Rescue Cleanse Review – Including My Test Results

Rescue Cleanse is a popular detox drink product from a reputable company called Clear Choice. In this Rescue Cleanse review, I’m going to tell you just how good it is, including talking you through my own test results.

You learn the exact Rescue Cleanse instructions you’ll need to follow, including tips on ensuring success.

I’ll also explain exactly whether Rescue Cleanse, or any detox drink, can work for you, and also offer you a couple of alternative detox drinks that are also trustworthy.

Clear Choice Detox Products Explained

Clear Choice is a very reputable company that makes high-quality products. Not only do they make Rescue Cleanse detox drink, but they also make Sub Solution and Quick Luck, the two best brands of synthetic urine as well.

Clear Choice has been around for more than a decade and Rescue Cleanse, just like Sub Solution, has a long-term positive track record of use.

For me, Clear Choice detox products are the most trustworthy in the drug test avoidance industry, and Rescue Cleanse is definitely only one of three detox drinks I’ve ever found to work both for me, and for other people I know.

How Rescue Cleanse Detox Drink Works

 Let me smash one of the big myths about detox drinks to bits right here at the start of this Rescue Cleanse review.

A detox drink doesn’t detoxify your body permanently. You don’t drink it and then all the drug toxins inside your body magically rush out and vanish forever.

What happens is very different from that. When you drink the detox drink the flood of liquid achieves two things:

  1. The volume of liquid rapidly reaches your bladder making you want to urinate. So you go to the toilet a few times, which flushes out the existing urine which will contain drug toxins. The remainder of the liquid goes into your bladder and for a short time, usually only a handful of hours, that fresh urine doesn’t contain drug toxins (as these inconsistently work their way out of your body into your urine stream).
  2. At the same time, the detox drink floods your body with chemicals found in human urine. For example, a good detox drink will contain creatine, which is converted by the kidneys into the waste product creatinine which is always found in human urine. Because it floods the body, there are too many for its needs, so it passes the excess into your bladder, which helps to maintain a natural appearance to the flushed out urine.

However, the crucial point to make is that it only lasts a few hours. The drug metabolites in your body will eventually creep back into your urine as they are processed. This usually gives you a maximum of around five hours to submit a sample. Be warned though, if you are a heavy user and you haven’t done at least 48 hour detox before the day of your test, then this window will be significantly less than five hours.

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Rescue Cleanse Instructions & Tips For Success

 So having explained what Rescue Cleanse detox drink does, let’s continue this review by giving you some details success alongside the basic Rescue Cleanse instructions:

  1. Drink the contents of the Rescue Cleanse detox drink bottle over about 15 minutes.
  2. Urinate frequently over the following hour. This will flush out the drug toxins in your body.
  3. Get to the drug testing building as quickly as possible and submit your sample, because you will have a maximum of five hours during which your urine will normally be free of toxins.

On top of the basic instructions, I’ll give you a couple of tips for success:

  1. Always make sure that you have a couple of home drug test kits available. Then you can test whether you are clean or not an hour after drinking Rescue Cleanse.
  2. Always have an alternative plan handy in case you fail the home drug test kit. Failure usually means you have just too many toxins leaking into your urine stream to give you a window of opportunity to be clean. Synthetic urine is a great alternative plan.

Does Rescue Cleanse Work?

Rescue Cleanse works. It has a long track record, and Clear Choice detox products are very trustworthy.

I’ve known lots of people who have passed real drug test using Rescue Cleanse, and I passed a drug test 2 years ago using it as well.

But for the purposes of this Rescue Cleanse review, I bought another bottle recently and did a test at home. I followed the instructions, and then did a home drug test kit one hour later and passed.

I’m admittedly a chronic weed smoker, but I did do a two-day detox beforehand, which is what is recommended for any detox drink to minimize the number of toxins leaking into your urine stream on the day of your drug test. So for me, I can recommend Rescue Cleanse still.

Where To Buy Clear Choice Rescue Cleanse

 So the conclusion of this Rescue Cleanse review is that it is a great detox drink product and definitely one to consider using.

It’s worked for me both in a live drug test and for the purposes of reviewing the product. A couple of my friends have used it as well, and looking online in chat groups I’m a member of, it’s held in high regard by people I trust there as well.

So let’s conclude this review by telling you where to buy Clear Choice Rescue Cleanse.

For me, I’d only ever buy it from TestNegative. That’s the official retail website of Clear Choice.

I wouldn’t buy Rescue Cleanse from Amazon or eBay, any other site other than TestNegative, because you could be getting a fake product or product that is been bought cheaply because it has a short life or has been stored really badly, which could minimize its effects.

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The conclusion of this review of Rescue Cleanse has to be that it’s one of the most potent detox drinks out there.

The only other detox drinks I would ever recommend are Mega Clean and the more recent product called Ultra Eliminex. Both are comparable to Rescue Cleanse in terms of strength and positive feedback and worth considering as alternatives.