly.
  • Increased Sex Drive: Many women report being more freaky in bed while on a larger dose of SARMs. This can be quite an annoying side effect as you’ll be thinking about sex all day, instead of focusing on your tasks. Numerous studies on rodents have shown that the same thing happens to them while exposed to copious amounts of SARMs,
  • Muscle Pain and Swelling: When you build up muscle too fast as a woman, the body simply can’t keep up and you will experience a lot of unnecessary pain. That’s why we always advise going slowly about your SARMs use, the results will come, just have patience.
  • Ligament Issues: Our ligaments are the backbone of our muscles and once they start to falter, you will experience massive problems with your body. To avoid this, don’t put too much strain on them, remember that you’re a woman and that nature did limit you in some sense when compared to men.

These are some of the serious side effects you can experience if you’re not careful with your SARMs dosage. You have to tread carefully or you’ll set yourself up to a world of pain.

Side Effects of SARMs Use On Women

Where to Buy The Best SARMs For Women

Generally speaking, you will want to avoid any shops that don’t have recent lab results, a money-back guarantee, that has negative reviews on bodybuilding forums and that isn’t in the business for at least three years.

That’s how we found out about the following four gems we’ll present to you today. These four vendors have been providing high-quality SARMs with the highest purity rates for years and they never failed to impress with their customer service, therefore selling the best SARMs for women.

  1. Science.Bio

This vendor rebranded recently, so one should not conflate the new website with their experience in SARMs. They are a US seller of SARMs and various other supplements. They are very well known for their cheap prices and high quality of SARMs.

As an example, you can get 1500mgs of their Andarine solution for just $39.99. That’s a bargain one has to take into consideration when shopping for SARMs. You can get their recent lab results by contacting their customer support. We did just that and their results show purity rates between 98 to 100%.

Besides the liquid version, they also sell the powder form of SARMs, which makes them quite versatile in their selection compared to other shops. This shop is perfect if you’re buying in bulk as they offer free shipping for all orders that amount to $100.00 or more. This only applies if you’re from the US.

Speaking of shipping, they are very fast when it comes to that, it only took our package three days to arrive in front of our home.

  1. ProvenPeptides

ProvenPeptides is one of the rare vendors out there that focus their entire energy on SARMs. They have any SARM you can think of at their disposal and they never run out of stock, which is a great trait for any vendor to have.

They have this great loyalty program where you can earn up to $16.00 worth of store credit just by completing simple tasks such as registering to their website, reviewing a product and interacting with their social media.

The currency of this program is Peptide Points which you gain by making a purchase in their store. You gain one Peptide Point for every dollar you spend and it’s worth ten cents. This means that every subsequent purchase with Proven Peptides nets you a 10% discount on any order.

They offer free shipping for all orders above 75$ and they have a phone number attached to their website, which made things very convenient when it came to informing ourselves.

Instead of having to wait for days for an email to arrive, you can talk to a real person in a matter of minutes. Their shipping times are great, you’ll have to wait for between three to five business days for your goods to arrive.

UPDATE: Provenpeptides has been ceased operations since the first of November.

  1. SwissChems

They are a US supplier of SARMs and many other supplements. They are number three on this list for a reason, as they offer public lab results for each and every of their SARM. For example, their latest batch of Ostarine has a purity rate of 98,4%.

Their SARMs all priced between $60-$100 and you get free shipping for any order.

If you have any questions, their customer support will gladly help you out. We asked them a few facts about Ostarine and they patiently explained everything there is to know about the SARM, which we found very charming.

Lastly, regarding their shipping times, we only had to wait two days for our batch to arrive which is absolutely insane.

  1. SARMs4You

If you’re from Europe and are searching for a good vendor, you have just found him. SARMs4You is by far the best European shop for SARMs and they confirm that notion with their amazing SARMs, high purity rates, and great customer service.

Their website is sleek and fast and everything is easy to access.

You have fourteen days to decide if their SARMs are up to par with your standards and you can return them in that time period and receive your money back.

They offer free shipping for any order that goes above 120€ (135$). SARMs4You sells SARMs as a raw powder and in capsule form so if you’re tired of all the liquids being peddled around, this is the vendor for you.

Despite being from Europe, their prices are very competitive with their US counterparts and they even ship to the US so if you’re interested, you can buy from them without any issues. Their shipping times vary greatly depending on your location, our friend got his package in Germany in just three days, while we had to wait over two weeks to get our goods back in the US.

To conclude, we have given you access to the best SARMs for women and have taught you how to handle them like a champ. Now the only thing left to do is order yourself a batch and let the results come in.

UPDATE: SARMs4YOU has been ceased operations since July.

Have fun building your dream body!