Learn How To Use Detox Pills For Drug Tests

If you want to pass a drug test there’s nothing better than the feeling of walking into the testing facility knowing 100% you are clean. That’s why a lot of people look into using detox pills for drug test passing, and it’s certainly a great feeling I can tell you.

The surefire way to pass a drug test is to do a natural detox. That way you know there are no drug toxins in your body. But it takes a long time. You can accelerate it by using detox pills. But that’s a  minefield if you don’t know what brands to use.

So let’s take a look at using detox pills for drug tests. I’ll tell you my own experiences with home testing, and how I went from being a heavy weed smoker to passing a drug test in 10 days.

We will go through the top products in the detox pill market. I’ll talk to you about marijuana detox pills, whether detox pills for weed actually exist, or whether they are just a marketing ploy.

By the end of this quick guide, you will know exactly how to do a natural detox, and which detox pills for a drug test you should use.

Drug Metabolites And Detoxing Explained

When you smoke a joint you get high because the active ingredient THC gets converted in the body. The waste products from this process are called metabolites. These work their way out your body from your bloodstream, through your kidneys, liver, bladder, bowels, and sweat.

It’s the same for all drugs, although THC metabolites also bind to fat more readily, which means they can be transported out through the bowels in a way that other drugs can’t. Although up to 65% of THC metabolites do exit through the bowels, the rest will exit through the bladder.

So say you have that joint. If you don’t have another joint, within a few days the metabolites will of all exit at your body and you will be clean to pass a drug test.

If you regularly smoke, those metabolites are obviously higher in volume in the body. There are more of them in the body, and they take longer to work their way out. This is especially true for weed metabolites because they attach to cells in the body in a way that most other drug metabolites can’t.

So even if you haven’t smoked for a week, you could still have old metabolites detaching from cells in your body and appearing in your urine stream. That’s why a natural detox, especially one from THC, can take a long time.

In fact, just to scare you a bit more, scientific studies have shown that a heavy weed smoker can need a month or longer to fully eradicate cannabis toxins from the body. They can even test positive, then negative, then positive again as the toxins detach from cells and work their way out.

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How To Detox Naturally

So let’s talk you through how to do a natural detox. Now the speed a detox will work at, and how effective it will be, will depend on a number of personal circumstances:

  • Age
  • Weight
  • Metabolism
  • General fitness
  • Mental and physical health
  • Diet
  • Location
  • The volume of toxins taken in

But generally, as long as you haven’t got any unusual circumstances personally, you can detox in a few days.

However, that’s a general statement, and you shouldn’t take that as gospel, because otherwise, you would never bother using detox pills. The reason why you shouldn’t take that advice as 100% certain is that different drugs have different amounts of time that they stay in the body for.

For example, cocaine stays in the body for around three days, but often far less, unless you are a heavy user. But THC can be different. As we’ve explained, it can linger in the body for weeks.

So it depends not only on who you are, but what you are taking, and in what quantity.

The bottom line is that people search for marijuana detox pills online because they’ve been told sometimes that cannabis lingers in the body for a long time, which is true. But there is no way to tell you that if you do a natural detox plus detox pills, you will be clean in exactly X days time.

In terms of doing a natural detox to get rid of metabolites, all you can do is help your body to work at its peak efficiency to move those toxins out:

  • Eat low-fat foods*
  • Eat small and regular meals
  • Drink plenty of water
  • Exercise every day
  • Make sure you sweat every day
  • Don’t take in any more drug toxins
  • Avoid things like caffeine and alcohol

*With cannabis though, for the 24-48 hours before the test switch to a high-fat diet, as THC metabolites (THC-COOH) primarily bind to fat/bile.

If you achieve all that, you should be naturally clean in about a week. But if you are a chronic user, especially of cannabis, you can double, even quadruple that amount of time.

So you might have to do a natural detox for several weeks. That’s where detox pills come to the rescue.

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How Detox Pills Work

A drug detox pill works by speeding up the elimination process, meaning that you don’t have to go through that hard work and pain of a natural detox for weeks on end.

Now some are more successful at doing that than others. In fact, I’m telling you my personal experience in testing is that most of the brands on the market are complete rubbish, but more about that in a minute.

A good quality drug detox pill contains all-natural ingredients that help the body to eliminate more toxins. Also, the pills themselves can help to draw more toxins out through the bladder and bowels.

I did an experiment 2 years ago with a brand called Toxin Rid. I was a heavy weed smoker, still, am, and I wanted to pass a drug test for a job naturally. I’d started applying for jobs, so I knew that I will be getting interviews potentially in the next month.

I was very dubious about detoxing even in a month from everything I’d read, so I decided to do some research and ordered a seven-day course of Toxin Rid. I also ordered several home drug test kits.

Amazingly, I was clean in nine days. That’s around half of the time I expected to have to spend on a natural detox. So for me, from my own experiments and experience, the right detox pills for a drug test will dramatically cut the amount of time it takes for weed, and other metabolites, to exit the body.

Buying Detox Pills For THC

The point I want to make here is you can’t buy specialist “marijuana detox” or “THC detox pills”. There is marketing on brands out there saying that they are specialist detox pills for weed, but it’s simply not true.

