The Complete Guide To Prime Male Testosterone Booster

In this quick guide, I’m going to tell you everything need to know about this powerful testosterone boosting supplement. Most Prime Male reviews tell you that it’s the most powerful on the market, and I’m going to tell you how good it really is.

I’ve used it for the past six months and I think I’m well placed at the age of 47 and knowing my T levels have dropped, to tell you what the results were for me.

On top of telling you how good Prime Male results are, I’m also going to compare it Vs TestoFuel, another top testosterone booster, and tell you if there are any side effects that you need to worry about.

How It Works

Prime Male testosterone booster does just that. But it’s not capsules of testosterone, you’re not just putting testosterone into your body. How it works is to put 10 key ingredients into your body that are scientifically proven to help your body to elevate testosterone levels higher than it can naturally.

Now the clever thing is that all of those include ingredients work for everyone. In some studies, one of the ingredients can lift testosterone a lot in one person, but in another guy it does nothing at all.

But by putting the 10 most popular proven testosterone booster ingredients into one supplement at optimum dose, it’s creating the best chance for everyone to significantly raise their testosterone levels.

As you get older, your testosterone levels naturally drop. By the age of 60, they are less than half the level they are when you are 20. So it’s little wonder as you get into your 40s and 50s you start to slow down both mentally and physically. Testosterone can also affect your confidence and mental sharpness, that’s why you start to get sluggish.

But if you can raise your testosterone levels back to where they were when you are in your 20s and 30s, then you can definitely benefit. Even if you are young, elevating them higher than they can be naturally (although the effects will be minimized as you can only raise testosterone by a certain amount), you can get the following PrimeMale results

  • Faster and larger lean muscle gains
  • Created muscle will be harder
  • Fat will be burned more quickly
  • You’ll have higher energy levels
  • You’ll have sharper mental focus
  • Better mental clarity
  • Faster and stronger overall cognitive function
  • You’ll feel more confident
  • Sex drive will dramatically increase
  • Your recovery times will be better

Prime male results

List Ingredients

So let’s take a look quickly at the ingredients that make all those dramatic positive mental and physical benefits possible. I’m telling you guys if you get this right, mixed with a fantastic gym routine, the lean muscle and mental health benefits you can get using this stuff are incredible.

The ingredients are:

  • BioPerine
  • D-Aspartic acid
  • Boron
  • Luteolin
  • Red ginseng extract
  • Magnesium and zinc
  • Nettle root extract
  • Vitamins B6, K2, D3
  • Mucuna Pruriens

Every single one of those ingredients has been linked to increasing testosterone levels. Studies exist for every single one of them that shows positive results with continual usage over several months.

So incrementally, putting all those together at the doses supplied in Prime Male gives you a great chance of increasing your testosterone levels.

Let me just focus the second on one of those ingredients, D-Aspartic acid. One study showed that fit males undertaking regular resistance training, who used 2500 mg per day, raised their free testosterone levels by an incredible 42% in six weeks.

prime male ingredients

How To Use It Properly

It’s really easy to use Prime Male. The testosterone booster works naturally inside the body. You have to work out, you have to do exercise to get your body producing the maximum amount of testosterone, but other than that is just a matter taking the pills each day.

It is slightly different from many other supplements because you have to space out the taking of the capsules throughout the day. That’s because it’s a more powerful supplement than usual.

So don’t just take the required number first thing in the morning, you have to space them out at a rate of one per 3-4 hours after taking the initial one.

Then, as I say, you’ve got to push yourself. Cardio work, progressive weight work pushing you onto new personal bests, and work on your happiness and calmness as well. I’m telling you, that in eight weeks you’ll feel like a different man.

My Results After 2 Months

So what are the realistic Prime Male results you can expect after two months of continuous use?

Well, for me I experienced the following:

  • Better skin condition
  • Better emotional health
  • Faster cognitive processing
  • Higher confidence and drive
  • I was packing on lean muscle like I hadn’t for years
  • My recovery times will dramatically be improved
  • I was pushing myself harder in the gym
  • I just felt so much happier

So for me, yes I’m a convert to the Prime Male testosterone booster product. It’s high-quality, I’ve researched all the ingredients and they all raise testosterone levels, and the doses all fall within the ranges that those studies say are optimal.

My own personal results have also been superb and I wouldn’t stop taking it because I fear how I would feel a couple of months after I stopped.

Just look around the Internet at the before and after photos, especially on the Prime Male website. They are obviously the best results physically, but it’s not just about physical results, especially not in the first two months, it’s about improving your attitude and drive so you can push on from there.

Are Any Side Effects Possible?

It is incredibly safe to take. You really shouldn’t have any problems at all. I’ll say that with one small caveat. If you have a heart problem, or you’re over 60, get yourself checked out before you consider taking it.

Raising your testosterone levels can affect your heart. Also, D-aspartic acid has been linked in some people to causing an increased heart rate as the body processes it.

So if you think you might have a heart problem, or you’re getting on a bit, just be safe and get a heart health check before you start taking it.

Prime Male Vs TestoFuel

I want to continue this guide by comparing it to one of the other bestselling testosterone boosting supplements out there.

A lot of people wonder which is best when it comes to Prime Male Vs TestoFuel.

For me, that’s not a lot between them. They both contain eight ingredients that are identical. However, Prime Male contains two which are not in TestoFuel:

  1. Luteolin, which in studies has been found to combat the conversion of testosterone into estrogen. Scientifically, it is, therefore, an aromatase inhibitor.
  2. Prime Male contains Mucuna Pruriens, which has been proven to raise dopamine levels in the body. Dopamine is our risk and reward hormone and raising levels of it increase your desire and your happiness when you achieve something. Obviously this is brilliant for pushing yourself gym. I would recommend Prime Male for guys over 40.

Testofuel vs Prime male

Buy It For The Best Price

So look guys, Prime Male reviews say it’s one of the best out there, and I find it difficult to argue with that.

It’s got the widest range of ingredients, and two of them are unique to the product. A great dose of each of the included ingredients and the track record of it is superb. In two months I noticed the difference, especially mentally, and after six months, the way I’m working out is like nothing I’ve experienced in the past 10 years.

But where do you get this fantastic supplement, where can you find it for sale at the best price?

Well, don’t bother with somewhere like Amazon. Although the price will be about the same, and you’ll get free shipping, you are taking a risk on quality. I’ve heard horror stories about packages going missing or turning up broken with the delivery guy not caring.

So for me, I’ve just bought it from You get free shipping there as well so it’s just the same as ordering Prime Male from Amazon.

A single month’s supply of Prime Male testosterone booster will cost you $69.99. That’s not bad, but look at this deal:

Buy six months and you’ll only pay for four. That lowers the price to $46 per month if you buy six bottles of Prime Male testosterone booster.

Prime male

I’d advise you to just go for that. You’re going to have the use of six months to see if it works for you anyway because it takes a couple of months for the full effects to be experienced. You’ll then need to develop your body and see how it develops after that as well.

Do Prime Male before and after photos, you can see how your gym performance improves, see how much lean muscle you pack on, and also how fast your recovery times become. I’m telling you, if you experience anything as I did, then you’ll never want to let it go, and to be honest I wouldn’t blame you.