DMHA Pre-Workout Vs DMAA: Which Is The Better?

Despite the controversy, a lot of people are still using DMHA pre-workout to increase their sports performance. It’s especially popular at the gym with bodybuilders looking to push themselves further.

The reason it’s getting more popular is simple. It’s a powerful CNS (central nervous system) stimulant that can really help you to power through times when you’re lacking in energy, and when you have hit a performance plateau.

But it doesn’t come without risks. DMHA (and its close cousin DMAA) are very controversial, deemed unsafe, and DMHA is currently being reviewed for inclusion as a scheduled substance that would be banned in the same way that DMAA already has been.

So let’s take a look in detail at DMHA pre-workout supplements, how they work, what they achieve, what the dangers are, and where you can buy them.

What Is DMHA?

The first thing I want to do at the start of this Dimethylhexylamine (DMHA) review is to clear up some confusion around what actually is. It’s known by an incredible amount of different names, which really confuses people:

  • Octodrine
  • 1,5-Dimethylhexylamine
  • 1,5-DMHA
  • Vaporpac
  • 2-amino-5-methylheptane
  • 2-amino-6-methylheptane
  • 2-aminoisoheptane
  • 2-Heptylamine, 6-methyl-
  • 2-Isooctyl amine
  • 2-Metil-6-amino-eptano
  • 6-Amino-2-methylheptane
  • Amidrine

Originally called octodrine, it’s actually been around for quite a long time. It was first developed in the 1950s when it was added to nasal sprays as a decongestant. But it’s actually a powerful central nervous system stimulant that did a lot more than clear your nose, so it was used by athletes and professionals looking for a performance boost, and it ended up being used in fat burning products, and dedicated DMHA pre-workout supplements.

It works by increasing the uptake of two neurotransmitters: dopamine and noradrenaline (which also acts as a hormone), although it’s a little cloudy how it initiates this improved uptake/reuptake mechanism. However, the end result is that it’s a powerful stimulant that provokes energy through our risk and reward system.

DMHA Effects

DMHA Effects

Although it’s been around since the 1950s, it’s actually only been widely available again in pre-workout supplements since about 2015.

The reason for this resurgence in the use of DMHA supplements is because of the banning of DMAA in 2012, which was the preferred stimulant. Another supplement, AMP Citrate (AMP Citrate is known as “DMAA lite”), was also phased out because it was then under FDA investigation.

Is actually difficult to talk about the effects of DMHA officially, because amazingly, despite the fact that it’s been around since the 1950s, only a handful of preliminary human studies have ever been carried out, and most of those decades ago.

It’s a truth, that should not be sugar-coated, is that its metabolic pathway and adverse side effects have never been studied in human trials.

But generally, the effects of DMHA are actually very similar to DMAA. But not quite as potent. In summary, though, DMHA effects are:

  • Increased pain threshold
  • Increased cardiac rate
  • Appetite suppression
  • Fat burner (calorie burning)
  • Increased energy levels
  • Enhanced determination

In essence, it stimulates a massive fight or flight response in the body, which can deliver a massive boost of physical and emotional energy. But take too much, and that can be out-of-control, with dangerous side effects.

The reason that DMHA pre-workout supplements have exploded in popularity and discussion is that initial hard-core users rediscovered this old stimulant and have popularized use.

There is no doubt that DMHA is one of the most powerful stimulants you can get your hands on, however when you’re pushing your body to the limit, it’s a stimulant that could have very negative side-effects if you have an underlying health condition.

But if you use it sensibly, it really can take your workout to the next level. It’s no surprise that people who used DMAA have switched to using DMHA pre-workout supplements both to boost their performance levels and use its power to burn calories and strip fat as well. If it was no good, then they wouldn’t have switched to it in the first place.

DMHA Dosage Guide

So DMHA pre-workout supplements are incredibly powerful. They can help you to push through routines you never could before, smash pain barriers to pieces, and shed fat rapidly. But what sort of dose you need to achieve this while minimizing the chances of damaging your body with side effects?

