Best Synthetic Urine Brands For A Drug Test – No BS Guide

A lot of people don’t believe that you can submit a synthetic urine sample and pass a drug test. Well in this guide to finding and using the best synthetic urine, I’m going to tell you how you can do exactly that.

But you can’t just submit any fake pee for drug test success. It has to be the best quality fake urine out there, that contains certain ingredients, and passes all the inspections a lab will do.

So in this guide to finding and using the best synthetic urine kit, we’re going to discuss exactly what fake urine needs to contain, how to use it, go through the reasons why people mess up when submitting a fake sample, and explain how to keep it at the right temperature.

All of this is going to be based around my own experiences and knowledge. I’ve been using synthetic urine to pass a drug test for years, and I research online all the time. I network with friends and online contacts, and it’s pretty easy once you know-how, to build up a picture of what will work, and what is going to get you caught.

As well as all that information, we are also going to go through each of the top four brands of synthetic urine on the market in individual detailed synthetic urine reviews, so you can make your own choice and stand the best chance of passing a drug test.

What Is In Synthetic Urine?

Synthetic urine is formulated to mimic real urine both chemically, visually, and in terms of how it smells.

But some brands of synthetic urine achieve all that better than others. Obviously you need the best synthetic urine in terms of being closest to human urine in all of those respects.

So what do the best synthetic urine brands contain? Let’s take a look at the requirements to pass a drug test:

  • A complex formula that contains many biological markers
  • Must contain urea
  • Has to contain uric acid
  • Needs realistic levels of creatine
  • The correct specific gravity range
  • Be within the correct pH range
  • Look like human urine
  • Smell like human urine
  • Froth like human urine

Now the truth is that although most brands of synthetic urine achieve a lot of those things, very few achieve all of them.

On top of all those requirements, it’s important that the brand of synthetic urine that you choose does not contain biocide. Using fake pee for drug test use that contains biocide is a recipe for disaster.

Biocide is a preservative chemical that is found in many everyday products. But it also found in a lot of synthetic urine brands.

A couple of years ago it started to be rumored online that the big testing labs had realized that biocide was present in most types of synthetic urine, and have started testing for it. That’s why I started checking that Quick Fix didn’t contain it, as I had been using it. Sub Solution definitely doesn’t either, and the company Clear Choice confirms that themselves.

That makes sense really. What’s the point in testing for lots of different things, when you can do an initial test the presence of biocide that could rule out 75% of the fake samples submitted?

I’m pretty convinced that they do check for biocide now, and so it doesn’t matter how complex or realistic the brand is, if it contains biocide, you are screwed.

Does synthetic urine work

So Does Synthetic Urine Work?

If it doesn’t contain biocide, then the best synthetic urine products out there will almost certainly pass a drug test. The range of probability is 90% or higher, close to a hundred percent certain with the best brand out there.

The type of test you’re going for will also affect the answer the question around does synthetic urine work.

Urine drug tests are commissioned by an employer mostly. Yes, there are other circumstances like through the courts, but let’s just focus on the example of employers here.

They will pay for a level of the test. The most basic is the five panel urine drug test. It’s cheap and it picks up most of the obvious drug metabolites, things like cannabis, cocaine, and methamphetamine.

The tests go all the way up to 12 panel tests, and even an enhanced one that looks for things like alcohol and kratom. But those are very rare.

Your basic five panel drug test doesn’t cost much money at all, so the profit margin for the drug testing lab is slim. Which means that they are not paying much attention to it. They’ll just take the sample, test the temperature, do the standard validity tests, then look for the five groups of metabolites.

So yes, synthetic urine does work. But it will depend on the urine, and the type of test you’re having done. On top of that, you have to avoid the common reasons why people fail using fake urine for a drug test.

The Reasons People Fail Using Fake Pee For A Drug Test

So now we’ve looked at what the best synthetic urine needs to contain, let’s look at the reasons why people can fail a drug test even when they are using it.

You see, the hard truth is that even using the best synthetic urine on the market, people still fail, and it’s their own fault. But when they fail, they post online about how XYZ brand failed a drug test, and that’s not actually the truth.

