RAD 140 Results: Get Shredded in Just a Couple of Cycles!

RAD 140 or Testolone has been a fan favorite of bodybuilders for years. The reason behind that is quite simple: It gives results and it does so fast. We know of people that completely changed their physique in just a few cycles with RAD 140.

Today, we want to share their experiences with you and teach you all there is to know about Testolone. Are you ready to face the RAD 140 results our colleagues got? If so, let’s get started with this article!

All The Effects of RAD 140 On The Body

We have read a lot of RAD 140 reviews online, but none of them have listed all the effects of this magical compound.

  • Helps You Lose Weight and Cut Fat: Besides being great for packing on mass as we’ll later see, RAD 140 works wonders on our body when it comes to losing weight and cutting fat. It increases our Basal Metabolic Rate which leads to the burning of more calories.
  • Elevates Testosterone Levels: Studies have conclusively found out that RAD 140 does indeed elevate testosterone levels. Users reported feeling all the positive effects associated with higher testosterone levels such as positive mood, an increase in sexual activity, more power and strength.
  • Increases Your Vitality: Ever feel sluggish while you’re in the gym? We know exactly how that feels and let it be known, with RAD 140, you will turn into a fricking beast in the gym. You will want to lift everything in your sight and you’ll be frenzied with energy. Your focus will also increase which will help you stay concentrated on any task at hand.
  • Disinhibits Breast Cancer Cells: Not only does it help bodybuilders achieve their wildest dreams in the gym, but it also has implications to be used as a cure for breast cancer. We all know how little attention male breast cancer patients get in our society and taking RAD 140 will only help you prevent becoming one of them. Studies are still in their preliminary stages but discoveries are being made, albeit slowly.
  • Prominent Veins: It’s no secret that RAD 140 increases vascularity in its users. You will feel and look like a beast in front of other people. The feeling is truly astounding and only those that took RAD 140 truly understand what we’re trying to describe here.
  • Increased Strength and Muscle Mass: Now we’re talking, because Testolone has high anabolic activity, it binds to the androgen receptors that much better, leading to increased strength and muscle mass all over your body!
  • Good For The Prostate:Studies have shown that RAD 140 decreases the prostate size and that it positively affects the health of our prostate.

Now that we’ve seen all of the effects of RAD 140, let’s look at the proper dosages one must take to achieve the ultimate results, without experiencing any side effects at all!

RAd 140 results

The Proper RAD 140 Dosage and Cycle

The Proper RAD 140 dosage is different for every individual. It all hinges upon your experiences with SARMs.

If this is your first time taking Testolone, you shouldn’t opt for a higher dosage but instead, settle with something small. We recommend 5mgs a day to start out your first week and then increasing the dosage to 10mgs a day if everything goes alright. Take it for no longer than six weeks, since it’s your first cycle.

If you already have some experience with Testolone, you can immediately start taking 10mg a day on your first week and bump the dosage up to 15mg a day if your body tolerates it well. You should take it for eight weeks, that’s just enough to feel the positive effects without experiencing any of the drawbacks.

On the other hand, if you have taken RAD 140 multiple times and know what you’re doing, 20mgs a day should be the proper RAD 140 dosage for you. At this stage, you can cycle it for ten weeks, but be careful, if you start experiencing any side effects, immediately discontinue use.

You will need to do PCT after a RAD 140 cycle. We’ll have a separate section where we’ll talk about that in detail.

RAD 140 dosage

RAD 140 PCT: What and How Should One Take It?

As we’ve already mentioned, PCT is required for Testolone as it causes mild suppression of testosterone in the body. If left unchecked, it could lead to some nasty side effects to be experienced.

To prevent that, we take either Nolvadex or Clomid for four to six weeks.

Depending on how long you’ve been using RAD 140, you will opt for either Nolvadex, the weaker version, if you have been using it between six to eight weeks or you will take Clomid, the stronger option if you’ve been taking it for longer and in higher dosages.

