Sure Jell Drug Test Method Explained: Using Certo To Pass A Drug Test

The Certo (Sure Jell) method has been around for years. It’s meant to be one of the cheapest and easiest ways to pass a urinalysis (urine sample drug test). But what’s the truth here?

What I’m going to do here is talk you through the Sure Jell detox in detail. We will look at what the method is exactly, how you actually use Sure Jell to pass a drug test, and if there’s any evidence, scientifically or socially, that fruit pectin really can get rid of drug metabolites.

Plus, just in case you guys get to the end of this quick five-minute guide and think that the Certo drug test method isn’t for you, all offer you an alternative strategy I’ve used myself to pass a drug test, that’s even more simple than using sure jell.

What Is The Certo Drug Test Method?

The Certo drug test method, also known as the Sure Jell method because that’s a brand of fruit pectin that is commonly used in the USA, is a very simple attempt to pass a urine sample drug test.

I’ll tell you the exact method in a moment. But what people say happens with the Sure Jell drug detox method is that when you do it, you are benefiting from the following facts:

  • THC toxins (primarily THC-COOH) are mostly eliminated through the bowels
  • THC toxins are fat-soluble
  • Pectin blocks the absorption of THC in the blood
  • Your body makes bile to bind to fat so it is water-soluble
  • Fiber increases the frequency of bowel movements

So when people talk about the Sure Jell detox, and how it can work to pass a drug test, what they are relying on is the following.

Pectin is a soluble fiber It can’t be digested, and it passes through the body. This thick fiber stops the absorption of fat, instead of carrying it more readily out to the bowels. THC metabolites attach to fat. This increase in fiber in the body also produces more bile, which helps to transport fat out through the bowels more readily. On top of that, the volume of liquid used in the  Certo drug test method helps to flush out toxins from your urine.

That’s the perceived science behind using Certo to pass a drug test, but is it true?

Sure jell detox

Instructions: How To Use Sure Jell To Pass A Drug Test

Before I tell you whether it’s actually scientifically true, let’s tell you how to use Sure Jell to pass a drug test by giving you the exact instructions to try.

Now the problem is that every single site that tells you what the Certo drug test method gives you a different set of instructions. What I’ve done is to look at several sites and summarize instructions as typically as possible:

  1. About 3-4 hours before your test, mix up a sachet (packet) of Sure Jell (or any other brand of fruit pectin) with a 32oz bottle of Gatorade, or a similar energy drink. This is apparently better than water because of the high sugar content and easy absorption due to the carbonation.
  2. Steadily drink this concoction over about 15 minutes. It will probably taste disgusting, and you’ll struggle, but you need to down the lot, and keep it down.
  3. Over the next hour, you’ll need to drink as close to 1 gallon of water as possible. This is both to help flush out the bladder, and also to stop the overwhelming volume of fruit pectin causing problems in the body.
  4. Over the next hour urinate several times and try and pass out stools as well.
  5. One hour before your test, take 2x vitamin B tablets, and finish drinking as close to that gallon of water as possible.
  6. Try and submit your urine sample within two hours of taking the vitamin B tablets.

How To Use Sure Jell To Pass A Drug Test

Does The Certo Method Work?

So as you can see, the Certo drug test method is pretty straightforward. You’ll struggle to drink the fruit pectin with the Gatorade, and you’ll really struggle to drink such a large volume of water, but overall it’s pretty simple.

More than that, it’s dirt cheap and the stuff you need is readily available. I think that’s one of the reasons it’s advocated so frequently, especially if you are facing a drug test at short notice.

But here’s the thing, is it actually possible to use Sure Jell and water to pass a drug test at all? Well, the unfortunate truth is that it’s a load of rubbish.

Yes, everything I’ve said about pectin is true. But the problem is that what people don’t tell you is scientific studies have completely proven that only 60% of THC metabolites exit the body through the bowels. At least 40% of them still exit through urine.

So you’re never going to draw out all the THC toxins through your bowels to leave your urine clear of toxins in the first place.

Worse than that, to flush out the rest of the toxins from your urine you have to drink a large volume of water. This will completely dilute your sample, which will then be rejected.

The vitamin B tablets are taken to try and make your urine more yellow in color, closer to looking natural. But that ignores the fact that you will have flushed out all of the things that are usually found in urine.

In Western societies, our body is always pushing out things that the body doesn’t need into the urine. Vitamins, minerals, and the waste product of creatine called creatinine. All those things are present. The problem with the Certo method is that it will leave your sample diluted and completely devoid of all those essentials that validity checks by a drug test lab will look for.

Plus, what’s often not made clear is that it would only work for cannabis metabolites. If it’s any other type of drug metabolite you’re trying to get rid of, then the fruit pectin will have zero effect because of most drug metabolites a water-soluble rather than fat-soluble. So it’s only ever going to be potentially effective for cannabis use.

certo to pass a drug test

Home Remedies Should Be Avoided

The bottom line is that using Certo to pass a drug test is a bad idea. You will never draw out all the toxins, and you can’t mask them effectively with a gallon of water. You’re setting yourself up to fail.

It’s the same with all those home remedies out there, things like drinking tea, cranberry juice, baking soda mixed with water, all of them have little basis in scientific fact.

I did say at the start that there is social evidence that the Sure Jell method works. That could be the case if you have low toxin exposure. It could also be the case from the past before drug testing became more advanced. That stuff you read online, you don’t know how old that information is in many cases.

I’m telling you now, that you won’t draw out all the toxins, you’ll be diluting your urine sample, and it won’t appear natural. Those things will be picked up on and you will get caught.

How To Really Pass A Drug Test

The crazy thing is that it’s only going to cost you about $50-60 to really pass a drug test by effectively masking the toxins using a professional quality detox drink.

If you’re desperate and there’s nothing else available to you locally, if you are facing a drug test tomorrow and you just can’t your hands on a detox drink, then sure, the Certo method is going to be better than nothing, as long as it’s only cannabis metabolites in your body.

But if you’ve got at least 48 hours notice, then buy yourself a quality detox drink.

Certo drug test alternatives

A professional, high-quality detox drink will flush out your urine with a volume of liquid, leaving it empty of toxins for several hours.

Better than that though, it floods your body with things that are found in urine samples. Because it floods the body, those are passed through as waste and appear in your urine even though it’s unnatural. So to a lab, that sample will contain everything it needs to be valid.

The best brands out there are Rescue Cleanse, Mega Clean, and Ultra Eliminex. Ultra Eliminex is the most powerful and it’s the best, but it does cost about $80.

If money is tight, and you just want the best value detox drink, then Rescue Cleanse is your best deal. A 32oz bottle will only cost you $55, and its track record is superb. I’ve used it to pass a live drug test and to do a home drug test using it, as part of reviewing its effectiveness.

To read more about Rescue Cleanse, click here to read a detailed review of what is, how it works, and what results you can expect from it.

Bu my final word is the Sure-Jell detox doesn’t work. If you’re thinking about using it, then please don’t be desperate unless you are facing a drug test tomorrow. Even if you are, get yourself to Walmart and grab a bottle of Mega Clean instead, the Certo drug test method should be a last, desperate, resort only.