The main reasons why people can fail a drug test using synthetic urine are:

  1. They get caught with a sample. This is rare, but if they are trying to pass an observed drug test (where you are basically watched submitting the sample, even if not directly), then you’re really making your own luck. You should never use synthetic urine for an observed drug test.
  2. The sample fails because not enough was submitted. At least 2 fluid ounces is usually needed, sometimes more than that. So make sure that you always have enough of the sample on you.
  3. They use a poor quality brand of urine. The ones to avoid include Magnum, U Pass, and Xstream. There are also lots of low-cost white label products out there that are put into boxes and sold in headshops, and in really obviously bad online stores as well. Avoid them all.
  4. The main reason why people fail when using synthetic urine for drug tests is that they submit a sample that isn’t within the correct temperature range.

Let’s go through this one in detail. Human urine exits the body within a very small temperature range, usually around 96°F -100°F. To allow for cooling after the sample is submitted, the labs legally have to accept any sample that tests at 90°F through to 100°F.

So there’s not much margin for error. But people don’t really realize this until it’s too late. They get to the lab, they have not even checked the temperature strip, or they panicked when they have realized it’s too cool, but don’t know what to do about it.

Which means you need some proper strategies to keep synthetic urine warm.

How To Keep Synthetic Urine Warm

So look, one of the biggest reasons why people fail drug tests using synthetic urine is because the submitted sample temperature is wrong.

Most synthetic urine brands out there use heat pads. These are like hand warmers, you activate them and they generate their own heat for a few hours.

Good quality ones can really work, but unfortunately, a lot of cheaper brands have cheap heat pads, which don’t kick out a steady heat, or that fail completely. This means that you can struggle to keep the fake sample temperature within that narrow 10°F range that it needs to be in.

Thankfully, a couple of the best synthetic urine products out there don’t use heat pads at all. I will tell you which products they are when I conclude this guide with four trusted-brand synthetic urine reviews.

But heat activator powder removes the worry. You don’t even need a microwave to get the sample warm. The heat activator powder uses agitation to warm the liquid up. So you can keep it in your locker at work, and it also means that just outside the testing lab, you can make sure the temperature is correct.

Another tip is to make sure that you dress appropriately. If it’s the middle of winter and you have an hour’s journey to the testing location on foot, then don’t just wander along in a hoodie and jogging bottoms. Make sure you dress to retain heat. And that will work the other way in hot weather.

Finally, on keeping your temperature within the correct range, make sure you check it before you go into the lab facility. If you’ve got a failed heat pad, you could be in trouble. But one trick I’ve heard about people using is keeping a flask of boiling water with them.

If the temperature cools, you can literally pour in the boiling water to raise the temperature. Obviously you don’t have that problem if you are using heat activator powder.

How To Keep Synthetic Urine Warm

How To Use A Synthetic Urine Belt Or Urinator Device

Some people use synthetic urine belts, or urination devices to pass drug tests, usually observed drug test. You can even get a fake penis that you can fill with urine to attempt to do this.

However, I would recommend you ever try and pass an observed drug test with synthetic urine. If the company, or whoever is paying, is willing to pay the extra for observed, then they are serious, and getting caught is never going to have good consequences.

But a synthetic urine belt can be a good option. It keeps the sample close to your body, strapped on well so it’s not observed, and it will keep warm being close to the body. However, you do still have to deal with the bulk of the heat pad, and you can’t easily mess around with heat activator powder if you are using a urine belt.

There are even female urinator devices that can fit inside the vagina so that you can sit in a natural position even if you are being observed. But again, that’s going to take nerves of steel and I wouldn’t really recommend it.

The bottom line for me is that the synthetic urine belt, or any other type of device, simply increases the risk. If you’re going for an observed drug test, use a detox drink or do a natural detox. If it’s unobserved, you don’t need to worry about complicated things.

how to use synthetic urine

How To Smuggle Fake Urine Into A Drug Test

Let’s take a look quickly at how to smuggle fake urine into a drug test. I’ll be honest, very few people I’ve ever heard of get caught smuggling the stuff in.

The reason is that you are not searched. If you carry in a bag, you might get found out if they do check and find the sample in it. But as long as it’s hidden on your person, they can’t touch you. As long as you don’t arouse suspicions, they won’t really care unless it’s an advanced drug test, or for the purposes of law enforcement, probation, serious stuff like that.

