Red Vein Sumatra Kratom Effects, Dosage + Best Places To Buy

Red Sumatra kratom is often talked about as one of the better red kratom strains. But why is that? In this Red Sumatra kratom review, you going to learn everything you need to know.

You’ll learn the exact traits of Red Sumatra kratom that make it different, by explaining the Red Sumatra kratom effects that set it apart. You’ll also learn how to dose Red Sumatra, and how it isn’t any different to dosing any other type of red kratom.

As well as all that, we will conclude this review of Red Sumatra kratom by telling you where to buy kratom that’s very pure, and very rich in the alkaloids that give it those strong red kratom effects.

What Is Red Sumatra?

Sumatra is a large island owned by Indonesia. That’s why some people often mix up Indo and Sumatran kratom.

Worse than that, some unscrupulous sellers just buying cheap kratom from Indonesia generally and then label it up as Indo and Sumatran, even though it’s exactly the same kratom.

But if you get your kratom from a reputable seller who imports their kratom directly from the areas that it’s made, then it is possible to get genuine Red Sumatran kratom that has slightly different traits to other red kratom strains.

Red Sumatra Kratom Effects Explained

So what you’re getting with Red Sumatra kratom is a classic red kratom strain. It will deliver those usual red kratom traits, but interestingly for me, and other people I know who’ve used it, it does enhance a couple of those traits significantly at higher doses.

Kratom doesn’t produce the same effects, but stronger, depending on the dose. What’s amazing about it is the effects change as the dose increases. At a very low dose all kratom is physically stimulating, at a very high dose it all becomes sedating. It’s that middle ground between those two extremes where the alkaloids produce different effects depending on the vein color and strain.

But with red Sumatra kratom effects, you’re getting the following depending on the dose:

  1. At a moderate dose where the full spectrum of effects kick-in (rather than merely just being stimulating) you’ll get a strong sense of calm and control. You’ll feel really good basically. You’ll also have minor pain relief and feel really happy. You will also feel a kick in physical energy and an increase in cognitive abilities.
  2. As the dose increases so those effects get stronger. However, the stronger the dose, the more the physical and cognitive energy starts to decline to the point where it becomes detrimental.
  3. At a high dose, you won’t have physical or cognitive energy, but you will feel overwhelmingly calm and happy. It’s great for chilling out and forgetting about physical and emotional pain.
  4. At a very high dose is where Red Sumatra kratom effects start to get interesting. It’s a classic red, but at a very high dose, it seems to be more exhilarating, more euphoric. It’s a genuinely sweet rush that mimics an opiate high very closely. Plus, it is heavily sedating, more so than any other red I’ve ever experienced.

red sumatra kratom effects

Red Sumatra Kratom Dosage Guide

To get the rich Red Sumatra kratom effects you have to step up through a dosage Scale.

If you’re new to kratom I’d advise you to start at the bottom and work your way up. You don’t want to take more kratom than you need to get the effects you want, because this can lead to kratom tolerance.

As you’ve seen, red Sumatra delivers some potent red kratom effects, and to get them, you’re looking at the following dosage brackets:

  • A low dose of Red Sumatra is up to 5 g
  • A moderate full-spectrum dose of Red Sumatra is between 5-7 g
  • A strong full-spectrum dose of Red Sumatra is between 8-10 g
  • Very strong full-spectrum dose (potentially overwhelming) above 10 g

It’s around that 10 g mark that you will get those exhilarating Red Sumatra effects. A high dose of red Sumatra of around that levels start to produce a euphoric rush, an opiate-like high that then drifts down into deep sedation.

So if you’re looking for a kratom strain that gets you high, makes you feel amazing, chills you out, and totally removes mental and physical pain, then Red Sumatra could be what you’re looking for. But you will need to be looking at stronger doses, usually 7+ grams to start to achieve this.

But even if that’s not what you are using it for, it’s a brilliant, rich, rewarding red kratom that delivers the classic effects of calm, pain relief, happiness, and unless the dose is high, clarity.

Green Sumatra Vs Red Sumatra Kratom

Green Sumatra is very much like red Sumatra.  Having said that, green kratom generally is more mild than red and white at both ends of the spectrum. Green kratom sits very much in the middle, offering more pain relief and calmness than white kratom, but more energy and mental benefits than red kratom.

If you’re looking for pain relief, sedation, calmness, and at a high dose an opiate-like rush, then red Sumatra is perfect.

However, if you’re looking for more energy, whether it’s to function during the day, or you’re looking for a kratom high that is more energizing than calming, then Green Sumatra would be better for you.

Think about it this way. Green Sumatra kratom is perfect for a night out, Red Sumatra kratom is perfect for a night in.

red sumatra kratom

Where To Buy Kratom High In Alkaloid content

Let’s finish this Red Sumatra kratom review by telling you where to buy Sumatran kratom that is rich in alkaloids so that you get a fantastic experience.

The biggest problem with kratom is getting potent kratom at all. If you get it from some dubious online store that has imported it through some dubious third party, doesn’t really know what they have got, and stores it poorly, then the alkaloid content will be partly destroyed before you even get it

When it comes to buying Red Sumatran kratom that’s beautifully pure and rich, I have to recommend The Evergreen Tree as a great place to start.

Based in the USA, they offer Red Sumatra in loose powder and capsule form. Capsules are brilliant for beginners, and dosing during the day, but they are more expensive. If I was starting out again, I’d use capsules though.

They also sell Green Sumatra, so you could buy Red and Green Sumatra kratom to compare and contrast the effects you want to achieve.