Red Vein Kratom: How To Get The Most Out Of It

For many people, red kratom is the classic. It’s fantastic for pain relief, calmness, and at lower doses focus and energy but with calmness. In this guide, you’re going to learn how the experience you get is dependent on the dose, type, and purity of the kratom, rather than the strain.

In the next five minutes, you’re learning everything you need to know about red kratom. Effects, dosage, the most popular strains, and why kratom has different effects depending on the dose you take.

The Difference Between Red, Green & White Kratom

Kratom is a spectrum drug because the effects it delivers change as the dose increases, even within the same vein color:

  1. With red kratom at a low dose of up to about 4 g (as long as you get 100% pure kratom), it will be mostly energizing. You might won’t get much of the pain relief people to talk about. That’s because the alkaloid profile will be mostly overwhelmed by the stimulant alkaloids (kratom is from the caffeine family and contains at least 20 different alkaloids). But as the dose rises above 4 g with pure kratom you start to get calmness, more pain relief, you’ll feel more chilled out, happier, more confident, your worries will wash away.
  2. With white kratom, it’s the opposite of red. At low doses, it’s a stimulant, but that stimulation increases as the dose do. At very high doses white kratom is massively stimulating mentally and physically, a rush of energy and happiness that’s euphoric without pain relief or calmness.
  3. In the middle sits green kratom. It’s not as energizing or calming as red and white. But it has the traits of both. At the same dose, you’ll get some calmness, some happiness, some energy.

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The  Effects Depend On Several Key Things

The red vein kratom effects your experience will depend on several key things. Firstly the dose, as you go above 5 g usually, the effects will become a classic red in an ever-deepening experience.

But it will also depend on whether you take the kratom on an empty stomach, what your health is like, your tolerance to kratom, whether you’ve got anything else in your body that can interact or interfere with kratom. Plus, the purity and quality of the kratom matter an incredible amount.

But if you have an empty stomach, you’re in good health, and you have pure kratom, then the classic red kratom effects you will experience are:

  • An increasing sense of calm
  • Your worries will start to wash away as the dose increases
  • High doses of red kratom give you a rush of euphoric energy and then a deep sedative calm
  • The higher the dose, the better the pain relief will be until it’s almost total
  • You’ll feel confident, happy, no cares in the world
  • At lower doses, you get energy and cognitive sharpness, but this will decline as the dose increases

What Is The Best Dosage?

The effects you will get from red vein kratom will depend on the dose and the purity of the kratom

Let’s look at the dosage range in relation to the red vein kratom effects experience:

  1. At a low red vein kratom dosage of usually below 4-5 g, you’ll mostly just feel the stimulation, which is the same with any kratom. You may feel some minor pain relief and some minor calmness.
  2. Between about 5 g and 8 g, you’ll get the full spectrum red vein kratom effects but not overwhelmingly. You’ll feel a deepening calm, you’ll feel happy, confident, your anxiety will wash away. Pain relief will be at least partial, but for most people total. You’ll feel fantastic, and still have cognitive control.
  3. Above about 8 g of pure red vein kratom dosage, the effects will start to become overwhelming. You’ll tip over into increasingly euphoric happiness, detachment, and bliss. You’ll still have your cognitive skills to some degree, but you just won’t want to do much. You will have that magical increasing sedation and pain relief though.
  4. At a very high dose of 10 g, or foursome people a couple of grams higher than that, you’ll get an increasingly euphoric high. People liken it to an opiate high. An initial rush of happiness, your problems washing away, a complete detachment in the experience that slowly drifts down into a complete sedation and pain relief.

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Top 3 Red Strains

The point I want to make as the conclusion of this guide is that purity is very important. In fact, purity is what will give you a better experience than the strain of kratom itself.

Look for purity in the kratom you buy, look for strength. Then any classic red kratom strain will give you an amazing experience, and the actual differences between the red kratom strains out there are minor in comparison to getting your hands on pure kratom from recommended vendors.

  1. Red Malay

This is a classic red kratom strain. It is very close to Bali and Borneo in nature, often because it’s sourced from the same kratom farms. So it’s mostly different in name only. You will get classic red kratom effects as outlined in this review. Red Malay is also very affordable. But it does at higher doses have a more rich red kratom experience, much more like an opiate experience, which it has in common with green Malay.

For good quality, pure Red Malay, click here.

  1. Red Bali

This is another generally good red classic kratom strain. The effects of Red Bali are the same as for another classic red kratom, and the purity is more important than strain generally. But it’s widely available, very cheap, and the higher the dose the more classic and overwhelming the rich red kratom effects will be. For my recommended vendor, click here.

  1. Red Maeng Da

Red Maeng Da kratom is slightly different to other red kratom strains because it’s not a strain at all. It can be any red kratom that’s stronger than usual when it’s tested for purity. It’s then labeled up as “Maeng Da” (pimp grade) because of that strength.

So it could literally be any red kratom. But if you can get your hands on genuinely stronger Red Maeng Da and you’ll get all of the classic red kratom effects we have talked about, but even more intensely, making it something to be approached with a little caution.