Using Kratom For Alcohol Withdrawal

For many people, using kratom for alcohol withdrawal symptoms can be very positive. It has the ability to really ease the symptoms and help you to get free of the horrors of alcohol addiction more easily.

But kratom has to be used responsibly and with knowledge, otherwise, you are just replacing one addiction with another.

In this quick guide, we’re going to talk you through everything you need to know about using kratom for alcoholism and depression. But more than that, also how you can use kratom for alcohol anxiety symptoms, which may not be about alcohol addiction, but more about your reaction to it, or binge drinking problems.

You’ll learn the best strains of kratom to use, frequency of dosing, and how to buy pure kratom so that you can use it responsibly and in moderation.

How To Quit Drinking The Right Way

How you quit drinking will depend on how much you drink, both in terms of volume and frequency.

But basically, the heavier your reliance on alcohol the slower you should come off it. If you just go cold turkey, if you just any stop drinking, that can send you into a withdrawal symptom spiral that shocks the system and causes serious health problems.

So quitting drinking should be progressive. But that can be tough, which is where kratom comes in.

Kratom can help to alleviate the symptoms of withdrawal, help to replace some of the happiness and positivity, and help you to lower your intake, and feel the gaps between using alcohol, so you start to wean your body and mind off it in a slow and responsible way that doesn’t send you into a downward spiral.

Kratom And Alcohol:Why Using Kratom For Alcoholism And Depression Works

When you stop using alcohol, when you are reliant on it, your mood will lower, your physical and mental energy will get less, you will feel awful most of the time.

Physically you can also get negative pain symptoms. All of this put together can drag you down to the point where you just want to drink to feel good again. That’s how this all works, as you probably realize

Kratom used responsibly can help to offset all of those negative problems from alcohol withdrawal:

  • Kratom can help lift your mood
  • Can give you physical energy boosts
  • Improves your cognitive ability
  • Helps calm anxiety
  • Makes you feel happy and rewarded
  • Can deal with physical pain

So used in moderation, kratom can help to alleviate anxiety and depression, lift your mood, and relieve some of the physical symptoms of alcoholism as well. On top of that, it can make you feel happy, even high, should you want that release as well.

Kratom For Alcoholism And Depression

How To Use Kratom For Quitting Alcohol

So let’s look at how you can use kratom for quitting alcohol in a little more detail.

Kratom should never be used all the time as an alternative to alcohol. What you should be doing is tapering down on alcohol use. Do this slowly over several weeks.

Make sure you have a plan, and try and stick to it. Also, get other people involved, it’s always good to have an outlet to talk to. Then use the kratom when you are feeling low. If you have the physical shakes, if you feel down, if you feel anxious or depressed, use a small amount to lift your mood.

If you are feeling really in need of getting smashed, you can use kratom very occasionally to achieve a kratom high. This is possible with a higher dose.

Using Kratom For Alcohol Anxiety

Using kratom for alcohol anxiety is another popular way to use kratom to alleviate the problems around alcohol use.

After you have drunk alcohol, as it leaves your body, it can provoke a very strong anxiety response in people. Things like heart palpitations, a fast heartbeat, feeling hot, racing negative thoughts, even feeling that you going to die or have a heart attack. It really can be a full panic.

Kratom can be used to calm you down. But the thing is it can’t be any type of kratom. For alcohol anxiety, white and green kratom are very good because of how they can boost your anxious energy levels.

The best way to use kratom for alcohol anxiety is to use moderate to strong doses of red kratom. This will stop the shakes, it will make you feel calmer, happier, boost your mood, and the physical pains that can accompany this.

Best Kratom For Quitting Alcohol

Putting aside using kratom for alcohol anxiety, let’s talk about the larger topic of the best kratom for quitting alcohol, using it in a step-by-step progression alongside tapering off alcohol use.

