Everything You Should Know About Green Kratom

The effects of kratom are sometimes difficult to explain to people who haven’t tried it. So what I’m going to do in this guide is tell you everything you need to know about green kratom effects, and how they compare to red and white kratom effects.

But more than that, I’ll talk you through why kratom is a spectrum drug, and why the green vein kratom effects you will get can actually change depending on the dose and some other factors I’ll tell you about.

So in this quick review, you’re going to get an effects comparison, dosage guidelines, and I’ll also talk you through the top three most popular green kratom strains, so you’ve got somewhere to start your kratom journey from.

Kratom Vein Colors & Effects Explained

Kratom comes in three different types, green, red, and white. These colors are the colors of the veins within the green leaves from the kratom tree. Each of these vein colors is harvested and produced in different ways, and at different locations (although that’s not always true) to produce the different strains, green kratom strains like Malay, Borneo, and Indo.

That’s not the whole story though, and sometimes, especially with white vein kratom leaves, during different drying processes can change color. That’s just one example of why explaining kratom and its effects are not easy or linear.

On top of that, kratom effects generally diverge this and change depending on the dose. At a low dose, usually 4 g of pure kratom or less, kratom is a stimulant. The alkaloids which create stimulation dominate, meaning that there is very little difference between white, green, or red kratom effects.

But once the full spectrum of effects kicks in, those alkaloids and that stimulation get overwhelmed by the traits of the individual vein colors, sometimes complementing it, sometimes replacing it.

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Green Vein Kratom Effects

So let’s take a look now in detail at the green vein kratom effects you can experience. You already know that below 5 g of pure kratom you are talking about almost pure stimulation, a rush of mental and physical energy that is quite minor but persistent.

Once you get to a dose of around 5 g, the effects start to diverge into the specific green vein kratom effects as follows:

  1. At low doses of 5 g or less green kratom will be predominantly stimulant. You’ll feel sharper mentally and physically, significantly so for several hours but in a minor way, not overwhelming.
  2. Around 5-6 g pure green kratom effects will start to fully kick in. You’ll start to feel far more lucid and cognitively sharp. You’ll feel happier, more positive, more determined. You’ll have lots more physical energy, but not overwhelming, not jittery and uncontrollable. Plus, you’ll start to feel a calmness, and this will be a calmness backed up by an alleviating of most physical pain.
  3. As the dose gets stronger, around 7-9 grams of pure green kratom, the effects kick in fully and for some can be slightly overwhelming, but not as overwhelming as the same dose of white and red kratom. You’ll still get physical and mental energy, but it won’t be as overwhelming and out of control as white kratom. You’ll also get a deepening calm and pain relief, but it won’t be as overwhelming as red kratom can be. You’ll get a fantastically balanced feeling where you are still cognitively sharp, physically energetic, but deeply calm, feeling in control, feeling superior in your abilities, and also suffering no physical pain.
  4. About 10 g will produce overwhelming green vein kratom effects. Above this level, you’ll start to feel a euphoric rush stop a lot of people liken the green kratom rush to be like MDMA. You’ll feel energized, feel sharp (even if you are actually not in reality mentally sharp), happy, personable, in control. You’ll feel no pain, you’ll feel a deep calm and sense of contentment but with a rushing feeling, that is quite powerful. You’ll also have an initial rush that’s incredibly strong and pleasurable. But it won’t be like the overwhelming physical rush of white kratom, or the overwhelming mental rush followed by deep sedation that you get with red kratom. That’s why people love taking strong doses of Green kratom to go out at night.

Dosage Guidelines For Newbies

So as you can see, the dosage range goes from low through a highly to get this full spectrum of effects that change over time.

The point I want to make is that kratom should be dosed on an empty stomach. You should not have eaten for two hours. This ensures the kratom all hit your stomach in one go and is processed in one go for the maximum effects.

To give you an idea of the dosage range of pure kratom, to get the full spectrum effects and an idea of the brackets you should work through on your journey, these are what I used.

  • Beginner dose below 5 g producing mostly stimulant effects
  • Moderate dose up to 7 g producing minor full-spectrum effects
  • Strong dose up to 10 g producing significant full-spectrum green kratom effects
  • A very strong dose of 10- 15 g producing overwhelming and euphoric green kratom effects

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Top 3 Best Strains Of Green Kratom To Try

So let’s finish this guide by telling you about the top three green kratom strains that people use. These are the ones that I used to great effect, but you have to be aware that they do have potentially different types of effect on top of the spectrum range of effects that kratom produces:

  1. Green Malay is the classic green kratom strain. Famed for its euphoric high at large doses. It’s smooth, rich, and around 12 g of pure Green Malay will send you soaring off into a euphoric kratom high. It will last for hours but still keeps you lucid, controlled, and won’t overwhelm you. At lower doses, you’ll get a strong physical and cognitive energy boost, a sense of calm and control, and some pain relief.  If you are looking for Green Malay capsules I recommend this vendor, for powder and ultra enhanced Green Malay, click here.
  1. Green Borneo is another classic strain of green kratom. It’s slightly more energizing in terms of its effects though. Green Malay is a beautiful blend of white and red kratom, meeting in the middle, but green Borneo is slightly more energizing. Use it during the day for an afternoon energy boost both physically and cognitively, but also keeping you nicely chilled out. Pain relief is also good, but not total. To buy high-quality green Borneo, click here.
  1. Green Maeng Da is slightly different to standard green kratom strains. It’s not actually a strain, it’s a blend or even a single batch of stronger kratom. What happens with Green Maeng Da is it’s tested for purity, and if it’s found to be stronger, rather than being labeled up as what is, say, Green Malay, it’s labeled up as “Maeng Da”. So you should be getting stronger green kratom but it could be a single strain, or it could be a blend that creates a generic stronger green kratom. For the best quality maeng da, click here.