Benefits Of Using BPC 157 Peptide

BPC-157 has massive regenerative potential, that can really help bodybuilders by targeting muscle and bone to repair them and strengthen them.  But at what cost to your safety?  In this guide, we will tell you everything you need to know in the easy to read guide on using BPC-157.

There are some caveats and warnings when using it, and we will be upfront about the problems and risks as well as the benefits.

What you’re learning in the next five minutes is just how good it could be for you. We will tell you exactly how to use BPC-157, and how to dose and administer it. Plus, you’ll also learn exactly where you can buy guaranteed real and pure BPC 157.

What Is BPC 157?

It is a protein that naturally occurs in the human stomach. It was found to have potent healing properties, so an artificial 15-amino-acid-long fragment of this protein was synthetically produced.

Research showed that this natural amino acid was generated during stressful times. It could be for mental stress, and it could be physical stress where injuries had occurred. All organs appear to benefit from an uplift in the body’s production of this amino acid.

But it was found that muscle and bone particularly benefited. So it appears that the body’s response to an injury includes a stress reaction that gets this amino acid released, with the effect that new blood vessels are formed, leading to a dramatic increase in the speed of muscle and tendon repair (a process called angiogenesis).

Peptide BPC 157

BPC 157 Results & Benefits

Now that all sounds wonderful, but in practical terms how can BPC 157 results really help you to recover faster from bodybuilding injuries?

If administered correctly, it’s been found anecdotally that the following BPC 157 results and benefits occur:

  • BPC-157 increases the growth of new blood vessels in damaged muscle and tendon
  • It can inhibit the production of a growth-limiting hormone called 4‐hydroxynonenal
  • studies in rats have shown localized inflammation was reduced
  • BPC-157 has been shown to influence the serotonin and dopamine neurotransmitters
  • BPC-157 has also been shown to increase levels of nitric oxide (which can lower blood pressure)

Put together, what you’re getting is a very simple way of dramatically reducing the amount of time it will take your body to repair itself after any sporting injury in the muscle and tendon. In addition, it can strengthen bones, particularly after a break.

In real terms, you’re looking at the following benefits of using BPC 157 to help you recover from injury:

  • Lowering of inflammation levels helping you to move more easily
  • Faster repair of the tendon or muscle tissue
  • Strengthening of the tissue that is grown
  • Dramatically helps to raise the body’s response to injury
  • BPC-157 helps to lower your blood pressure
  • BPC-157 can raise serotonin and dopamine levels which improves mood and performance

So this incredible chemical helps to heal tendons and muscles in a way that can actually rival the speed that surgical intervention can produce.

It promotes improved cell migration, and cell survival, meaning you literally repair your body faster than you can naturally. This can be gold dust if you just want to get back in the gym as quickly as possible.

It’s important to say though that although BPC 157 has incredible promise and is currently going through lots of early testing, it’s not been through full human testing yet.

All the results have been seen in rats during lab studies. This rodent research was primarily done on rats that had an Achilles tendon rupture. The results showed a dramatic improvement in repair speeds when compared to rats who repaired the Achilles tendon naturally.

BPC 157 benefits

How And When To Use It

In layman’s terms, what you’re getting it’s something that interacts with nitric oxide in the body while helping to build up new blood vessels in damaged tissue to repair it faster and make those repairs stronger.

The downside to using this is that it has to be injected to get real benefits. Although it’s soluble in water, its bioavailability is only high enough to affect everything with just talked about in the body if it’s injected.

Now I’m not saying you can’t take it orally, and some people certainly do. But you will need a much higher dose because it’s not being injected directly into the target region of the body. I’ve seen evidence online of people recovering from serious ankle injuries in half the time it would take naturally when injected into the area, but people taking it orally have said they don’t seem to recover any faster than people who are recovering naturally.

