Enhanced Athlete SARMs: Legit Or Dangerous?

Enhanced athletes are one of those SARMs brands that a lot of people have heard about even if they haven’t bought from them. There’s a reason for that though, and in this Enhanced Athlete SARMs review, you’re going to learn why.

They’ve got a chequered past, and there’s a lot of questions about whether you can trust the Enhanced Athlete SARMs for sale or not.

So what I’m going to do here is tell you anything you need to know, who Enhanced Athlete is, what the SARMs they sell are, and crucially, what the problems are with them that could mean you are better off looking at buying or SARMs from other vendors.

Who Are Enhanced Athlete?

Enhanced Athlete is a brand that was created sometime around 2015, although it’s tough to pin down the exact time.

Because they used really impressive bodybuilders to front the brand, and they aggressively marketed the natural bodybuilding supplements they sell, they became big business.

With the public face being a guy called Charles Anthony Hughes, better known as “Dr. Tony huge”, a guy who had more than 100,000 YouTube subscribers, they really went to town on the viral marketing and sold a lot of supplements.

Those natural supplements all claimed to be more potent anabolic steroids and completely safe. But that wasn’t the whole story, and a lot of the supplements contained ingredients that weren’t actually proven safe at all. They then started selling SARMs.

Should You Buy Enhanced Athlete Products?

Before I go on to tell you about whether you can trust Enhanced Athlete SARMs, let’s talk about the Enhanced Athlete SARMs for sale that there are. Despite everything that happened, they are still available for sale. You can buy all the major types of SARMs (Ostarine, Cardarine, Ligandrol, +7 others) under the Enhanced Athlete brand.

They are available from a range of websites around the world, linked to from the main enhancedathlete.com website itself. Prices are pretty good, with 60 Ostarine pills from the UK site (they don’t ship from in the UK because it’s illegal, so they post into the UK) costing £41.99.

But I tried Enhanced Athlete SARMs around 2016, and I wasn’t impressed. There were a few rumblings online about the quality, with some people saying that they were cut with other things to make them go further.

What I learned about the company in the future, and the trading practices they had, it probably confirms my suspicions at the time.

Can You Trust Enhanced Athlete SARMs?

Let’s get to the reason now why you can’t trust Enhanced Athlete SARMs. That reason is around a scandal that happened around 2017, where a website was set up to sell DNP. This is a fertilizer and its used for a variety of legitimate reasons, but it’s not healthy for humans.

The DNP website was selling it as a fertilizer. But off the site, the Enhanced Athlete people were pushing people to that website by saying how good DNP is for building up muscle.

There were YouTube videos, and other online marketing channels trying to get people to consider using DNP, and that was the website URL that was suggested they go to find DNP for sale. It later turned out that the fertilizer sales website was owned and run by Enhanced Athlete.

In late 2017 a manufacturing unit in the UK was raided and several kilos of DNP powder, SARMs, and capsule making equipment was taken away.

This was followed up by a raid in California by federal agencies a few months later. SARMs and other supplements including DNP will also seize there. Several court cases followed, both in the UK and the USA. On top of that, Enhanced Athlete was also sued for malpractice on the natural supplements they sold as well.

To make things worse, the CEO of Enhanced Athlete, Scott Cavell, turned out to be a serious lifestyle criminal. He was involved in a multi-million dollar wire fraud that got him arrested and charged in 2009.

But Scott absconded to Ireland and lived under a false identity with his wife for several years. He was arrested for drug dealing, and then eventually extradited back to the USA to face charges of wire fraud.

On his release, he then set up Enhanced Athlete. As you now know, they try to sell DNP to anyone who’d listen, including teenagers, as well as there being evidence that the SARMs they sold were cut with other things as well (rumored anabolic steroids).

Eventually, Scott was jailed again for three years because of the DNP scandal. As far as I’m aware, he’s still in prison while the company is run by others.enhanced athlete review

How To Buy SARMs From Trusted & Proven Sellers

So look, no Enhanced Athlete SARMs review that not trying to push you through to buying their SARMs would ever recommend them. Even if the SARMs are okay, there’s no evidence of that. The company don’t publish independent lab test reports, there’s nothing to verify the purity of the SARMs they sell.

Add to that the track record of the people involved in it, and seriously, only a lunatic would put the SARMs from Enhanced Athlete into their body.

If you’re looking to buy SARMs that can really help you to cut fat and bulk up, as well as produce dramatic increases in strength, as safely as possible, then you need to look to SARMs sellers who have purity guarantees.

Science.bio (USA), SwissChems (USA), and Proven Peptides (USA), are all reputable SARMs sellers with a great track record and no foggy past.

They all publish independent third-party lab test results for every batch of SARMs they sell. These verify 100% purity, making the already risky research chemicals that SARMs are, as safe as possible to experiment with.

Enhanced Athlete SARMs aren’t gone, but I’d seriously avoid buying them. You only find Enhanced Athlete SARMs for sale through the official websites, and I’d strongly advise you to look to the trusted sources I’ve mentioned above where you can check out the lab purity reports for yourself.