Not Everyone Has Great Experiences With Kratom

I’ve had awesome experiences with kratom. Not everyone has a fantastic time on kratom though, for a variety of reasons I’m going to talk to you about in this article.  Kratom can bring huge benefits, it can make you feel good, lift you up from depression, calm anxiety, and it can have strong analgesic (pain relieving) properties as well.

I want to tell you about a friend of mine though, who had a really bad time using kratom, and I’m going to explain what happened, and how you can avoid the same problems as much as possible.

How Kratom Works & Benefits

Now you have to respect kratom because it is an unregulated herbal opiate. Although it can be mild, it can also be very powerful at increased doses.

What you have the kratom is the following traits:

  • Comes in green, red, and white vein colors mainly
  • A multitude of strains are available each vein color (things like Green Malay)
  • At low doses, it produces rushes of stimulation and clarity
  • At increasing doses, there is a sense of calmness
  • Kratom at high doses produces strong sedation

I’ve used kratom for years because it can really help lift your mood, and also keep you calm and focused. If you want to chill out, a few grams in the evening, then nothing is better as long as you’re not drinking lots of alcohol at the same time.

I’ve Used Kratom For Years And Had A Great Time

So I’ve used kratom for years and had a wonderful time using it. It cheers me up, it chills me out, and it’s great for relaxing when I’m stressed. That’s why I’ve always recommended kratom. I only recommend kratom that is high in alkaloid content, isn’t cut with other substances, and is from reputable vendors you can get the absolute best quality can.

There is going to be an element of risk in your potential experience when using an opiate, especially something that has not ever been properly tested on people. However, it’s been used for millennia in Southeast Asia and beyond, and it’s ingrained in their culture with no problems at all.

I’ve always recommended kratom to people I know, and most of them have had fantastic experiences. It’s helped people with opiate addiction, and a friend of mine who had a problem with alcohol a couple of years ago as well.

As long as you are sensible, and don’t replace one addiction with another, and you keep your doses moderate, then kratom can be absolutely fantastic.

I Recommended Kratom To A Friend

I have a friend who is a writer, a self-employed writer who I know online. He has taken loads of stuff in the past; he isn’t naïve or inexperienced. So when we were talking about kratom he was curious and wanted to try it. I recommended a place that is quite reputable that he could order from into his country, and he bought some Green Malay and Red Borneo.

It’s a pretty standard seller, and the quality of the kratom is good, and there shouldn’t have been any problems with quality. The experiences my friend had been pretty strange though, if not typical.

His Experiences With Kratom Were Strange

So this guy took kratom a few times. He experimented with both of the strains he had bought over a few weeks. He fed all this back to me, that’s why I wanted to write this article because it’s so strange, and I think it could really help other people to get around problems in the future.

The Red Borneo produced no effects at all. Taking 5 g, nothing. He concluded it was really poor quality, or he was tolerant, or it just wasn’t doing it for him.

The Green Malay was a different story. 2 g produced a stimulating, slightly rushing effect followed by deepening calm.

Happy with the experience, he then took 4 g next time Green Malay, and again had a good time. A real rushing effect, but with focus and calmness, followed by a drift down into really nice laying around watching TV time for about five hours.

But he did say it wasn’t what he expected because low doses kratom should produce a stimulating effect, especially green kratom. A couple of grams should keep you really stimulated and focused. But he found he was unable to write because he felt so calm and was drifting in his mind.

But the real issue came after that.

The other week, he tried the Red Borneo again to see if it was just a one-off problem. He took 5 g again, which is the dose at which you should start feeling the full spectrum of effects at a moderate level. You should feel a slight rush, feel energized, gain focus, and then after about an hour or two, drift down into a moderate and chilled out sedation.

He took the 5 g, and three hours later felt absolutely nothing again. So judging it a dud, he threw the red Borneo in the bin and took 2 g of the Green Malay.

That produced a rushing effect as before after about an hour, and he had exactly the same experience as before. So as it been a couple of hours since the first dose Green Malay, and the full effects of the Green Malay were already being felt, he decided to top up with another moderate dose of 2 g of Green Malay.

As this was five hours after the Red Borneo had been taken, even if it was doing something the body with no effects, it should have been wearing off. Technically, 4 g plus what was ever was left of the Red Borneo alkaloids should still have only produced a moderate effect.

What my buddy found was that he felt a strong rushing about an hour after the second dose of Green Malay. A really pronounced rushing feeling that then drifts down into happiness and calm. All good so far.

But about 30 minutes later he said he crashed through the floor in like two minutes. Like when you white-out on cannabis, but far nastier. He sweated out badly, soaking his T-shirt and hair in literally two minutes.

His heart rate went down, so much that he used one of those finger heart rate monitors that he had in his medicine cabinet. His heart drops to 30 bpm when it should be around 70 bpm. His blood oxygen level also shot down to 90%, when it should be around 98%. Alarmed, and feeling increasingly sedated and struggling to stay awake, he kept on walking for an hour, splashing water on his face, and then putting his head out of the window to get the cold air.

He rode the waves out for an hour, and then it started to calm down and he felt okay again. The waves came in decreasing amounts over the next couple of hours, and then he was back to normal.

But it was not the experience he expected, and I think there were several things going on here that are worth talking about.

Things You Can Do To Have The Best Possible Kratom Experience

Even though he topped up moderately several hours later, it appears that it was still having an effect on the body that was more than he could feel. So even though he thought he was taking three moderate doses over a total of eight hours, for some reason it manifested itself in his body as a strong dose of 9 g of kratom.

That’s a high dose which can be highly sedating, you will struggle to stay awake, especially if you are already tired or drinking alcohol.

Because it sedating, your breathing will become shallower and your heart rate will lower, which will mean your oxygen levels will go down as well in the blood. I don’t think he was in any danger, but obviously realizing all this made him even more uneasy, which could have made those effects worse.

He’s experienced a lot of other substances in his lifetime, and so he knew to just gently fight the sedation and ride out the waves. If he had not known that, he could have been terrified and ended up calling for help. When there would have been absolutely no need to do that.

So for me, there are some learning points here for you guys to take on board:

  1. Only buy high-quality kratom from recommended vendors that have purity guarantees on the alkaloid content, and guarantees that the kratom is not cut with anything else. That way you know you can take a 5 g dose and get the full spectrum of effects. Even at 2 g you should feel effects as well, which he did, but they were sporadic and uneven. Good kratom produces consistent effects.
  2. Don’t top up unless your doses are small. Even if it’s been several hours, in some people the delayed effects can mount up. If you have only taken 5 g, another 2 g is okay, but topping up to close to 10 g of kratom in a single day can be problematic, especially if you are drinking or tired.
  3. So my advice is always to take a dose of around 5 g. A 4-5 hours later another 2 g is fine. But don’t go any higher than that unless you are very experienced with different types of kratom and the effects you are likely to experience.
  4. If you have ever had problems with cannabis, “whiting out”, then it could be that you struggle with Central Nervous System (CNS) depressants, which is what kratom is as well. So always take a moderate does of 2-3 g, and then work up a gram at a time, and leave it several days between experiments. Plus, don’t drink alcohol alongside kratom because you’re putting two CNS depressants together.

So I hope that helps some of you guys. Trying anything new can be a learning process, and my friend certainly learned from that process.

If you get pure, good quality kratom, and you experiment by taping up gently, and you make sure allow at least five hours between doses, or you only top up with a couple of grams after an initial stronger dose, then you should be fine.