How To Find Jobs That Don’t Drug Test

If you like a joint, or any other type of drug experience occasionally, then not being able to get a job because of being singled out for doing it can be really tough. Especially with cannabis laws becoming more liberal, why on earth should you be penalized? Finding jobs that don’t drug test can be crucial to your own survival and also to take a stand against this Draconian job market in the USA.

Unfortunately, it’s going to get more common. With the current ongoing crisis around the world, more and more people are going to be unemployed. The bad news for you is it means employers have more choice in who they hire. That’s going to mean more drug testing to weed out the undesirables. And yes, the joke was intended.

So let’s take a look in detail at regular jobs that don’t drug test, alongside good-paying jobs, and look if there are any companies that don’t drug test is a matter of policy. On top of that, we will also tell you how to spot those jobs and potentially get around the problem completely.

Why Do So Many Companies In The USA Drug Test New Employees?

Quite rightly, you going to try and avoid a job that drug tests if you smoke weed regularly. Even if you don’t smoke for a couple of days before your work shift if you were drug tested you could still get found positive.

In fact, especially with cannabis, you could test positive two or more weeks after your last drug experience. Cannabis is particularly bad for this because of the way that the metabolites (waste cell product from the THC processing) are shaped, in that they bind to cells in the body more readily and can literally cling on for weeks.

So it’s a big problem, and with nearly 60% of US companies currently having drug testing policies in place that are reported as enforced, you could be in real trouble trying to get a job. This situation is made even worse by the fact that nearly 30% of companies claim that they do on the job drug testing for their employees as well.

The reason why companies drug tests new employees are pretty obvious but let’s just spell it out:

  • The cost of annual drug testing in the USA is close to $3.7 billion. However, the cost of accidents attributed to drug and alcohol use in the workplace is assessed at costing close to $70 billion per year.
  • Despite what many employees think, keeping the people who work for them safe is very important to most companies. This is both because of the problems with sick pay and lawsuits, but also because most employers actually are pretty decent.
  • Employers also want to protect the public, again for insurance purposes, but also because of a sense of social responsibility and not wanting adverse publicity. That’s also the case with the federal government, and also why industries like healthcare, manufacturing, and construction, and driving jobs tend to be heavily drug tested.

Now all of that is pretty common sense, but it’s not going to help you as a pothead. So let’s now take a look at how you can potentially get a job and still responsibly enjoy your weed.

jobs that drug test

Are There Any Specific Companies That Don’t Drug Test?

There’s a huge problem with trying to tell you about companies that don’t drug test. Most companies have a drug policy in place, even they don’t enforce it. Finding out if they do enforce it is the problem.

If you start researching a company online, you’ll find the question and answer sites and forums where people will give totally conflicting answers. This gets ridiculous even to the point where two people who reported going for job interviews at the same location give completely different answers on whether they were drug tested or not, or what sort of test they faced.

Also, a lot of companies are franchises. So even though they might not drug test in one location, that doesn’t mean they won’t in another. The company umbrella policy will almost always say they should drug test, but the guy who owns 13 branches in Minnesota might decide he can’t be bothered to enforce it. You simply don’t know what the truth is.

Unfortunately, trying to target specific companies that don’t do drug testing is pretty much impossible because you are still going on the hearsay of random people online. It’s better to have a strategy in place to apply for jobs in industries where drug testing is reported as low.

Here’s How To Find Regular Jobs That Don’t Drug Test

The first thing to think about when looking for regular jobs that don’t drug test is will the industry be that bothered about drug testing.

Unfortunately, it’s not always obvious which industries will be particularly bothered about drug testing. You’d think that working in a convenience store would be fine, but you’re handling money, and people think that people who take drugs steal money. You can see the point, it’s tough to pre-empt the reasoning behind drug testing.

These are the industries that you should not bother applying for at all:

  • Anything to do with the federal government
  • Companies contracting services to the federal government
  • Any job that requires driving or operating machinery
  • Any job related to law enforcement
  • Healthcare and medical insurance
  • Childcare and social care work

Now those may seem obvious, and it doesn’t seem like many, but that covers literally hundreds of thousands of jobs around the country that you can’t apply for.

All you can do is try and target industries where you think that drug testing wouldn’t be something they would be interested in investing much money and effort in. You will then Google the company you’re interested in from job adverts, and see what is said online about drug testing to give you some idea.

Unsurprisingly, the liberal companies out there and the liberal industries are highly sought-after. This is going to be more common as cannabis is legalized, and more and more good people would get ruled out if they were drug tested. Liberal jobs and companies pay well, but they tend to also have huge amounts of people applying for the jobs.