The usual dosages for Nolvadex are 20mgs a day, lowering the dosage to 10mgs a day after three weeks.

Clomid is usually taken in a 50mg dosage for the first two to three weeks and then the dosage is lowered to 25mgs a day for the rest of the PCT cycle.

RAD 140 Results You Can Expect

 The RAD 140 results you can expect are going to be amazing. Depending on what you want to do with your body, the following things will happen during just one RAD 140 cycle. If you’re cutting with RAD 140, which is entirely possible to do even though it’s done rarely, you will lose a ton of weight and fat.

One colleague of ours lost 5% of his total body fat and 13 pounds of weight in just one eight week cycle. You should have seen the glee on his face after he compared himself to the person he was eight weeks before.

If you’re bulking up, which is the reason why most people take RAD 140, to begin with, you can expect to gain at least 10 to 15 pounds of weight and a lot of new muscle. The muscle you gain is going to be sturdy and hard as steel when subjected to a touch, Testolone is truly the greatest SARM when it comes to building new and strong muscle.

To give you an example of the results in action, a teammate of ours gained 14 pounds of weight, broke several of his personal records and he greatly increased his muscle mass.

You can even body recomp with Testolone and it’s actually one of the recommended compounds for the job. You will gain muscle, lose fat and most importantly, you will not feel bloated from the RAD 140 nor will the muscles disappear after your cycle is done. This is the true power of Testolone, its results are there to last you for as long as you’re training and keeping your diet in check.

As we can see, the RAD 140 results one experiences aren’t crazy in the sense that you completely transform your physique in one cycle, but they are significant enough to cause a change in your body composition and make you a better bodybuilder altogether.

Side Effects of RAD 140 On The Body

The side effects experienced on RAD 140 were had by those that didn’t listen to our recommended dosages and cycles. Some of them outright refused to do PCT, as if it were something to be ashamed of. They were foolish thinking that they could get massive results in just one cycle and overdid it with the compound.

As we all know, even water becomes toxic at a high enough dosage and the same thing happens with Testolone. With that being the case, let us show you some of the potential side effects you will experience if you take a higher dosage of the SARM in question.

  • Lowered Testosterone Levels: Because RAD 140 increases Testosterone levels while you’re taking it, the body gets used to the Testosterone from an outside source and stops producing any of its own. That’s why you have to take a PCT supplement to help out your natural testosterone production.
  • Headaches and Nausea: Especially experienced by those taking it for the first time. It goes away after a short while and it shouldn’t be a cause for concern. If it persists, lower your dosage and you should be fine.
  • Skin Problems: Acne all over the body has been a reported side effect on higher dosages of RAD 140. Users complained about all the newfound blemishes on their body. However, once use was discontinued, the acne disappeared as well.
  • Irritability and Restlessness: These are serious side effects that affect the user throughout the day. He feels as if there is something that needs to be done but can’t pinpoint exactly what that something is. It’s a horrible feeling and that’s why we always recommend you stick to our dosages, to avoid pitfalls such as these.
  • Muscle Pain, Swelling and Cramps: You’ve probably heard about the adage ‘No pain – No gain’ but this is an entirely different ball game altogether. Because you’re building muscle at an alarmingly high rate, your ligaments and supporting structures simply can’t keep up with the demands of your body. This results in high amounts of pain to be experienced.

All of this can be avoided by just sticking to our recommended dosages and cycles. Do yourself and your body a favor and listen to us! The results will come, your health should be your number one concern and should be put before any other goal in your life.

RAD 140 side effects

RAD 140 Before and After Pictures: A Sugar-Sweet Lie

If you take a closer look at all the RAD 140 before and after pictures that are being presented to you, you’ll notice one peculiar thing: In all instances, the guy on those pictures went from chubby to shredded.

Here’s the thing: It’s absolutely possible to go from chubby to shredded in just a few cycles with Testolone and if you stick to your diet and exercise routines, it should take you about a year. There’s a huge BUT in all of this and that is that these sites posting those RAD 140 before and after pictures promise you that you can get such results in just one cycle with Testolone.