White kratom gives a massive boost of energy, especially at higher doses, and it can make you anxious, so it’s not very good for helping with alcohol use. Also, at high doses, it can increase feelings of dizziness and nausea, and this is common to all kratom alongside alcohol withdrawal symptoms at higher doses.

The best kratom to use is red kratom. Some green strains are also viable, things like Green Malay and Green Borneo. But predominantly it’s any classic strain of red kratom.

Red kratom is perfect for calming down anxiety, lifting your mood out of depression, giving you a more positive outlook, giving you more mental and physical energy, and alleviating pain symptoms.

Just stay clear of Red Maeng Da. That’s because it can be blended, which can include white kratom, which is why it can be more potent and energizing than standard red kratom. Stick to the classic rich, red kratom strains like Borneo, Bali, and Horned red kratom.

Best Kratom For Quitting Alcohol

How To Take Kratom & When

I think it’s important to say here that you should not be taking kratom every day if you are using a for alcohol withdrawal symptoms.

A couple of times per week, maybe four days per week at the start. Otherwise, you are in danger of getting dependent on kratom instead and using it to bump your mood and withdrawal symptoms along at an artificial level.

You need to deal with getting off alcohol, part of that is going to be going through the pain barrier of withdrawal, you’re just using kratom when it’s at its worst, rather than all the time.

Taking kratom is easy, and there are a variety of ways to do it:

  • Mix loose powder with water
  • Toss and wash: put the powder in your mouth and then just swallow water
  • Mix with fruit juice or milkshake
  • Boil it can create a kratom tea (tastes very bitter)
  • Use kratom capsules

Kratom tastes very bitter, so I don’t recommend the toss and wash method, or mixing the powder with water because it’s not water-soluble.

If you want to avoid all that, mix it with fruit juice or milkshake. That way, the thick liquid disguises the powder and absorbs it more readily. Also, the sweetness will really help.

The ultimate way to take kratom conveniently as kratom capsules. If you are using kratom for quitting alcohol, they can be perfect because you can dose them instantly and conveniently wherever you are. But they are more expensive.

how to take kratom

Kratom Dosage For Dealing With Alcohol Dependency & Anxiety

Kratom is quite a personal thing, and how much kratom for alcoholism and depression you take, or for anxiety, will depend on who you are and what affects you want. Also, the purity of the kratom will matter as well.

All we can do here to guide you on kratom dosage for alcohol withdrawal is to give you some brackets to work within:

  • A low dose of up to 3 g
  • Moderate dose up to 6 g
  • High dose up to 10 g
  • Very high dose of kratom over 10 g

A low dose of any kratom will mostly be a stimulant, it’s where you reach that 6-gram mark, working up to it depending on the strain on who you are, you will feel the full spectrum of effects. So 5-6 g is the sweet spot to work up to to see how that helps to deal with anxiety and depression related to alcoholism. For some people, it may be slightly less, but it is usually around that point.

Higher doses than that can be used when things are bad, especially in the beginning, so you should be aiming to taper down on your kratom dosages well.

If you’re looking to get high on kratom, to be deliriously happy, and bliss out a bit, to forget your problems, which you really should only do frequently, then 10 g or more is usually about the level that green or red kratom will achieve this effect.

kratom dosage for alcohol withdrawal

Where To Buy The Best Kratom For Alcohol Withdrawal

So let’s finish this quick guide to using kratom for alcohol withdrawal by telling you where to buy it.

When I had trouble with alcohol anxiety I went for 100% pure powder from TheEvergreentree. They’ve now actually also sell most of that powder in capsule form as well, although you can expect to pay about a third more for that convenience.

Red Horned Kratom, Red Bali, any of the classic red strains will do. In terms of green kratom, Green Malay can produce many of the effects of red kratom, but with more energy, it’s perfect if you want to get high if you want to go out, but still feel chilled out and alleviate some of the worst symptoms of anxiety and pain. For my detailed kratom vendor review, please click here.

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