If you think a job you’re interested in might be recruiting without drug testing, then there are things you can do to try and get yourself in the door by brushing up on your skills and your resume:

  1. Experience is vital. List experiences you have had in the field of job you’re looking for, or try and fit experiences in that are similar. Do this even if they are related to the job itself.
  2. Try and get relevant education. The more certification and skills you have, the better your chances of getting an interview.
  3. Make sure you go one step further. Your resume should be thorough, and you should work hard to acquire skills and relevant links to the industry you want to get into. This could mean research so that you can shine if you get an interview.
  4. A network where possible. Even if it’s online, try and get ahead of the game so you can potentially bypass part of the recruitment process.

Look For Jobs That Don’t Mention Drug Testing And Research Them

This may seem pretty obvious, but you’d be amazed at how people never even think about doing proper research.

If you are interested in a job or company, research them online to see what their drug testing policy is. Research online as well to see if people are saying they definitely get drug tested, and in what locations. See if the company is franchised, and see if there’s any evidence they drug test in your state.

In most detail job advertisements and descriptions, they will also mention if they are going to drug test you during the interview process. If they don’t, then it’s a sign that they might not bother at all.

Now although an overwhelming majority of companies will mention background checks and drug testing, some definitely don’t. Even if you don’t want the exact job, it can give you a clue as to the industries that could recruit without drug testing.

Depending on where you live, some states are also required by law to tell you in advance if the position you are applying for requires a drug test to get hired.

Put together, you can get a pretty good sense of whether a job is going to drug test you or not by doing some research, and looking at the clues from the recruitment literature.

How To Spot Good Paying Jobs That Don’t Drug Test

Everyone wants a good-paying job, so finding out exactly how can spot good-paying jobs that don’t do drug testing could be really good if you can learn to do it.

Unfortunately, it’s pretty tough, and those jobs are getting more and more desirable. But what you can do is to look at some statistics to give you an idea of which industries could be best to target, should you have the relevant skills or want to acquire them.

Here are the job positions that have very low recorded instances of drug testing amongst respondents to a major questionnaire:

  1. Personal service workers are very unlikely to be drug tested. The reported rate was around 1% for careers that include hairdressing, fitness training, and cosmetics workers (nail bars, beauty treatments). Even for employed massage therapists, the rate was less than 3%. Part of this could be down to the fact that a lot of the people in these industries are self-employed or part of the gig economy. But it still points to a lower incidence of drug testing even amongst those employed by companies.
  2. Tech jobs are another industry that doesn’t really drug test ruthlessly. A lot of this is again down the fact that many of these people are self-employed or gig economy workers, people like web designers, SEO experts, business consultants, web hosting company workers. 3% of web designers have faced a drug test in that industry. That’s the same for most software developers as well.
  3. Linked to the tech industry is marketing. People in online marketing, working for marketing agencies, marketing and content writers, even assistants in companies doing general duties, the tech industry generally is pretty liberal. 0.3% of general marketing assistance have reported being drug tested. This rate shoots up to around 4% for more senior marketing positions, but it’s still very low when you consider I mentioned at the start of this article that nearly 60% of American employers drug test during the interview process.
  4. White-collar jobs are another area where drug testing is lax, but only in certain sectors. Insurance and financial services, and real estate, were two areas that stood out. Another area is people in the loan and debt industry, where less than 3% have ever had to undertake a drug test. Real estate agents have a negligible rate of drug test reporting, but you have to remember that a lot of these people are actually self-employed.

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There Are Ways To Avoid Jobs That Drug Test Forever

Even if you are struggling to find a job because of your drug habit, I hope there have been some pointers here about jobs that don’t drug test, and how to find them.

I’ve also hinted at ways you can avoid the problem entirely. If you’ve got a skill that you can use to be self-employed or do gig economy work, then you could get around the problem for the long term.

A lot of self-employed people work freelance for companies. So even though you’re getting paid regularly by a company or individual, you are not subject to drug testing policies. So if you have a skill, or there is one that you think you could learn in a few months like dog grooming, or you could take a course to get relevant skills, then that could be a way few to escape drug testing forever.

However, if you are stuck, then you can still just go for it. Do some research to minimize your chances of being a drug test, and apply for the jobs.

You may find you get lucky. As I’ve mentioned, if you go for companies who have franchises, and they don’t seem to drug test in your area, then that could be a way around the problem.

Another great trick is to look at what your friends do. Could they recommend you, could you get a foot in the door without going through the full formal interview process?

If all else fails you could try to just get around the drug test if you have to take one:

  • You could submit a sample of fake urine. There are high-quality brands out there that have an incredibly high pass rate.
  • If you don’t fancy smuggling fake urine into the test center, you could use a high-quality detox drink These will mask the toxins for a few hours unless you have really high levels of drug toxins in your body.
  • Another way to pass a drug test is to simply do a natural detox. Most people can get clean in two weeks, and you accelerate this massively by using detox pills.

Synthetic urine kit

So there are ways around this. You could just go for it, once you’ve done your research. Even if you can’t do it now, look at skills you could learn to future proof yourself against drug testing down the line. And, if all else fails, you can get around drug testing entirely if you know-how.