Here’s Why CBD Can Trigger A Positive Drug Test

Although CBD and hemp products are very low in THC (the active ingredient in cannabis that gets you high), it’s a complete misconception that they are completely free from this cannabinoid.

So there can be situations where using CBD products like CBD oil can trigger a positive result in a drug test for cannabis use, and rightly so because the THC metabolites, primarily THC-NOOH, have been legitimately detected.

What we going to do here is just talk you through the reasons why you could test positive for THC in a drug test. I’ll tell you how much CBD you have to consume, and what the other reasons are why you could get caught out with a drug test result.

When You Might Face A Drug Test That CBD Could Interfere With

Drug testing is getting more common. Especially in the current circumstances, which will go on for some time, unemployment is going to be higher than normal in all developed countries.

This unfortunate situation means employers can be even more ruthless about getting the best people for the job. The problem is that the best people aren’t always those which don’t smoke weed, but unfortunately, the system of drug testing rules them out or catches them out.

The other problem is that cannabis metabolites can stay in the body for quite some time. They can cling to fat cells and can take days, and for heavy weed smokers, weeks to work their way out.

So you could face a situation for a pre-employment drug test, or an on-the-job drug test, where you haven’t had a joint for weeks but still fail your drug test. But it’s why employers are hot on this, and even if you don’t smoke cannabis at all and only you CBD products, why you could get caught out in the same way and have no defense.

The Reasons Why CBD Is Detectable

CBD oil contains traces of THC. Hemp oil, totally different to CBD oil because it contains lower levels of CBD, can also contain traces of THC.

Now you would have to take a high dose for this to happen. I’ll talk about the scientific studies which have looked at this in a moment.

But it is technically possible if you are consuming high doses of CBD oil, or even useless hemp oil, for you to actually trigger a positive result for cannabis use.

There is another reason why this can happen as well which I sort of touched on a moment ago.

If you’re smoking joints, then you could have cannabis metabolites in your body for days, weeks, or in rare instances even months.

Even if you stopped smoking a week or so ago, you could still test positive. Imagine making that worse because you then taking CBD products, or even hemp oil products, which are unbeknown to you topping up your levels of THC, making the whole situation worse.

Scientific Studies Back Up CBD Triggering For Cannabis Use

So the basic problem is that even if you don’t smoke cannabis, CBD or hemp oil products can trigger a positive result for cannabis use because of the levels of THC they contain.

The key point to make here is one I just mentioned, THC metabolites can be retained in the body for quite some time. So it’s not even about your daily dose, it’s about your total dose consistently. If you’re taking a consistently high dose, those metabolites could build up over time in your body to the point where they are above the limit that’s detectable. If you’re a weed smoker, that problem becomes even worse cumulatively.

There was a scientific paper a few years back titled “Evaluating the impact of hemp food consumption on workplace drug tests “. It was published in the Journal of Analytical Toxicology.

They did a study to see what was going on. 15 people consumed CBD and hemp oil products within a dosage range from basically zero THC, through to a 0.6 mg THC content. This was done over 10 days, just long enough for THC metabolites to build up in the body as I’ve previously described.

The cut-off level for most modern drug testing is 50 ng/mL. People who took the 0.6 mg dose got close to it, and one person was significantly over it.

Now I’m not sure if that person was a cannabis smoker, but it does show you could potentially trigger a positive result. Now, that 0.6 mg dose works out at around 125 mL of CBD oil per day, or up to 300 mg hemp oil (or 300 g of hemp seeds).

But the point remains, it can build up in the body, and a higher doses you could trigger a positive result.

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How You Can Avoid Testing Positive When Using CBD Oil Products

So now you know all this, what are you meant to do about it?

Well, if you are using CBD oil products, you need to look at how potent they are. If they contain around 0.6 mg of THC, and you’re taking a total daily dose heading up towards 125 mL (rare but it happens), then you could trigger a drug test result.

If you are smoking weed, which is actually more common than you think because people smoke cannabis to deal with pain, and then take CBD oil for the same purpose, you are creating a snowball effect which over a couple of weeks leads to an ongoing high level of THC metabolites in the body.

The conclusion is you have to watch your usage, and be aware of it. I’d recommend using home drug test kits if you think you might have a drug test coming up for pre-employment, or do one every couple of weeks if you think you could have on the job drug testing.

I’d also recommend you have countermeasures ready. A high-quality detox drink, or synthetic urine, in case you know you’re going to fail a drug test. If you’re purely using CBD oil, it really shouldn’t happen to you if you now check out the dose you are taking and monitor it.

If you are smoking weed alongside CBD products, or even hemp oil, then you could get caught out here, and it’s sensible to make sure you are prepared though.