How To Hide The Smell Of Cannabis In Any Situation

The smell of cannabis can be really rich and powerful, and although it feels great, and some people love the smell, unfortunately, it’s also its downfall. If you try to disguise the fact you’re smoking cannabis, it can be really tough because of the way it lingers not only in the air but on every surface around where you smoke.

The problem is that cannabis can penetrate fabrics, get into your hair, rise and stick to the ceiling, get on the walls, basically anywhere, and it then smells for a very long time.

So let’s take a quick look at how you can hide the smell of cannabis at home, in your car, on your person, and also take a look at which methods of smoking cannabis best to stop that smell lingering.

Hiding The Smell Of Weed In Your Home

Hiding the smell of weed in your home can be really tough. The first thing you need to do is to make sure that the weed supply itself is not stinking the house out.

For me, that’s easily solved. Put your actual weed into a small pot that is airtight. And then put that inside a larger pot with the rest of your gear. That way it’s insulated by a double airtight seal. You can buy airtight containers to put in the freezer, so they are really cheap and available anywhere, so there’s literally no excuse for doing it.

Where you smoke also makes a difference. If you’ve got a garden, then smoke outside if possible. Just be careful which way the wind is blowing because I’ve known situations where neighbors 50 yards away can smell the weed.

If you do have to smoke indoors, the bathroom is always a good place because there are fewer textiles and porous surfaces in most bathrooms for the smell to penetrate and stay in. However, as most people don’t want to be smoking in the bathroom all of the time, you’ve got to look at being practical.

For me, there are a few things you can do about that:

  • Have the windows open as often as possible and smoke out of the windows
  • Use dry carpet and furniture cleaner to deodorize
  • Use an odor eating spray like Febreze
  • Make sure you use good quality air fresheners
  • Try to use natural air freshening substances like essential oils or incense
  • Wash things like curtains and other areas where the toxins can cling to regularly

bag of dried weed

How To Hide The Smell Of Weed In Your Car

So let’s now move on to how you stop your car stinking of weed. No, I’m not advocating for a minute you smoke weed in your car, that’s not responsible.

But you could be traveling with it in your car, your friend could have some, or other people are smoking in your car.

Whether you are being responsible or not, you need to know how to get this car to stop stinking weed.

The obvious, and the easiest way of doing this, is simply to open up the windows, put on the fan or aircon to full, and drive around. That will definitely clear the smell out, but it could not be practical depending on where you live or the time of year.

So you’re looking at cleaning the upholstery using similar products to cleaning carpets in the home, or again, using a deodorizing spray like Febreze.

If it’s only a minor smell, then you can get some car air fresheners. Pick them up in a gas station, there are tons of different designs, so you can use several. The car will smell, but not of weed.

Although it’s quite expensive, both the home and your car, you can get sprays that do genuinely neutralize the smell of smoke. In some countries, it’s called “smoke out” spray.

But it’s so good at neutralizing smells permanently that hotels use it to get rid of smells between guests quickly. So that is another option for both your car and your home if you don’t mind spending a bit of money.

Ways To Stop Yourself Smelling Of Cannabis

Let’s now turn to ways to stop smelling of cannabis yourself. We are talking about your clothes and in your hair. It’s also about the lingering smell being on your breath as well.

The breath part is pretty easy. Cannabis smells and metabolites will get trapped around the gum line and between your teeth. So simply brushing your teeth and using mouthwash can quite easily get rid of most of the problems. You can also suck mints, or even fruit sweets, in order to drown the smell.

For your hair, it’s as simple as washing it. I know that sounds obvious, but you’d be amazed how many people moan about having the smell of cannabis in their hair, but then don’t just go and take a quick shower.

And when it comes to your clothes smelling of weed, just change them. If you know when you’re going to smoke, change into clothes you can use when you are smoking, and then switch out of them if you really need to. Some people even take that to the extreme of wearing a plastic mac and hat when they smoke.

What You Use To Smoke Weed Can Make A Difference

My final word on the topic of weed smelling is that the way you smoke it or use it will define how much of smells. Anything which creates smoke will obviously be the worst culprit here, so smoking a joint isn’t the best idea.

So why not take a look at using edibles? Hash brownies, even marijuana tea. You’ll still get the same hit, and in fact even more intensely sometimes, but without the smell other than on your breath.

If you want to smoke it, then try using a vape. A high-quality herb and oil vaporizer will cost you a couple of hundred dollars but means that the smell is being minimized because there aren’t clouds of smoke being produced in the way that happens if you smoke it traditionally.