Rescue Detox 5 Day Detox Pills: Does Rescue 5 Day Actually Work?

I’m always shocked at how articles about Rescue Detox 5 Day don’t make clear how flexible and powerful this budget detoxification pill program actually is.

For just $60 you actually get an eight day cleansing program. That’s not made clear unless you buy it, or investigate it in detail though.

So let me help you to see what a great budget detoxification option is in this detailed guide. I’ll explain exactly how a detox pill works, how you need to do a natural detox alongside using them, give you detailed Rescue Detox 5 Day permanent instructions, as well as tell you if Rescue 5 Day Detox works, based on my own experience.

How A Detox Pill Works

When you take in drug toxins your body converts the active ingredient that gets you high into waste products called metabolites. These race around your bloodstream and gradually work their way out of your body through your sweat, bowels, and bladder. For light users, this process means that within about a week, and often far less, all traces of those metabolites have been removed from the body.

However, for regular users, or people with slow metabolism (or large body size), this can be longer than a week. In fact, for heavy cannabis smokers, it can take several weeks for the metabolites to clear the body.

Alongside a natural detox (which I’ll tell you how to do in a moment), a detox pill works by speeding up the removal of toxins from the body. Not only do the ingredients help to draw more toxins out, but they also help your body to maximize its natural processes to aid the removal of toxins as quickly as possible. That’s where detox pills like Rescue 5 Day Detox come in.

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You Must Do A Natural Detox Alongside Rescue Detox 5 Day Permanent

The key to any detox pill course is to make sure that you use a natural detox alongside it. Detox pills are not magic pills, they cannot push drug toxins out of your body instantly, and they can’t do it if you are still taking them in through using drugs.

You should stop use as early as possible, the day before you start the course as a minimum, but earlier you want to make things more certain for yourself. Then you follow these simple steps each day alongside taking the relevant Rescue Detox 5 Day permanent pills:

  1. Cut out the fat and refined carbohydrates. Replace these with lean proteins, fruit, and vegetables. Basically simplify your diet and lower your portion sizes to increase your metabolism.
  2. Exercise each day. It doesn’t have to be running or weights, just go for a fast walk for 30 minutes. Keep your body moving, and always make sure that you sweat as sweating helps remove toxins (you can also use the sauna a couple of times).
  3. Cut out all liquids other than water. Make sure you drink water regularly throughout the day and urinate as often as possible. Likewise, make sure you pass stools as often as possible, especially if you are a cannabis smoker, as a large proportion of cannabis metabolites actually exit the body through the bowels.
  4. This might be obvious, but cut out drug toxins. Don’t smoke weed, whatever you’re doing, for a few days before the course, and until you have taken your drug test.

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Step by Step Instructions

So you’ve started your natural detox. You’ve also got your hands on the Rescue 5 Day Detox pill course, which costs just $60.

For your money, you get quite a lot. In fact, you get an eight day detoxification program, with the full Rescue 5 Day Detox instructions being:

  1. The day before you start the main five day course take the four “headstart” pills with water. Every time I mention water, I’m talking about 32 fluid ounces.
  2. These days of the course, pursing the morning take six of the “morning formula” pills with water. Then late afternoon, take six of the “evening formula” pills with water.
  3. Once you finish the five day main course (day seven in total), you take the four supplied “finisher formula” pills with water.
  4. You also get eight “ICE” capsules, which are basically like a detox drink in capsule form. If you time things right, you’ll take these within a couple of days of finishing the main seven day course. They flush out any remaining toxins currently in your bladder and keep your urine appearing natural, ready for you to go and take your test.

Always Have A Plan-B

Detox pills are very powerful, and although not the most powerful detox pill you can buy, Rescue Detox 5 day permanent are definitely great value at $60.

But please always have a Plan B, just in case you are still testing positive on the day of your test. Always make sure you have a home drug test kit available for the day of your drug test (and I would actually use one on the last day of the course of pills as well to see if you are testing positive or negative).

Just before you leave to submit your sample, take the home drug test. If you fail, your only option is a high-quality detox drink to mask the remaining toxins in your bladder, although if you have done everything outlined in this guide then you shouldn’t have that problem.

A high-quality detox drink like Mega Clean or Rescue Cleanse will mask the remaining toxins for a handful of hours to allow you to submit a sample. Because you’ve done this alongside a natural detox, they will hardly have to work at all in order for you to pass.

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Does it work?

Unequivocally, the answer to the question: does Rescue 5 Day Detox work, is yes. For $60 it’s a bargain. This is especially true as it’s actually an eight day course of pills, including a detox drink in pill form.

Not many Rescue Detox 5 Day reviews are based on personal experiences though. However, this one is, and I can tell you that I passed a drug test 18 months ago using this course of pills.

I’m a daily smoker, and in eight days I was completely clean to pass a drug test. That’s amazing, considering it could have taken me 3-4 weeks to be clean of cannabis metabolites naturally. For $60, that’s a great deal.

Toxin Rid Is The Most Powerful Detox Pill

I want to finish this article by telling you that it’s a budget detox pill though. The second best one out there, but still great value.

Toxin Rid is the most powerful pill course you can buy. It’s twice the price though, with the most comparable seven day Toxin Rid course costing more than $150, which is more than twice the price of Rescue 5 Day Detox.

However, it is the most powerful solution. I said I used Rescue Detox 5 Day permanent 18 months ago. That’s because I used Toxin Rid six months ago for an internal promotion process I knew was coming, and I was clean in five days, even as a daily weed smoker. So I won’t be using the budget option again.

The conclusion of this review is that Rescue 5 Day Detox works, but it’s not the most powerful pill, Toxin Rid is the option to go for if you have the money.