Well, because there are literally no proper human studies to refer to, there is no way to determine an exact DMHA dosage to recommend. So caution has to be exercised, and it’s always better to start with a very low dose and work up, rather than going in at a high dose initially.

Many people talk about an initial dose of 50 mg. Others talk about 100 mg, and up to 150 mg, but rarely above those levels. So that should tell you the ballpark you should be in for sensibly dosing DMHA for maximum effects, with minimal chances of negative side effects.

For me, it was a case of just starting with 50 mg. I would dose it a couple of hours before I went to the gym and see how my performance levels were. Not 50 mg I found that I was performing better. Within a month I had pushed myself on to the level I had achieved for over a year, so it really does boost your performance.

After some trial and error, I found taking 75 mg one hour before going to the gym worked best for me. I have to emphasize here that this stuff is potent and needs to be treated with respect.  You should really start at the lowest possible dose, give yourself time, and see how the effects work for you before you even consider upping your dosage.


Side Effects Of DMHA Supplements

DMHA is often marketed as a safe and legal analog of the banned stimulant DMAA. However, that’s not quite the truth. Although it’s legal, it’s safety has never been fully researched or guaranteed. I do find it quite amazing that considering it was used in nasal sprays for years, that it’s never actually had any proper human trials.

The side effects you could face using DMHA include:

  • Nausea
  • Increased blood pressure
  • Heart palpitations
  • Depression
  • Dependency
  • Tolerance
  • Energy crash

The main thing you have to watch out for is the problems with your heart. If you are not aware that you have a weak heart, but you do, it could cause serious damage. It’s best to know that you have normal heart function before using DMHA or DMAA.


The main difference in DMHA Vs DMAA is the legal status. DMAA is completely banned like anabolic steroids, whereas although it’s unregulated, DMHA is readily available. DMAA also appears to be stronger, which is why there were more problems with people using it, and why it’s banned.

If you want to experiment with this class of central nervous system stimulants pre-workout, then a moderate dose of DMHA is far preferable because it’s safer, and easier to get your hands on.

Is DMHA Banned?

There’s a bit of confusion around whether DMHA is currently banned in the USA. The truth is it’s actually not, but it is being reviewed, and could become a banned substance in the future.

But confusion arises because of its similarity to the supplement DMAA. Structurally it’s very similar, and obviously is confusingly very similarly named. It’s actually DMAA that was under scrutiny to be banned, and it has been illegal to buy or use since 2012, which is why the use of it in supplements died off.

So the answer the question around is  DMHA banned is no, currently, it’s fine to buy, although it’s a completely unregulated market and it may not stay legal for long.

Where To Buy DMHA Pre-Workout Supplements

Because of it’s gray area legal status and safety, there are not many places online where you can buy 100% legitimate quality DMHA. One place that does sell it, alongside 100% pure SARMs and other supplements though is

They sell both DMHA powder and liquid, which is brilliant because it gives you complete control and flexibility over how you take this pre-workout supplement, and how you dose it. A 3000 mg dropper bottle will cost you $29.99, while the powder version costs $39.99 for a 10 g jar.

buy DMHA powder

And if you want to experience even more powerful supplement DMAA, then also sell that. The reason they can sell it is that in 2019 it became obvious that its illegal status was being challenged, and some shipments were being returned to suppliers, so these guys have capitalized on that current legal battle.

You’ll get free shipping in the USA, and a moneyback guarantee. Even better than that, when you buy from these guys every single product is lab tested by batch, with the results published on the product page. It’s independent, and it gives reassurance that you are buying a product of purity.

So there you go, DMHA pre-workout supplement use is widespread but kept mostly secret. It’s a supplement that should be treated with great respect, and the dosage should be kept to a minimum in order to achieve the desired effects.

Used sensibly, it can really power you up to the next level, which is why it’s currently used by only a small number of hard-core users, but just make sure you know you are healthy before you use it and push your body that little bit further.