If you’re going to smuggle fake urine into a drug test, I’d recommend you wear two pairs of underwear. Tuck the warmed sample in between the two pairs so it’s nice and snug and close to your skin, but gripped firmly between the two pairs.

Also wear loose jogging bottoms so that there is no noticeable bulge that could arouse suspicion (remembering that they aren’t allowed to search you, but they can flag the suspicion).

But remember, these are unsupervised drug tests. You’ll be behind a screen, and sometimes even in a different room. So you’re not under close scrutiny at any stage of this process.

Synthetic Urine Reviews: Best Synthetic Urine Brands 2020

I hope this guide to using the best synthetic urine to pass a drug test has been helpful. I want to finish it with four synthetic urine reviews.

These are the top four brands on the market today. I’ve used them to pass live drug tests, and they have good reputations online. These synthetic urine reviews are in ascending order, from least reliable to best.

  1. Monkey Whizz

This is one of the best budget brands you will get for your money. But people get confused about Monkey Whizz and can end up buying the wrong product.

You get the basic dried urine that you put with water. That’s only $15, but you don’t get a heating pad. Then you get a flask of ready-made urine plus a heating pad. That’s $30.

For me, the best Monkey Whizz package costs $39.99. You get 3.5 fluid ounces of ready mixed urine, a synthetic urine belt complete with a dispensing tap, and two thin heat pads to keep the sample warm.

In terms of quality? Well, Monkey Whizz pretty good. I recommend it for a basic pre-employment drug test (read my review here), your five-panel cheap drug test. I wouldn’t really recommend it for anything else, it’s just not complex enough in a formula. But it is definitely one of the best synthetic urine brands in the budget price range. For more details, check out my Monkey Whizz review.

synthetic urine reviews

  1. Quick Fix 6.2 Synthetic Urine

The next best synthetic urine brand for me is Quick Fix. It’s been around for a long time and has a great track record. It’s one of the elder statesmen of using fake pee for drug test success.

However, it’s a star that has faded in recent years. Although the formula is updated frequently, with the current one being 6.2, it’s still not particularly complex. However, I’ve used it a couple of times, and I trust it.

Quick Fix costs around $40, and that will: get you a large 3-ounce vial of ready mixed Quick Fix urine.

Again, this is a budget product. People ask does Quick Fix synthetic urine work? Well, this definitely will, but I would again only risk it for a pre-employment drug test that you are not particularly bothered about.  For my detailed Quick Fix review, click here. If you’re going for a big job, you need to pull out the big guns, which are up next.

synthetic urine reviews

  1. Sub Solution Powdered Urine Kit

The number one selling brand of synthetic urine on the market is Sub Solution. There are two very good reasons for this that I going to go through with you because they are important.

Firstly, it’s the most complex formula on the market. All the things we talked about, +14 biological chemical markers found in human urine. It also looks, smells, and froths like the real thing.

Secondly, you don’t use a heating pad with this. It uses that heat activator powder. It’s the only brand on the market you can get with heat activator powder. That’s why it costs $80, twice the price of Monkey Whizz and Quick Fix. But you get what you pay for in terms of the quality of urine, and the control of the heat activator powder.

You can read my detailed review here.

Synthetic urine kit

  1. Quick Luck – Best Fake Urine Kit

There has been a little confusion about Quick Luck online recently. It’s a new product from Clear Choice, who also make Sub Solution. It’s basically an upgraded version of Sub Solution. Slightly more complex, and with slightly more in the kit.

So you’re getting Sub Solution plus. You’ll get an even more complicated formula, the heat activator powder, and a heat pad as well.

Quick Luck is a premixed synthetic urine kit, so you don’t have to mess with urine powder. So you’ve got the best of all options, meaning there is no excuse for ever failing a drug test because the sample was submitted at the wrong temperature.

If you buy Quick Luck or Sub Solution from Clear Choice, you can also get something called “The practice kit” for a discounted price as well.

The practice kit contains everything that Quick Luck does, except for synthetic urine. That means you can practice with water in advance, without wasting so much money on trying it out with real Quick Luck and heat activator powder.

To buy Quick Luck and Sub Solution at the best price, especially alongside the combination deal of the practice kit, buy them from this webshop. That’s where I always buy them, and shipping is rapid, that is best to make sure you always have one in stock.

Click here for my detailed Quick Luck review.