But don’t worry, because it’s really easy and safe to do. Here’s how to use BPC-157 safely:

  1. It comes as a white powder. You mix it with bacteriostatic water until it’s completely dissolved and clear.
  2. Always use a clean and fresh needle, and transfer the liquid into the syringe.
  3. Use a medical alcohol wipe to sterilize the area you will be injecting into. It’s vital that you keep things clean here. I’d also recommend you use disposable surgical gloves.
  4. You’re not going to stab this into the skin, or inject it directly into the muscle, because that’s painful (although some people do, it’s a completely different experience that can put some people off). You’re going to use the far more simple and safe subcutaneous method. Simply pinch an area of skin as close to the damaged muscle tissue as possible and then angle the needle so that you can push it in just under the skin, you are basically “slipping “it under the skin to inject it.
  5. Gently and slowly push the syringe to empty it gently and slowly into the body. After administering the injection make sure you use another alcohol wipe to clean up the area again.

How To Use BPC 157

Recommended Dosage

Even if you’re squeamish about needles, once you’ve done this a couple of times you will hardly think about it anymore. You’re literally just sliding the needle under the skin, with a very small amount of pain as you push it in. You’ll soon get used to that.

In terms of dosage, BPC 157 hasn’t been through human trials, so there is no recommended dosage range, and nobody knows what actually safe for use on humans.

But what we do know is that BPC 157 can persist in the body for up to 24 hours after it’s been introduced. So you should only have to dose this once per day. But at lower doses, you could do it twice per day.

The acceptable anecdotal BPC 157 dosage ranges from bodybuilding forums and sites like Reddit is in the range of 200 mcg (that’s micrograms NOT milligrams) through to 1000 mcg. However, the low end of that scale is definitely the one most frequently used.

Any Side Effects?

Because there have been no human studies completed then it’s impossible to know if there are actually any long-term BPC-157 side effects.

Anecdotally though, apart from things like nausea in the hour after injecting it, and even more so if it’s taken orally, there seems to be little evidence of any problems using it.

Don’t let the fact it’s a naturally occurring stomach amino acid filled you, because it’s still artificial and could still have unseen problems down the line. But there’s literally no evidence of this to date.

BPC 157 side efefcts

TB-500 Vs  Peptide BPC-157

TB-500 and BPC-157 are both synthetic peptides created from extracting short chains from an amino acid in our bodies. TB-500 is also naturally occurring and has been recreated from a substance found in tears, saliva, and cerebrospinal fluid.

Both have been found in animal studies to increase the speed of muscle repair and wound healing.

However, it’s not been demonstrated that TB-500 can help with the tendon and bone repair, wherein rats BPC-157 has been shown to impact the speed at which tendon and bone recovers.

That’s why BPC-157 is the bodybuilder’s peptide of choice between the two of them in most instances if they make a choice. However, some people are running both of them when they are trying to repair an injury because they have slightly different effects and interactions.

Where To Buy High-Quality Peptides

I hope this quick BPC 157 review has been helpful to you. Because it is untested in humans it’s really tough to be definitive about how to use BPC-157 though. Keep your dose low, 200 mcg or thereabouts to begin with. Once per day, and then twice per day if things seem okay after a week.

Keep things clean and inject it, because that’s the way to get this stuff directly into the area where it can dramatically improve recovery times.

But the bigger problem than using it is that it’s difficult to actually find quality peptides for sale. That’s actually the case with most of these untested supplements available on the grey market. You simply don’t know what you are buying.

However, is where I buy my supplements.

The difference with these guys is that they have an independent lab batch-test everything that they sell. These lab tests show the purity of what’s being sold. Those purity reports are published right there on the product page for your peace of mind.

They sell BPC-157 in powder form. This means you’re going to have to buy some BAC water to dissolve in before you then inject it.

The total dose in the bottle this 2.5 mg. So you’re going to need a very good micro scale to weigh doses as low as 200 mcg.

In terms of price though, it’s incredibly affordable. Just $39.99 for that bottle of powder. At 200 mcg per dose, you’re getting 12.5 doses for that money. A couple of bottles will probably see you through all but the most serious of injuries.

BPC 157 for sale