Spectrum Labs Quick Fix Synthetic Urine: Can It Still Pass A Drug Test?

In this article, I’m going to tell you whether Quick Fix is good enough to pass a drug test anymore. It’s definitely a budget brand, costing only a maximum of $40 for the larger Quick Fix Plus. But does that budget price allow you to pass a drug test?

So in this review, I’m going to cover what’s in the Quick Fix kit, what people say about it, and tell you about my own experiences using it in the past.

I’ll also tell you how good the formula is, and if it’s complex enough to pass even the most basic of drug tests now.

On top of all that, I’ll give you instructions for using it, including my own experience using it in a live drug test, as well as telling you exactly where to buy Quick Fix. I’ll finish by giving you a couple of alternative brands that might be more reliable, although they do cost significantly more.

What Is Spectrum Labs Quick Fix 6.2?

It is a brand of synthetic urine has been around for quite a number of years now. It has always been seen as reliable and is very popular. Part of the popularity is because it’s cheap, with the standard size costing around $30, and Quick Fix Plus costing around $40.

I’d always advise using Quick Fix plus because it’s the larger 3 fluid ounce container, and some drug tests now require more than the 2 fluid ounces that you get with the standard Quick Fix.

It’s passed a lot of people, but also Quick Fix failed a lot of people as well. But you have to be careful here because failure doesn’t mean that Quick Fix is a bad formula.

Part of the problem is that people don’t submit it within the correct temperature range. I’ll talk more about that in a moment, but for me, on the evidence I’ve seen online, I think it a bigger problem than the complexity of the product. So I’ll tell you how to avoid making the same incorrect temperature mistake.

So Quick Fix is definitely a budget brand. It’s simple in the formula, and not frequently updated. But is it good enough to pass a basic drug test?

does quick fix work

What You Get In The Kit

 So let’s start this guide by telling you what you get in the urine kit:

  • A container of premixed synthetic urine
  • One heatpad
  • An elastic band
  • Set of instructions

Now that’s not exactly an inspiring set of components. But does it do the job it claims?

Well, let’s look at the synthetic urine itself. At the very least it has to contain urea, uric acid, creatinine (not creatine), and it has to be within the correct specific gravity and pH ranges.

On top of that, it has to resemble human urine. Does it look like the real thing? Better than that, does it froth and smell like it?

And finally, does it contain biocide? A lot of the older and cheaper brands of synthetic urine does. It’s rumored that the testing labs have realized this and now test for the presence of biocide. Think about it, if you could rule out most fake samples just by testing for the presence of one artificial chemical, wouldn’t you do it as well?

But to answer all those questions, Quick Fix does contain the basic ingredients that validity testing will check for. It’s also balanced for pH and specific gravity. Plus, it doesn’t contain biocide. So we are doing well here.

But the formula isn’t that advanced, which is a problem. Compare it to Sub Solution, the market leader, which contains 14 chemicals found in human urine, compared to the three found in Quick Fix. If you are facing a more complex drug test, Quick Fix could fail.

And finally, in terms of looking, smelling, frothing like the real thing, well it sort of does. It doesn’t really froth like urine, and it doesn’t really smell like it. But unless you really scrutinize it up against the light, it does look like urine.

My Experience Quick Fix Urine

So I was a little bit skeptical when I first used it. In fact, I swear that it looks slightly green up against the light, and I’m pretty sure that most urine from a healthy person straw yellow.

But it only cost me $39 and I didn’t have time to mess around getting something else.

I followed the instructions precisely. Basically, I warmed it up in the microwave until there was a reading on the temperature strip.

Then I attach the heatpad to it. I activated heatpad about 10 minutes in advance of microwaving the sample so it started to kick out some heat. I attached that using the elastic band that was supplied, but found that a bit unstable, so I actually used tape.

I then tucked the sample inside my tight-fitting underwear so it was next to my skin, and off I went. I was actually terrified, but when I handed the sample over they didn’t even glance at it twice. They just recorded the temperature, said it was fine, and I was free to go.

I passed that drug test. It was a simple pre-employment drug test for a part-time job a couple of years ago. So I’m not sure how it would stand the rigors of a more advanced test, but it definitely seems to be good enough for most basic panel drug tests.

Don’t just take it from me, if you look online at what people say about it, overwhelmingly it positive. Some people say they failed, but as I’m now going to talk about, those people I suspect have submitted it when it’s too cold.

Quick Fix instructions

Quick Fix Failed?

Temperature is the key thing. You’re not likely to fail basic drug test submitting Quick Fix. As long as the lab assistant doesn’t look at it to close, you’ll be fine. The problem comes with submitting it within the right temperature range. Human urine amazingly exits the body at a very precise temperature, usually between around 96°F and 100°F.

Anything above 100°F couldn’t physically happen, so you will fail. Legally, to allow for cooling, if the sample is 90°F or above, it will be accepted. So you have a 10° temperature swing within which you have to keep the sample up until the point you hand it over. That’s not a lot of variances.

I think people strap the heatpad to it, check the temperature strip, and then wander off to submit their sample an hour or later. They don’t check, or even if they do, they don’t know how to deal with it being too cold so they submit it anyway.

Although the heatpad you get with Quick Fix is okay, it is quite cheap. So when it comes to Quick Fix failing, it could be to do with a heatpad not emitting steady heat or pumping out heat too quickly. I would always have a Plan B. Take along a flask of hot water. If the temperature has cooled, simply pour hot water on it until it rises. If it’s too hot, just take the heatpad off for a few minutes.

Doing that simple will make Quick Fix drug test success pretty much guaranteed.

Where To Buy It For The Best Price

If you’re going to buy Quick Fix then I recommend you buy Quick Fix Plus, which is the larger 3oz size.

You can get that from quickfixsynthetic.com, a really reputable reseller, who I always recommend as a place to people wondering where they can buy Quick Fix. That’s where I’ve bought it from in the past, and I know other people who have as well.

I wouldn’t recommend buying it from a local shop if they have sold it, not unless you check the date on it. Synthetic urine can go off after about a year, and also has to be stored well to stop things appearing in it that aren’t natural to human urine.

Also, I have seen fake Quick Fix. Seriously, just colored liquid in a bottle put in a fake box. I’ve heard about it on eBay as well. So just steer clear of all that, and make sure you get it from a reputable reseller.

Sub Solution vs Quick luck

Better Alternatives

So the conclusion of my guide is that using Quick Fix for drug tests is perfectly possible, as long as it’s only a basic drug test. Yes, of course Quick Fix failed some people. But as I’ve said, my belief is that they didn’t get the temperature right, rather than it being a problem with Quick Fix itself.

I’ve used it successfully, and if you use my top tip about keeping the temperature right using hot water, then you really can’t go wrong.

So Quick Fix is recommended, but only for a basic drug test, and only if you aren’t that bothered, or if you don’t have much money. If you really want the most reliable synthetic urine on the market, with a far more complex formula, then Sub Solution is the brand I would suggest.

If you want to go one step further, then the updated Sub Solution formula called Quick Luck is an even better option, as that’s premixed rather than a powder.

But really, the complexity of Sub Solution and Quick Luck is just incredible compared to the budget brand Quick Fix.

You also don’t have to worry about submitting it within the correct temperature range. Sub Solution and Quick Luck both use heat activator powder rather than a heatpad.

So you just tap some in, and it raises the temperature a little, tap in a bit more, and keep doing that until it gets to within the temperature range. Easy, foolproof, and you can do it just before you submit your sample to make sure it always going to be handed over at the correct temperature. You can buy both Sub Solution and Quick Luck from Testnegative.com