The only thing which can help to speed up the elimination of toxins through the bowels is fiber Because THC toxins attach to bile, and fiber creates this, then the pills would have to contain a high amount of it.

Now you’ll see fiber in all these pills, which is the basis of the claim for them being specialist marijuana detox pills, but there is simply not enough fiber in them to make any difference. You could just eat a bowl of bran cereal and have 20 times more fiber in your diet.

So don’t be fooled by specialist weed detox pill claims, a detox pill that is good will get rid of any type of drug toxin, and not a single pill on earth can target THC toxins specifically.

Pro Tips When Using Detox Pills For A Drug Test

Pro Tip #1

The best pro tip for using detox pills I can give you is to ignore the low quality detox pills that are out there. Especially if you are buying them from somewhere like Walmart, or GNC, then you are going to probably be buying poor quality stuff.

Although they are marketed as detox pills, they were not designed to actually powerfully detox the body in a short space of time.

What most of these things are is actually supplements. They are designed to be taken alongside a natural detox over a longer period of time, sometimes indefinitely.

On the other side of that coin, you’ll get the products that claim to be able to detox you in 24 hours. Any product which claims to be able to do that in such a short space of time is fake. What it is doing is masking the toxins like a detox drink, there is no marijuana detox pill on earth which can push toxins out of your body in that short space of time.

The get-out clause for all of these pills is to tell you that you have to do a natural detox alongside them. Then they will also offer a huge moneyback guarantee. If you ever take it, they will find a loophole in the steps you took, and claim that you didn’t do a full natural detox.

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Pro Tip #2

This is a pro-tip I learned myself. Always have home drug test kits available. Because you are detoxing over potentially a long time, you don’t want to be doing it for longer than necessary.

I would suggest that you do a home detox kit every three days. So if you buy three, and start them from day five onwards, that gives you two weeks coverage. If you’re not detoxed in two weeks doing a proper detox and detox pills, then you are doing something wrong.

Pro Tip #3

Make sure you have a detox drink handy on the day of your test. Just in case you time things incorrectly and you still have drug toxins in your body.

You don’t want to do a home drug test and find that you are still going to test positive. At least with a detox drink, you will mask the few remaining toxins, and the drink will have less work to do.

My recommended brands are: Rescue Cleanse, Ultra Eliminex, and Detoxify Mega Clean.

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Top 3 Drug Detox Pill Products

So hopefully you now have a better idea of how to use detox pills for a drug test.

As you know you can’t get specialist detox pills for weed, you can ignore all that marketing hype and also more readily now see exactly why I always advocate the following three products as the best detox pills for passing a drug test.

  1. Toxin Rid

This is my number one recommendation for a detox pill course that really works.

Toxin Rid is definitely the most powerful detox pill course you can buy. But it’s also the most expensive. But then that makes sense.

They do course lengths from a single day, all way through to 10 days in duration. Anything less than the 3day course is not going to work through. What I mean is you won’t fully detox. But the shorter courses are great for making sure that a detox drink on the day of your test has to work less hard.

But the 7 day course, or the 10 day course, is ideal if you are a heavy weed smoker and you want to detox in around 7-10 days.

Instructions are simple. You take three pills per hour for the first five hours per day. At the end of the course, you than makeup and drink the detox liquid, and on the day of your drug test you drink the dietary fiber supplement (obviously to target weed metabolites, which is why Toxin Rid is as close as you will get to THC detox pills).

The 10 day course of Toxin Rid will set you back $190 from TestClear, so it’s definitely not cheap, but I’m telling you from my own personal experience that they can speed up the elimination of toxins in your body by as much as a half.

  1. Rescue 5 Day Detox

My second best recommendation for detox pills to pass a drug test is Rescue 5 Day Detox. This detox pill course only costs $60 from BuyFakeUrine, so far cheaper than Toxin Rid, but not as strong.

They claim to be able to fully detox your body in five days. However, that does not seem to account for different levels of toxins in the body, the type of toxins, or the person taking them. You can’t take the claim as 100% applicable.

But they are the second-best detox pill I have ever found. In five days they will certainly clean out a lot of drug toxins, leaving you far closer to being clean. For most people, this will be enough to do a full natural detox in one week.

Instructions are simple. You have four different types of pills. One you take to kick start things, then morning and evening pills you take during the five days, and eight ICE capsules at the end of the course which acts basically like a detox drink in pill form.

THC detox pills

  1. Herbal Pre-Cleanse Formula

My third choice of the best detox pills for drug test success is a little different. I’ve used these a few times to just keep things ticking over at a higher rate because I think I might be facing a drug test soon.

Herbal Pre-Cleanse Formula is an ongoing supplement. But it’s powerful and affordable, costing only $40 from TestNegative for a 30 day supply (they also sell the best synthetic urine on the market).

What I do is to take double the dose, so I take the 30 day supply over 15 days, and it really helps to push more toxins out of the body. You don’t have to fully give up toxins, which means you can still have the odd joint, but it means you are pushing them out faster, meaning you are better prepared and lowering the toxin levels all the time.

So they definitely aren’t a proper detox pill, but they will lower the number of toxins in your body significantly, meaning that the pressure on a detox drink on the day of your test will be far lower.

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