Quick Guide: How To Pass A Saliva Drug Test

It’s not difficult to learn how to pass a saliva drug test and understanding how easy it is could save you from losing your job, or even your freedom. In this easy guide, you’ll learn in less than 10 minutes how you can pass any type of saliva drug test, even when you know that your saliva is riddled with drug metabolites.

We will give you tips on what to expect, things you can do to alter the results and tell you about a wonderful product that can literally eradicate the drug toxins in 30 seconds, even when somebody is standing in front of you.

Why Saliva Drug Tests Are Getting More Common

 There are several reasons why saliva drug tests are becoming more common, not only in the USA but around the world:

  1. Roadside drug testing is now law in many countries, notably Australia and the UK. Roadside drug testing is actually also done in some areas of the USA, but it’s not well known that American cops do mouth swab tests.
  2. In employment, saliva drug testing is becoming more common because it’s cheap. Not only is it cheap, but anyone can do it with about 30 minutes of training, so it’s great for on the spot testing, and the companies who want to test employees at work, rather than having to send them off for urine testing at third-party premises.
  3. Mouth swab drug testing is a great deterrent because of the fact it can be administered on the spot by anyone. Although it’s quite easy to learn how to pass a saliva drug test, it’s simply most people don’t know how the tricks, the simple fact that you can be tested any time has them running scared.

So put together, there are many good reasons why mouth swab drug testing is getting more common:

  • Non-invasive drug testing
  • No problems with embarrassment or privacy
  • Anyone can administer the test
  • Results are available in moments
  • Very low cost for administration and testing
  • On the spot testing is a strong deterrent

How Far Back Does A Mouth Swab Drug Test Go

How Far Back Does A Mouth Swab Drug Test Go?

It’s impossible to answer the question of how far back does a mouth swab drug test go because everybody will be different. But what we can do here is give you a rough idea.

Drug metabolites only stay in saliva for a short space of time, just as they do in blood. It’s urine which is the real problem.

But as a general guide, if you haven’t consumed any drugs for at least 48 hours then you should pass a mouth swab drug test. The caveat to that is that if you are a chronic user then you will have more metabolites in the body, and you may retain in your saliva for longer, but it’s rarely longer than 72 hours.

For an average user (a couple of times per week) these are the sort of detection times in saliva to expect:

  • Amphetamines up to 24 hours (but more commonly 12 hours)
  • Methamphetamine up to 72 hours
  • MDMA up to 24 hours
  • Benzodiazepines up to 48 hours
  • Cannabis up to 48 hours
  • Cocaine up to 96 hours (but more commonly up to 48 hours)

The exception to all this is cannabis. As you can see, it can stay in your saliva for up to 4 days as a normal smoker, and that’s even longer as a chronic multiple joints per day smoker. If you have smoked cannabis within the past seven days, and do it regularly, then you could be in danger from a mouth swab drug test.

Easy Ways To Pass A Saliva Drug Test

 The great news is that apart from it having to be very recent drug use that will be detectable, there are also a few easy strategies you can do to minimize your chances of getting detected, even if you have got drug metabolites in your mouth.

  1. If you get advance notice that you are facing a test, then a great way to pass a swab drug test is simply to brush your teeth a number of times before the test. Really focus on the gumline, both inside and outside, as well as at the bottom of the mouth generally where saliva and drug metabolites will gather.
  2. As well as brushing your teeth, if you get advance notice that you are facing an oral drug test then use strong mouthwash several times in advance as well can really help.
  3. Drink plenty of water in the lead up to your oral drug test, as refreshing the saliva in your mouth can help to work the metabolites out your saliva more quickly, and help them exit the body through your urine more rapidly.
  4. Especially for cannabis metabolites, fatty foods can really help to drag drug metabolites out of your mouth and exit the body as well in your stools.
  5. Chewing gum and Altoids mints are also potentially helpful for moving saliva quickly.

pass a saliva drug test

Make It More Difficult For The Sample To Be Taken

Even if you don’t get a notice that it’s going to happen, it is possible to learn how to pass a saliva drug test simply by adopting avoidance strategies when the test is being administered.

The following easy strategies can really help to make it difficult for a sample that contains drug metabolites to be collected:

  1. You’d be amazed how often the collection device is handed over so that the swab sample can be collected by the person who is being tested. In those circumstances, make sure that you swab from the top side of the mouth where older saliva is less likely to collect and stay away from the gumline.
  2. When the test is being administered if you can feel the collection bud being pushed down towards the gumline, either inside or outside, or under the tongue, move your head slightly to avoid this. You could even cough, or gag, claiming you have a bad gag reflex. Anything to try and get them to collect a more shallow sample.

