Using Cabergoline For Bodybuilding

It’s getting more common for people to use Cabergoline for bodybuilding. There are several key reasons for that, and I’m going to go through them all in this Cabergoline review for you.

Other Cabergoline reviews don’t cover everything you need to know in easy terms, but in the next five minutes you’re going to understand exactly what it is, how it works, and the bodybuilding benefits you can get.

You’ll learn how quickly you can gain from using Cabergoline when to use it, what sort of dosage you’ll need if there are any side effects to watch out for, and I’ll also tell you where you can find real Cabergoline for sale.

What Is Cabergoline?

Cabergoline was actually designed to treat menstrual irregularities, as well as some types of fertility issues. But it’s also now bought on the grey market by bodybuilders because of the positive effects it can have.

Cabergoline is actually just the active ingredient in several medical products, the best known of which Dostinex.

Its function is to stop (inhibit) the production of the hormone prolactin, which is produced in the pituitary gland. It works through being a dopamine receptor agonist, which has a direct inhibitory effect on prolactin production.

Cabergoline bodybuilding

How Cabergoline Works For Bodybuilding

Another thing I’ll say here for anyone confused about how you can use Cabergoline for bodybuilding is that it’s not going to get you ripped on its own. It won’t bulk you up much, and it won’t cut fat. You need SARMs or steroids for that.

But it’s when you’re using SARMs or steroids that this stuff kicks in. You will actually use it as part of post cycle therapy (PCT) most of the time. In rare cases, some people, especially with steroids, actually use it on cycle as well. But that’s not all it does. Let’s take a look at the bodybuilding benefits of Cabergoline so you understand:

  1. Because it’s a powerful dopamine receptor agonist, Cabergoline stimulates testosterone production. It does this both through the improvement in dopamine levels, and also because a decrease in prolactin leads to an increase in testosterone production. Testosterone gives you more power physically, more mental sharpness, and its key in helping your muscles to work and repair. So you’ll be more competitive, you’ll have sharper motor skills, and testosterone can help with recovery and muscle repair.
  2. Because Cabergoline is a powerful dopamine agonist, it can be used for food control. Because you’ll get that rewarding feeling after eating, you’ll eat less because you will feel rewarded more quickly. This can help you to stay away from crap when you want to cut.
  3. The third Cabergoline bodybuilding benefit is that because it inhibits prolactin development, it can stop the development of gynecomastia. So this can help you to not have increased estrogen levels and not develop problems associated with things like man breasts.
  4. This increase in dopamine also hits our risk and reward centers. So you’ll get a dramatic increase in wanting to get your workout done, pushing harder, and alongside increased testosterone, you’ll be more aggressive.

Cabergoline Effects & Benefits

 So if you are a bodybuilder using steroids, then Cabergoline can be used to cut prolactin production and reduce estrogen levels, which will stop you from developing man breasts.

That’s also the same with SARMs, which can inhibit testosterone production. As well as cutting prolactin, Cabergoline can raise testosterone levels, so it’s a great PCT supplement that can also stop the conversion of testosterone into estrogen.

You’ll also get a rush using this stuff. Higher mental energy and physical energy, you’ll power through workouts because of increased testosterone and dopamine levels. Plus guys, all that will help to increase your sex drive and performance as well. If it takes you a long time between times, this stuff helps to minimize that performance gap.

So put together, it has physical benefits, cognitive benefits, you’ll get more drive and determination from it, and your sex drive will go up.

But I want to make clear, this isn’t a muscle builder. Although you’ll get higher levels of testosterone, this is a supplement that is designed to be used alongside steroids, or as part of a PCT if you are using SARMs.

cabergoline bodybuilding

Cabergoline Half-Life & Dosage Guide

Cabergoline is taken as a tablet, usually with a dosage per tablet of 50 mcg. You can also get it in liquid form, but it’s far less easy to dose liquid at such small dosage levels. I can’t talk to you about dosing it specifically for bodybuilding, because no official dosage advice exists.

However, for general use, a maximum dosage of 1 mg per week is often used. Usually, this is 2 separate doses, each of 50 mcg. But that’s the upper level, and some people dose at 0.25 mg twice per week.

So as most Cabergoline pills are 50 mcg, I’d suggest taking one capsule twice per week. That hits the maximum dosage but doesn’t go above it.

Cabergoline half-life is quite long, studies have shown a half-life for Cabergoline of three days, hence the twice-weekly dosage

You really should run Cabergoline alongside and an aromatase inhibitor, basically a SERM like Nolvadex or Clomid, which stops the conversion of testosterone into estrogen, for maximum benefit.

It doesn’t induce testosterone suppression and isn’t a problem to use alongside steroids or SARMs, so you could dose during your cycle as well if needed, but I would never recommend you do that unless you really need to. If you are suffering from testosterone suppression symptoms then the first step should be to lower the dose of SARMs, or stop the cycle and go straight into PCT.

Cabergoline Vs Bromocriptine

Cabergoline Vs Bromocriptine is something that many people looking to use these substances to aid bodybuilding look into.

You already know about the benefits of Cabergoline for bodybuilding. Bromocriptine is not as long-acting. So you will have to dose that more regularly, which is one downside. Cabergoline also has fewer side effects, making it safer to use.

But most importantly, Cabergoline lowers prolactin levels more than comparable doses of Bromocriptine. So for my money, it’s definitely the one you should be using.

Cabergoline Side Effects

So Cabergoline is a relatively easy way to help elevate testosterone, increase your performance, and offset the problems related to increased estrogen in the body. But there are some side effects you need to watch out for, something many Cabergoline reviews skip over:

  • Increasing dopamine can cause unwanted side effects like gambling problems. If you are already inclined to reckless actions, if you have a hedonistic streak, you like the feeling of risk and reward, then be careful with elevating your dopamine levels.
  • Elevated testosterone and dopamine can cause aggression problems. If you are already aggressive, you will have to really watch out that you are in control.
  • At doses above 1 mg, Cabergoline can cause minor hallucinations. This doesn’t happen for everyone, and for others it can be just minor visual distortions, but in some people, potentially people who have an unsettled nature or schizophrenic tendency, these can be strong hallucinations. Keep that dose to 1 mg or below.
  • Cabergoline side effects can also include nausea, vomiting, constipation, fatigue, dizziness.

Where To Find Cabergoline For Sale

So using Cabergoline for bodybuilding is common. There is a range of very good benefits from using it. You’ll get a boost in testosterone levels, which means you won’t have to use an additional testosterone supplement.

This testosterone boost, created by an increase in dopamine and a lowering of prolactin levels, will also help to offset the suppression that some SARMs and steroids can cause. So it can be used as a PCT supplement.

Plus, it’s a performance booster. You will get much better muscle development above natural from the additional from the testosterone boost, but your performance levels, your drive, your determination, and your recovery times will also definitely improve significantly.

So the final part of this Cabergoline review is to tell you where to find Cabergoline for sale.

You can’t get it on prescription because you’re not female. You can’t buy it without a prescription in most countries either. So you have to buy it from the grey market. That’s where purity and safety problems come in. But one place I buy my SARMs from, and I’ve also purchased Cabergoline from, is Swiss Chems.

Cabergoline for sale

Swiss Chems sell all the major, and many minor, types of SARMs and other supplements in capsule form.

They sell Cabergoline at a dose of 50 mcg per tablet. 100 tablets will cost you $151. So they aren’t cheap, but then this stuff isn’t cheap even for its intended purpose.

But it does have a good range of positive benefits and using Cabergoline for bodybuilding, to help build muscle, endurance, determination, and reduce the effects of testosterone suppression and estrogen increases be hugely beneficial.