Detoxify Mega Clean Review: The Best Cleansing Drink?

This Mega Clean review is going to be comprehensive and different. I’m going to tell you everything you need to know about Mega Clean detox drink, how to use it, how to make it more effective, and whether it works.

But talk about my own experiences with it, and how I came to the decision to use Mega Clean cleansing drink. Plus, I’ll warn you about some detox drinks I know simply don’t work.

We will go through the instructions for using Mega Clean in detail, with some tips on how to avoid common pitfalls.

On top of all that, I’ll tell you how to use supplements to get rid of more metabolites before the day of your test, and where you can buy Mega Clean with a detox pill supplement included totally free.

Detoxify Product Range Explained

The Detoxify product range can actually be quite confusing to a newcomer. The reason it’s so confusing is that they have similar names. They all come in red bottles, and they all have exactly the same type of writing on them.

But basically, Xxtra Clean and Ready Clean are smaller bottles and a lighter formula that’s designed for people with lower levels of toxin exposure, or small body size. For me, I don’t see the point in trying those to save a few dollars. Just buy the full sized bottle, the strongest formula, to give yourself the best guarantee of passing.

Then you get Mega Clean and Mighty Clean. Mighty Clean is meant to be the strongest, but it’s basically just Mega Clean bundled up with three detox pills to give it that edge.

But when I’m going to tell you where you can buy Mega Clean cheaper than you can Mighty Clean, and with six high quality Toxin Rid pills bundled in free, I’m sure you’ll agree that’s a far better offer.

Mega clean cleansing drink

How A Detox Drink Works

A detox drink doesn’t even really detox you. That’s the bit that shocked me when I realized it from my research. You’ll be told by some detox drink products that they fully detoxify your body, everybody system, permanently. That’s all complete rubbish.

A detox drink cannot clean out your body in the way that they tell you it can. It cannot flush drug toxins out of your bloodstream for example. All a detox drink does, and all Mega Clean does, is to flush the toxins out of your bladder and urinary tract. It basically assists you in urinating them all out.

But it does more than just that. It does it without diluting your urine sample. And it also keeps the sample appearing natural by replacing things lost when flushing out the drug toxins, things like creatine, and certain vitamins and minerals.

Good quality detox drinks like Mega Clean do that, but a poor quality one is no better than water.

Detox Drinks To Avoid

Before I go on to tell you about using Mega Clean for drug tests in detail, I want to tell you briefly about detox drinks to avoid, and also where not to buy Mega Clean detox drink.

You can buy some detox drinks in big stores, and local places like headshops. But most of them stink.

Names like Champ Flush Out, Stinger, and the various Magnum detox range drinks, are all utterly useless. Also, Qcarbo16 is widely sold, but it’s too small and weak to do the job.

So don’t buy a detox drink from Walmart. And don’t search for “Mega Clean detox near me”, because all it will do is turn up searches for Walmart.

If you’re in trouble, yes you could buy Mega Clean cleansing drink from Walmart and it would do a job for you. But it’s not recommended to use any detox drink without at least 24 hours of toxin clearing before the day of the test.

That means using a specialist pre-rid supplement on top of the detox drink where possible. If you buy Mega Clean from TestClear, then you get six powerful Toxin Rid detox pills with it. So I would advocate you buy that deal, instead of grabbing it in Walmart.

Detox pills for drug test

Mega Clean Review: Instructions&Tips

Instructions for using Mega Clean detox drink are pretty straightforward:

  1. Do at least a 24-hour detox, although a 48-hour detox is preferable if you have the notice. Stop smoking marijuana, eat healthily, urinate frequently, drink lots of water, and sweat. That means exercising.
  2. As I’ve said, use Mega Clean with six powerful Toxin Rid pre-rid pills. They should be taken in the 24 hours before the day of your test. You’re meant to take one capsule every four hours. But that would mean you don’t sleep. So what I do is to take two capsules every four hours starting in the morning of the day before my test. I also drink a lot of water.
  3. Some people advocate drinking a detox drink like Mega Clean as long as four hours before your test. For me, that’s crazy because if you’ve got a lot of drug metabolites left in your body, they could be leaking back into your urine within four hours. Drink Mega Clean two hours before you have to leave for your test.
  4. Drink the contents of the bottle over about 20 minutes. Then refill the bottle and drink that water over another 20 minutes.
  5. Over the following hour urinate at least three times.
  6. About 15 minutes before you leave, do a home drug test kit. Hopefully, it’s negative. If it’s not, then I’d advocate drinking another bottle of Mega Clean and making sure you urinate again before you give your sample. Alternatively, keep a box of Sub Solution synthetic urine, Quick Luck or Quick Fix Plus handy. But that’s an emergency strategy, Mega Clean with a decent 24-hour detox should be plenty good enough.

detox drinks vs synthetic urine

Mega Clean Cleansing Drink Vs Herbal Clean Qcarbo32

I spoke earlier about Qcarbo16 being too small to be powerful. But it’s larger brother Qcarbo32 can be powerful, and when used on its own, in comparison to using Mega Clean on its own, there’s actually not a huge amount of difference. Mega Clean is still the better option.

So if you are stuck with grabbing a bottle in Walmart for a drug test, and you can’t get your hands on Mega Clean, then you could try using Qcarbo32. But you would definitely need to try and make sure you can do at least a 24-hour detox.

How To Make Mega Clean Detox More Effective

Mega Clean with six pre-rid pills bundled in is one of the most powerful combinations you can get your hands on. Alongside a 24-hour natural detox, 48 hours if possible, it will pretty much guarantee even the worst weed smoker is metabolite free to submit a sample.

But you need to get your hands on the pre-rid pill combo. The pre-rid pills are powerful Toxin Rid pills. Toxin rid is the most powerful detox pill brand available. Six pills aren’t much, but they will definitely speed up the elimination of toxins significantly alongside natural 24-hour abstinence and detox.

You can read a review of Toxin Rid by clicking here, so you can read in detail about how strong these detox pills are, and how they can work with Mega Clean to be incredibly powerful.

If you can’t get your hands on Toxin Rid, then there are a couple of other options I have also used:

  1. Rescue 5 Day Detox is a good alternative. You can buy it from for just $60. It’s a five day course, but you could just take more pills over the time you have.
  2. Herbal Pre-Cleanse Formula is another option. But it’s meant to be used as an ongoing supplement, and you should really only consider if you have several days before your test. However, in an emergency, and because it only costs $30 if you are short of money, you could pump those pills into yourself at a far higher rate than the usual two per day, to try and get rid of as many toxins you can in the time you have.

Mega Clean ingredients

Where To Buy Mega Clean

I want to finish this Mega Clean review by telling you about how I use Mega Clean for a drug test.

I took it just as I’ve described in this review. I then went to the testing place and submitted my sample. I was very nervous, but my urine looked exactly the same as it always did, and the lab technician didn’t give it a second look.

A couple of days later I was informed I had passed the drug test. So for me, Mega Clean detox drink works, and it’s definitely a great option, I would only really advocate it if you can get your hands on it with the six Toxin Rid pre-rid pills though. You can buy the Mega Clean&Toxin Rid combo here.

marijuana detox drink

If you can’t get Toxin Rid, or you don’t want to mess around with pre-rid pills, then Rescue Cleanse or Ultra Eliminex are slightly more powerful options that can work on their own.

But I would not advocate taking the risk of using a detox drink without pre-rid pills, or at least a 24-hour abstinence and detox unless you are facing an absolute emergency situation.