Quick Luck Synthetic Urine: The Nb1 Fake Pee Brand

Quick Luck is the new Clear Choice synthetic urine product. But is it better than Sub Solution? In this guide I’m going to tell you the answer that question, and give you all the instructions you need to use Quick Luck, or any other type of fake urine successfully.

I’ll give you detailed instructions, plus one top tip that will really help with the biggest reason people fail urine sample drug tests.

I’ll also directly compare it to Sub Solution so you can see if it’s a genuinely updated and upgraded product. Plus, I’ll also tell you about the only place you should consider buying Quick Luck from.

Can You Trust Clear Choice Urine?

For me, Clear Choice are the most trusted brand in the market. They make Rescue Cleanse, one of the best detox drinks, they make Sub Solution, up until now the best brand of synthetic urine. They also make Oral Clear saliva neutralizing gum, which saved my life once.

I’ve used their products for many years, and if you just look online you’ll see Clear Choice urine, gum, and detox drinks talked about really positively.

It is the latest product from Clear Choice. But why have they made it when Sub Solution is so good?

Well, I’ll do a direct comparison of Quick Luck Vs Sub Solution in a little while, but what Clear Choice have tried to do is upgrade everything, and basically give you more power. So in this Quick Luck synthetic urine review I’ll explain exactly what they’ve made better.

Sub Solution vs Quick luck

The Quick Luck Premixed Urine Kit

In the premixed urine kit you get to the following:

  • Vial of premixed Clear Choice urine
  • Pair of high-quality heatpads
  • Vial of heat activator powder
  • Detailed instructions

Now that doesn’t look like a lot, and when you pay $100, it can be underwhelming opening that little box and seeing just those things inside.

But look, you’re not paying for tons of cool stuff, you’re paying for urine that mimics the stuff we do really closely. Plus, you’re looking for the best chance of submitting it within the right temperature range.

Instructions & Top Tips

  1. If you want to prepare the sample in advance, you can either use a microwave, or some of the heat activator powder to raise the temperature of the sample. You can then attach one of the pair of heat pads to the sample to keep it within the right temperature range.
  2. Alternatively, you can just use the heat activator powder. In which case you don’t need to heat it at all, simply go to the venue, and before you go in and submit your sample, use the heat activator powder to raise the temperature to as close to 100°F as you can get, without going over.
  3. The third alternative is to simply use the heat pad. One of the heat pads supplied will take about 45 minutes to heat the sample up to the right temperature (above 90°F but below 100°F), and it will then keep it within that temperature range for several hours, often as long as four or five hours.

So you have several methods available to get the sample to the right temperature and keep it there.

My top tip is that the thing you have to really focus on is the temperature of the sample. When people submit fake samples, that problem, not submitting it at between 90°F and 100°F, is what causes most people to fail.

So practice in my advice. Use the spare heat pad and some water. See how long it takes to get lukewarm water up to the right temperature, and how long it keeps it there. The more you practice the more confident you will be, and the less likely you are to mess up.

But an even better alternative is to buy something called the “practice kit”. This contains everything that you get with the Quick Luck kit except the urine. You can buy it at the same time you buy Quick Luck.

That gives you everything you need to do practice runs. You can practice twice with the heat pads, and probably twice with the heat activator powder that’s supplied as well.

You can practice the combinations, you can see how long it takes the temperature rise, and how long the temperature stays within the right area. That practice is my top tip because it eradicates the main reason people fail when they submit fake samples.

Does It Work To Pass A Drug Test?

So the million-dollar question is does Quick Luck work? Well, undoubtedly for me, the answer is yes. I have not used it in a live drug test though.

However, I have used Sub Solution three times over the past five years. Once during pre-employment, and once for on-the-job drug testing. It passed like a dream both times, and online you will see thousands of other people saying the same thing.

Quick Luck is an even more complex and balanced formula, it’s a large upgrade on the Sub Solution formula, so it should be even closer to mimicking human urine.

Put that in combination with the flexibility of two heating maintenance methods, and Quick Luck could be an unbeatable solution.

Quick Luck Vs Sub Solution

 But just to be clear, in the battle between the two Clear Choice urine products: Quick Luck Vs Sub Solution, there’s not much difference, but at the same time there’s a lot of difference.

Both products will pass pretty much any type of drug test, they are that complex, you can rely on both of them.

But Quick Luck is more convenient because it’s premixed. Sub Solution is a powder that has to be mixed with water. In an on the spot drug testing situation that means you have to get somewhere on your own with water to mix it up. With Quick Luck, you just need to be on your own for a few seconds to add the heat activator powder and about two minutes delay before the test to warm it up.

You also get the flexibility of the heat activator powder and a pair of high-quality heat pads with Quick Luck. So if you want to heat the sample up in advance rather than relying on the heat activator powder alone when you get to the place you are going to submit your sample, then it gives you that extra bit flexibility.

Sub Solution is $80, Quick Luck is $100. For me, the extra $20 is worth it for the upgraded formula and the convenience of it being premixed.

where to buy Quick luck

Where To Buy Clear Choice Products

So let me finish this guide by telling you where you can actually buy the urine kit for the best price.

For me, it’s always been best to buy it directly from the Clear Choice web store. Test Negative is their official website, and it gives you the guarantee of having the freshest product. You also get the reliability of knowing that it’s the real thing, as I have heard about fakes being sold on places like Amazon and eBay.

Plus, you can buy the “practice kit” is a discount. It does cost $65 on its own, which for me just isn’t worth it. But if you buy it with Quick Luck as a combination deal you get $30 off, meaning you can buy both of them together for just $135.