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This privacy statement governs the use of information collected through the website only. It does not govern information collected when clicking links that take you off-site. These sites will have their own privacy policies and cookie policies, and you are advised to check those yourself before continuing to use those third-party websites.

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Information We May Collect From Site Visitors

All visitors to the site will have their IP address logged. Your IP address will be stored in standard server logs, on server statistical software, and by third-party statistical software (cloud-based) for the purposes of analyzing traffic through the site.

The pages you visit on the site will be tracked and the path you take through the site will be logged for potential statistical analysis.

Your web browser and the operating system will also be logged, although we currently do not use this for any statistical analysis purposes.

The IP address of clicked links clicks download buttons, and other interactions taken on the website will be linked to IP addresses for the purposes of analytical software use.

If you submit information via our contact form then the IP address and any personal details you enter into the form (including an email address) will be logged until the communication between the two parties has ceased, in which case it will be deleted. Also, information submitted through the comment form is not stored in a database, it is forwarded to the site email address inbox, and the submitted data destroyed on submitting the form.

Sharing Of Your Supplied Personal Data With Third Parties

We do not share any of the information you supply to us with any third party. All data is used only by us for the purposes of analytical software use, marketing, and better providing the service.

DCP2 Cookie Policy

This website sometimes transfers several small files known as cookies to your computer, stored on your hard drive through the browser you use.

The cookies we use are only for the purposes of making the website run properly. We do not store cookies on your computer for the purposes of tracking, subject to the exception around affiliate cookies.

In terms of affiliate cookies, if you click on an affiliate link, a cookie is transferred to your computer. This tracks referral sales, and the duration that the cookie lasts on your device will vary depending on the affiliate we are working with, but in most cases, this is 90 days.

We may use the information from cookies to assess the technical functions of the website, and to track information about pages visited, as well as to make certain site features load and work properly.

You can use the software both within your browser, or external software, to block cookies being put onto your computer. However, you must be aware that this could stop the website from functioning correctly.

Linked Sites

As stated earlier in this privacy policy, we do link to external sites both for the purpose of providing information, and working with the affiliates that we operate alongside.

We cannot be held responsible for the content of third-party websites, nor does our privacy and terms applied to those websites.

You’re encouraged to be aware that when you click on a link to leave the website, that you are not bound by our privacy policy any longer, and you should immediately visit the privacy statements/pages on the link you visit if you want to view the privacy policy of that website, and to understand how they use any obtained data.

Changes To This Privacy Policy

Any changes to this privacy policy will be immediate. Once published, you are bound by these new privacy rules, and old copies of the privacy policy (even if available to view online on third-party websites or through a website cache) are no longer applicable.

If you are a regular visitor to this website, then you are encouraged to visit this privacy page on a regular basis to see if it has changed, and note whether the changes are still acceptable to you in terms of your desire to continue accessing the website.

Security Measures In Relation To Privacy

We work hard to use all available industry-standard techniques to ensure the integrity of the data on our web servers.

This includes, but is not limited to, industry-standard security procedures on our servers, and the policies used for secure passwords and other basic functionality. We also use the scanning software, a firewall, and work hard to ensure that any data shared with us is as secure as possible.

However, while we strive to protect your information, we cannot guarantee security under all circumstances. This is because the sophisticated nature of some hacking attacks simply cannot be predicted or resisted.

Consequently, we do not ensure or warrant security of the information you transmit will always be secure or is impossible to be stolen or shared, and the use of the website is taken solely at your own risk. We cannot be held liable or responsible for any data breaches that are beyond the scope of reasonable attempts to maintain industry-standard data integrity.

Questions, Comments, Or Complaints

If you have any questions, comments, or complaints about this privacy policy, then please submit them through the contact form provided on the website contact us page.

We can only respond to questions through the proper comment form, and will not respond to unsolicited emails sent directly to any email address linked to our website.