Passing An Oral Drug Test Is Easy With These Products

So as you can see, although there is a great threat from the immediacy of mouth swab drug testing, there’s quite a lot you can do to learn how to pass a saliva drug test with avoidance tactics.

However, you will have to acknowledge that if you have a lot of drug metabolites in your body when you are swab tested, then unless you can put all those countermeasures in place, then you are unlikely to pass.

Which means you need specialist products to pass a swab drug test.

You have two options available. Firstly, saliva neutralizing mouthwash. Secondly, saliva neutralizing gum.

Now I’m not going to suggest you use genuine saliva neutralizing gum, as these are cheap and nasty with very little evidence that they do anything more than standard chewing gum.

But for about $30 you can buy saliva neutralizing mouthwash, something like Ultra Klean Ultra Wash. I’ve tested these myself, and they definitely work for about 30 minutes.

Ultra Klean ultra wash

So they are a cheap and effective way of neutralizing your saliva just long enough to pass an oral drug test. However, the downside is that you will have significant problems with using them discreetly. They really aren’t suitable when you are confronted with a request for a sample immediately.

Even though the bottles are small, they are still bottles you have to carry on you. You have to unscrew the lid, swill the mouthwash around after very obviously pouring it into your mouth, and then you have to swallow the unpalatable mouthwash or find somewhere to spit it out and hide the bottle.

This is why am going to conclude this guide on how to pass a mouth swab drug test by telling you about Oral Clear. It’s sold as saliva neutralizing gum, but really it’s a capsule of concentrated liquid.

oral clear gum

It’s brilliant because it’s a small capsule that you simply pop in your mouth. Swill the liquid around for about 30 seconds to neutralize your saliva, and then swallow everything. So it’s small, and you don’t have to dispose of anything.

Oral Clear can be used even with somebody in front of you. Simply have it in your pocket, Cup it in the palm of your hand, then cough and put it into your mouth.

Hold your hand over your mouth while you pop the capsule, and then discreetly swill it around. You can do this even with somebody in the room with you as long as they are not directly staring at you.

So there you go, it’s perfectly possible to learn how to pass an oral drug test using basic countermeasures, or by utilizing Oral Clear saliva neutralizing gum. It’s not cheap at $90 for a single capsule, but it’s so discreet and powerful that it beats every other option hands-down.


How far back does a saliva drug test go?

In how far back a saliva drug test goes will depend partly on your metabolism, how high the dose of drugs you take and is, how frequently, and over what period. But generally, for an average user who is not building up metabolites in the body, a saliva drug test goes back a maximum of 72 hours for amphetamines and PCP, and far lower for things like cocaine and cannabis. For light users, most drugs are undetectable in saliva within 24-48 hours.

How can I pass a saliva drug test in 24 hours?

Whether you can pass a saliva drug test in 24 hours will depend on how many drug metabolites you have in your body. If you don’t have many if you’re a light user, then just brushing your teeth every couple of hours, using mouthwash every couple hours, drinking plenty of water, and if it’s cannabis you’re trying to get rid of then eat fatty foods as well. But you could also use Specialist mouthwash or Oral Clear gum because these will neutralize any level of toxins in your saliva for up to 30 minutes with just one-minute preparation.

How does a saliva drug test work?

Saliva drug tests are so dangerous because you don’t need special training to administer them. Literally, somebody walks up to you and says they want to take a sample. You open your mouth, they swab along the inner gum line, under your tongue, basically the lower part of your mouth where saliva gathers most and where metabolites can get trapped, and they take a sample. That is then put against panel drug test kit which can be manual or digital, and within a few minutes, a readout/change of color will inform them of the results.

What color does a saliva drug test turn?

Unfortunately, different drug test kits have different result displays. In some kits, it will turn blue when a large enough sample has been taken for it to be analyzed. A pink to redline will then appear to show the testers fail. But in other kits, you will get a red control line that shows the sample is large enough to be analyzed, and you’ll also get a pink to redline if the level of metabolites is lower than can be read, and no line at all shows a failed result. So it could be a pink to red means failure, or it could mean no line at all.

How long can cocaine be detected in a saliva drug test?

Cocaine can usually only be detected in a saliva drug test up to 24 hours, 48 hours in rare instances. However, the caveat is that your metabolism and how much you’ve taken will matter. Also, the frequency of taking cocaine will matter as well. If you are taking it daily, even if you don’t take it for 24 hours before your test, you will have metabolites backed up. But 72 hours is the realistic maximum during which cocaine use of any level could be detected in a saliva drug test.