How To Make Kratom Extracts At Home And What Kratom Extracts Actually Are

When I got started with kratom I had one hell of a lot of confusion around what I should be buying. Extracts, ultra-enhanced, super kratom, plus standard and Maeng Da. It was just a bit overwhelming on top of the different veins and strains. I read a lot, and I did learn how to make kratom extract, and I tried it.

It was a great experience, definitely more intense than standard kratom. So this is a guide on how to make kratom extracts at home, and explain what extracts, ultra-enhanced, all those different types of kratom are.

More than that, I’ll talk about kratom liquid extract, kratom extract capsules, and whether you should just buy kratom extracts instead of messing around trying to make them at home.

What Are Kratom Extracts?

Kratom extracts are literally that. Extracted kratom is far richer in alkaloids.

I’ll explain the full process in a moment, but the basic process involves boiling down a number of leaves or powder to create 1 g of kratom. That’s why when you see strengths in multiples, things like 10x kratom extract, it’s telling you that 10 times the volume of leaves or powder was used to create 1 g of concentrated kratom extract powder.

Now there is a caveat here which is really important. Some kratom extracts are made from boiled down leaves, others are made from boiled down powder.

Kratom powder is already processed. It’s had the stalks cut out, and it’s been dried and ground into a dense powder. So it stands to reason it will be far more dense and richer in alkaloids than if you are getting kratom extracts made from the raw dried out leaves.

Kratom Extracts Vs Ultra Enhanced Kratom

Let’s quickly talk about the difference between kratom extracts and ultra-enhanced kratom. They both extract kratom alkaloids in the same way to create a dense resin. But with ultra-enhanced kratom, some of that denser resin powder is added to the standard powder.

You’re getting a stronger kratom, but it’s not in the same league as kratom extracts. It’s basically the next step up from standard kratom powder. You probably need about half the dose.

With kratom extracts, you are boiling down the kratom, and extracting far denser resin that is then ground into a powder. So the progression is to try standard kratom powder, then ultra-enhanced kratom, then kratom extracts at the various strengths from 5x through to 60x density. By the end of that journey, you’ll be a kratom expert.

What’s The Difference Between Kratom Liquid Extract And Powder?

Kratom liquid extract uses the same process to get the alkaloids into a liquid form. However, for me, I don’t think it’s as strong most of the time. You see, it’s an ongoing process to create kratom extracts I will explain it in a moment.

Kratom liquid is basically the liquid that is boiled down. That liquidy paste is then added to a suspension liquid to create a drinkable liquid.

So it’s definitely not as concentrated and is more watered-down than kratom extracts that are turned into a dense resin and then powdered.

However, on the plus side, kratom liquid extracts can be very quick to be absorbed in the body. They also come in handy little bottles. If you’re going to a party, and you want a real hit of kratom quickly, then liquid kratom extracts definitely could be the way to go if you are experienced with kratom already.

Is It Better To Buy Kratom Extract Capsules Or Powder?

The next consideration is whether you should buy kratom extract capsules or loose powder to experiment with.

For me, capsules are perfect for your first time out. That’s because you’re getting a measured dose. You don’t need a micro-scale, and because of the potency of kratom extracts generally, you can’t go so far wrong with your dose and experience.

If you overdose on kratom extracts is going to be like overdosing on standard kratom, but far more intense. That could be an incredibly bad experience.

But with kratom capsules, you know you’re getting a standard 500 mg dose with a certain amount of alkaloid content in the capsule, usually between 10% and 30%.

Just a single kratom extract capsule would definitely be enough to give you a fantastic beginner’s experience. And I don’t think you’d ever need to take more than two or 3 to get a very intense kratom experience

How To Dose Kratom Extracts

Your dosage of kratom extracts has to be even more precise than with standard kratom powder, which also has to fall within specific ranges. With kratom powder, you have a greater margin for error though. A couple of grams is a beginner dose. That’s pretty standard.

Most people get the full spectrum of kratom effects around four or 5 g of good quality powder. From there, it’s a progressively stronger dose, with around 7 g being strong for most people, and 10 g is pretty overwhelming.

But with kratom extracts, you got far more confusion around dosage because of the multiples. 10x extract is going to be far less potent at a single gram dose than 50x kratom extract.

In fact, with the stronger extracts, you’re talking far less than a single gram even in an experiences user dose.

Think about this way, 5 g of kratom powder has gone into making 1 g of extract, so you should be using five times less dosage than with standard kratom. That would make a typical 5 g dose (a good full-spectrum dose for most people) a single gram dose of that level of extract.

So with 50x extract, you going to be taking 50 times less than you would with standard kratom powder. By my calculations, that means that a 5 g standard kratom dose would actually be 100 mg (0.1 g) of 50x extract. That’s why it’s so easy to completely overdose with potent extracts.

making kratom extracts

How To Make Kratom Extract Yourself

Let’s continue this guide by telling you how to make kratom extracts yourself. It’s relatively straightforward, but pretty time consuming to do:

  1. Measure out 10 g of kratom (or whatever you’re going to use). If you’re going to make a single gram, then 10 g will be a 10x extract. Now obviously this is just an example, and making just a single gram would be a bit ridiculous. You’re probably going to want to do an experimental small-batch, and then a large batch of probably around 100 g of kratom.
  2. Mix the 10 g of kratom with several tablespoons of lemon or lime juice. You could use vinegar, but most people use lemon-lime juice, you just need to make it acidic to get the alkaloids out.
  3. The next step is to mix ethanol and water (a 50-50 mix is good). You’re looking to create a thin and watery muddy paste.
  4. You’re then going to put it into a good quality saucepan and bring it to the boil. Then reduce the heat right down to a simmer. This will reduce it down to a thick muddy paste.
  5. You then smear that paste about 1 cm deep in an ovenproof dish. It is the oven at around 200°F until it’s hard.
  6. The last step is to use a fine grater to make a really fine powder that you can weigh in very small quantities.

What’s The Best Place To Buy High-Quality Kratom Extracts?

I think I will conclude this guide by telling you that the strongest kratom extract is probably not going to be something you can make it home. If you want the strongest extracts possible, then you are going to have to buy it. It’s quite an involved process, with specialist equipment, and you will just get a better quality kratom extract by buying it from a shop.

The alkaloid content will be richer, and it will be a smoother and more intense experience.

For me, The Evergreen Tree is a great place to start. They sell kratom liquid extracts, kratom extract capsules, and the strongest kratom extract powders I’ve ever seen. The extract capsules and powder are available in different grades, with the highest being 30% alkaloid content. That’s incredible, meaning one-third of what you are ingesting is pure kratom alkaloids.

That compares to standard kratom powder which has around 2% kratom alkaloids. That should give you some idea of the potency of this stuff.

However, making kratom extracts yourself is fun. So I would say give it a go yourself. The Evergreen Tree also sells really high-quality kratom powder at around 2% alkaloid content. So grab yourself a bag of that, and experiment with boiling it down.

I recommend you do 50 g to start off with and boil it down to try and make 5 g of powdered kratom extracts. That should give you several good starting experiences, and then you can go from there.

But if you don’t want to mess around, then ground kratom capsules, or powder, or liquid from The Evergreen Tree is a great bet, and you’ll get the strongest kratom extracts I’ve ever found on the market at pretty good prices.