This is where the scam starts to show. Not only is that impossible to achieve on RAD 140, but even steroids would fail to produce such results.

With that being said, you have to be very careful not to trust these images too much, because it’s easy nowadays to manipulate small (or large) details through photoshop, in the hopes of presenting you a reality that doesn’t exist.

The reason behind all of this is to make sales. They want you to buy Testolone and they don’t care what happens afterward, this is the sad state of things. We’re different and we’re going to tell you like it is: No, you will not turn into a beast in just one cycle, but you have the potential to if you just keep at it.

Remember that bodybuilding takes years of time and dedication, Testolone is there to shorten that time frame but not by such a long time span as to reduce it to just one cycle, that’s just crazy talk. To conclude, focus on yourself and the results will come. Those images are mere distractions for your goals and can only cause you frustration so it’s best to leave them out of the picture altogether.

RAD 140 Reviews Online – What Other People Have To Say About Testolone

Whenever you’re on the prowl for a new compound, you always have to see what other people have to say about it and how their experiences were. That helps us in deciding whether the supplement in question is something for us or not. It also warns us of any potential ails that we might not be aware of.

With that being said, let’s dig right into the RAD 140 reviews that were posted online!

The first story we found arrives straight from a very popular forum where all kinds of supplements are reviewed and discussed. The original poster went on to stack Ostarine and Testolone. The results he got were amazing: He felt the increased vitality on week one and went on to break several of his personal records during his cycle. He also noticed more power in his lifts while in the gym. Unfortunately, the user ended his cycle prematurely so we couldn’t collect more information about his experience.

The second anecdote also comes from a forum where all types of compounds are tested and talked about among members. The user went on to use Testolone for eight weeks. He didn’t feel much of the effects in the first half of the cycle, but on week five it really kicked in. The increased energy, the strength and the power he felt were insane. He managed to lose five pounds in those eight weeks and he got himself some nice muscle on top of that. A win-win situation.

Our last experience stems from Reddit, where communities are built around pretty much anything, SARMs included. This user claimed that he preferred RAD 140 over Ostarine as Ostarine left him feeling voracious towards food.

That’s a little odd since Ostarine is usually used for cutting, but as we always say: Different bodies – Different experiences. On RAD 140, his bench press improved by 30 pounds and he felt the increased vitality from the compound. His pumps were stronger overall and he felt much more powerful as a human being. The psychological effects were astounding.

As we can see, the RAD 140 results other people had match the ones our colleagues experienced. This means one just one thing: Testolone works and it can transform your body in just a few cycles. You just have to keep training, eat right and follow your exercise routines while on it. It might take a while to kick in, but ones it does, you will feel amazing!

RAD140 vs Ostarine – What Are The Differences

 When comparing RAD 140 vs Ostarine, one has to take into account that these two compounds almost have nothing in common. There is one thing and that is that they are both SARMs, but that’s basically it.

We can see that on one hand, Ostarine is a beginner SARM used for cutting and it’s very mild on the body, while RAD 140 is used by more experienced bodybuilders that aren’t afraid of the suppressive effects of Testolone.

Ostarine doesn’t even require PCT, just a small cooldown period, while with RAD 140, you have to perform a PCT cycle to get your body back in line. Ostarine is usually used for losing weight and cutting fat, while RAD 140 is oftentimes taken for the exact opposite reason: Gaining weight, muscle, and strength.

With that being said, these two compounds can be stacked together. The fat losing properties of Ostarine coupled with the muscle-building effects of Testolone make up a hell of a duo.

You should take 20mgs of Ostarine and 10mgs of Testolone every day for eight weeks. You will need to do a PCT cycle after you’re done with the stack.

RAD 140 for sale

RAD 140 For Sale – Where to Buy Testolone

There are heaps of shops offering RAD 140 for sale, but not many of them have the real deal. We’re talking about the high quality, high purity Testolone that will turn you into a beast once you’re in the gym.