Conclusion Of My Synthetic Urine Review

So look, the best synthetic urine is Sub Solution, and if you want to spend a hundred dollars, Quick Luck is the ultimate. The best fake urine for a budget drug test could easily be Quick Fix or Monkey Whizz, but if you’ve got the money, I’d always go with the big guns.

Just make sure that whatever type of synthetic urine you use, that you follow the tips I told you about here, to make sure that when you submit fake pee for a drug test, that you’re not wasting the best synthetic urine by submitting it at the wrong temperature.


How long does synthetic urine last?

Before it’s been opened, synthetic urine will last about one year. As long as it’s fresh when you bought it, and you store it correctly, then it will be good enough to use for 12 months.

After it’s been opened, you’re suddenly down to a matter of hours. I’d always recommend you mix it up and then go straight and submit your sample. You don’t even want to be storing this stuff in the fridge overnight, because once air and bacteria get to it, it can spoil.

So although synthetic urine could potentially last for about 24 hours after you’ve mixed it, I would always make sure you mix it up, seal it, and then go and submit it within a couple of hours if possible.

What is synthetic urine made of?

Synthetic urine is made up of all of the ingredients that are found in real urine. So you will have a base of filtered and deionized water, which has added to it you urea, uric acid, creatinine, vitamins, and minerals, all found as waste products in real urine. But the balance has to be right, and you have to get the pH and specific gravity right as well, otherwise, you stand a very strong chance of it being detected as fake.

How to keep synthetic urine warm?

When you are preparing your fake urine sample, most brands come with a heatpad. You can either activate the heatpad and let it warm the sample up over about one hour, or you can microwave it to get it up to the right temperature, and then attach a heatpad.

When you travel to the lab, keep the sample close to your body as you can, so that body heat helps to keep it as close to the right temperature as possible.

The alternative is to use the heat activator powder that included with Sub Solution and Quick Luck. You don’t need a heatpad or microwave them. You can simply add the heat activator powder to the liquid just before you go in and it will raise the temperature within about 30 seconds.

How long is synthetic urine good for once opened?

Once you’ve opened synthetic urine, you’ve got about 24-hours to use it. As soon as the liquid is exposed to the air it’s in danger of bacterial growth happening within it.

Even in a fridge, which slows down that growth, I wouldn’t ever advise keeping it for more than 24 hours. You are taking a huge risk. The best thing to do is simply keep it sealed in its original package until a couple of hours before you’re due to submit it, then heat it up, and go and submit it. That way you will be completely safe.

How to hide fake urine for a drug test?

The easiest way to hide fake urine for a drug test is to simply wear two pairs of underwear. Tuck the sample in between the two pairs to keep it very firmly in place close to your skin, but not against it, where it could slip out more easily.

For unsupervised drug tests that will be enough, especially if you wear baggy trousers. You can then go behind the screen, or into a separate room, and just pour the sample into the submission container.

Another way to hide fake urine is to use an incognito belt or urinary device. This keeps the sample spread out evenly around your midriff, and allows easy dispensing using a tap. However, put together it does add another layer of complexity to things and isn’t usually necessary for unsupervised drug testing.

What happens if you get caught using synthetic urine?

Technically, you could be arrested and charged. However, there isn’t a single recorded case in the USA of anyone being found guilty of trying to get around a drug test by submitting a fake sample. The worst-case scenario is that you won’t get the job, insurance policy, whatever, and you could feel pretty humiliated at being found out.

Where is synthetic urine illegal?

The simple answer is that synthetic urine is illegal to use for the purposes of trying to bypass a legally administered drug test everywhere the drug testing is legal. That doesn’t mean it’s illegal to sell, but you can’t sell it as advertises for the purpose of trying to pass a drug test. Synthetic urine is totally illegal to sell to pass drug tests anywhere in the USA.

Where to buy synthetic urine in stores?

You will not be able to buy synthetic urine anywhere other than headshops and local independent retailers. The problem is that the synthetic urine sold in local places like this is invariably the poor quality brands that are cheap to buy in, and then sold at very high prices. The only place you should really think about buying synthetic urine is online, and only then from reputable sellers. Sub Solution, Quick Luck, and Quick Fix are the only brands you should really look at, and only Quick Fix is occasionally available in local smoke shops.