Where To Get Injectable SARMs

Using injectable SARMs is the most efficient way of taking them to get bodybuilding benefits. But do injectable SARMs present more risk than oral SARMs?

The truth is there are pros and cons to using injectable SARMs Vs oral SARMs. In this quick guide, we are going to talk through what those pros and cons are. Plus, we will talk about exactly how to use injectable SARMs safely.

The hardest part of buying SARMs is getting them guaranteed pure and not containing other chemicals. So it’s crucial you understand where to get injectable SARMs that are safe to use. So we will conclude this quick guide to using injectable SARMs by telling you where you can buy injectable SARMs that are purity guaranteed.

Are Injectable SARMs Safe?

The evidence suggests SARMs are pretty safe. They do have anabolic/androgenic effects and side effects though. But they are not on the same scale as anabolic steroids.

Obviously, if you inject something into your body you are increasing your risk. Both through not knowing what you are putting in your bloodstream, and the risk of infection if the injection is not sterile.

However, this is offset somewhat by the fact that injectable SARMs are a revised formula. They are made safer in the construction of the SARMs and liquid they are suspended in. You are not just injecting the same thing into your body as if you buy it orally. For example, RAD-140 bought as an injectable is actually a modified version called Ragebolone.

But despite the potentially increased risk, serious bodybuilders tend to use injectable SARMs, rather than oral SARMs. So why is that?

Injectable SARMs Vs Oral SARMs

If you don’t know what you’re doing then injectable SARMs do carry a higher risk of infection or other problems than oral SARMs. But we will talk about how to offset the increased risk in a minute.

When it comes to injectable SARMs Vs oral SARMs though, there are actually some very compelling arguments why injectable SARMs are better to use:

  1. Injectable SARMs tend to have higher scrutiny and therefore a higher safety because a company would be in serious litigation problems if that wasn’t the case.
  2. Injectable SARMs are far more efficient, the bioavailability is higher and more rapid. So if you are taking pure SARMs orally, a lot of that dose never gets used, because the body can’t make it available to do so. But with injectable SARMs, it’s put directly into the bloodstream meaning you get the full dose. Plus, the stomach acid in our bodies destroys a lot of whatever we put in there, so you are never getting the full dose you think when using oral SARMs. Some studies suggest the bioavailability of all SARMs as low as 37%.
  3. Because the absorption is more rapid, you get instant benefits. So if you are injecting SARMs just before the gym, it’s available for the purpose you are using it for within 30 minutes, which is not the case with oral SARMs which can take several hours to be broken down and start to interact with the androgen receptors.

injectable vs oral sarms

How To Use Injectable SARMs Safely

So when it comes to using injectable SARMs safely, there are several key considerations you need to take into account:

  • The needle you use must be sterile. This isn’t a one-hit container you’re buying with an attached needle that’s disposable. You will have to buy needles and ensure they are sterile. This shouldn’t be a problem as most modern needles can be bought cheaply and easily from places like eBay, and they are wrapped in a sterile environment.
  • With injectable SARMs, you must make sure that the injection site is sterile as well. You will have to use rubbing alcohol or medical sterilizer with cotton wool to ensure that the place you are going to inject yourself is clean to avoid infection.
  • The SARMs you buy have to be pure and constructed to be injectable. You can’t just inject SARMs liquid into yourself. It has to be constructed and optimized to be safe in the bloodstream and allow rapid absorption.

But as long as you are okay with needles, then injectable SARMs are actually the best way to take them. If you take precautions, they are safe, and you’ll get a more rapid and complete dose interacting with your androgenic receptors far more rapidly and efficiently.

Where To Buy Injectable SARMs

Because they are higher risk and more specialists, there aren’t that many places where you can buy injectable SARMs that are safe.

With SARMs generally, you are taking a risk. You need a 100% purity guaranteed to have the confidence to buy them. This means the company you are buying from has to have current third-party independent lab reports showing the purity on the product page

But more than that, with injectable SARMs, they have to have been constructed in a way that makes them safe to inject into the body. That’s a specialist construction skill which most companies don’t have the contacts to put in place.

Swiss Chems is one of the exceptions here. They sell oral SARMs in capsule form, and they sell a wide range of modified injectable SARMs. If you’re wondering where to get injectable SARMs from, then in the USA, Swiss Chems are about the only place I would advise you to buy them from.

As an example on pricing, modified YK-11 costs $116.96. The total dose for your money is 500 mg suspended in 5 mL of a glycol-based solution. So you’re getting enough for at least one decent SARMs cycle for your money.injectable sarms

So if you use them with respect, are very careful with the dosage, and buy them from a reputable company like Swiss Chems, then it’s safe to buy injectable SARMs and use them to greater benefit than oral SARMs.