Unfortunately, most vendors brand their crap as genuine RAD 140 and when someone uninformed goes ahead and buys himself a batch of that bunk product, he becomes disappointed and blames RAD 140 for not working.

To prevent that from happening to you, as we don’t want you to get scammed, we have prepared these four shops for you that have served us well over the years.

Each of them is unique in their own regard and they all offer something of value which gave them a spot on this list.

  1. Science.bio

Also known as the former irc.bio, they were and still are one of the best and cheapest vendors to get your SARMs at.

They sell Testolone both as a powder and as a liquid. You will be charged $44.99 for the powder and you get 1000mgs worth of RAD 140 for it. Their liquid is a bit more expensive, it will cost you $49.99 and you get 300mgs of Testolone for that amount of money. Both their liquid and their powder RAD 140 enjoy a purity rate of 99,1%

When compared to Umbrella Labs, we see that their liquid is a bit more expensive, but nobody can match the price when it comes to their powder. We can conclude that this is the best shop to buy the powdered version of RAD 140.

They don’t offer free shipping unless you’re ordering more than $100.00 worth of product and that only applies if you’re from the US. If you’re ordering from outside of the US, you would have to buy 300$ worth of merchandise to get free shipping. This makes this shop great if you’re purchasing in bulk.

Speaking of shipping, their shipping times are quite rapid, it will take your package between two to five business days to get to you.

best SARMs company

  1. Swisschems

They sell high-quality RAD 140 at a $109 price point. For that amount of money, you get 600mgs worth of goods and it comes in a capsule form. Each bottle contains 30ml of the liquid solution with each ml equating to 20mgs of product.

Their Testolone boasts a purity rate of 98,6% which is very high by all standards. They test every batch and the testing is performed by an independent third party laboratory also stationed in the US.

Swisschems offers free shipping on any order, which is very convenient as the price you see displayed on the SARMs is the final price you pay.

Their shipping times are great, we got our RAD 140 in just three days after ordering.

recommended SARMs source

  1. Secretsupps.com

This US vendor was as if made for beginners, it has detailed product descriptions that have lengthy guides on how to use the SARMs that you’re buying. They also offer professionally curated SARM stacks used by bodybuilders all over the world.

They label their Testolone as Tight 2.0 and you get 300mgs worth of RAD 140 for $111.95. Their prices might be a bit steep but they guarantee the highest quality out there. All of their SARMs have purity rates between 99 to 100% so you know that you’re getting the real stuff.

On top of that, they offer free shipping worldwide so it’s a great shop even if you’re buying outside of the US.

They also have a great bulking stack involving RAD 140 at their disposal. It consists of Testolone, Ligandrol, and MK-677. It will cost you $289.65, but you get all this invaluable information on how to use the stack right at their website, which is very courteous of them.

Their shipping times are insanely fast, we got our RAD 140 delivered in just two days.

  1. Sarms4you

SARMs4You is by fat the best European vendor around. They sell SARMs at a very affordable rate and offer a lot of variety when it comes to the purchase of supplements.

They sell Testolone as pills and as a raw powder.

The capsules will cost you €64.95 and you get a bottle with 60 capsules with each capsule being worth 10mg of RAD 140. If you’re buying in bulk, you can get a bottle for as cheap as €54.95. When it comes to the raw powder, you can choose between one and three grams and the cost starts from €59.95 and ends at €149.95. Their last batch of Testolone showed purity rates of 99,5%, which is very high.

This company offers free shipping on any order above €120 (135$) and they ship internationally. They are the best option for EU residents as all the packages arrive very fast, in three to five days of waiting.

To conclude this article, we’ve got to witness all the amazing effects of this compound and the RAD 140 results surely didn’t disappoint. Now that we’re also acquainted with the best shops where to find pure RAD 140 for sale, we can buy ourselves a package without worry or hassle.

Remember to stay safe and have fun with the wonderful effects of Testolone!