S23 SARM Review: Benefits, Dosage & Where To Buy

S23 is one of the strongest SARMs available in the bodybuilding community. SARMs are selective androgen receptor molecules and they work by targeting specific androgens in bone, joint, and muscle tissue.

This is different than steroids that work by affecting all tissues in the body, including the ones that you don’t want to be affected like certain organs or the prostate. SARMs such as S23 target specific muscle and bones to build muscle mass and fortify the bones.

S23 is also used as a male contraceptive because it drastically reduces a man’s sperm count, but only for the time that he is on it. It does this by suppressing the Follicle Stimulating Hormone (FSH) and the Luteinizing Hormone (LH) in the body. These two hormones are responsible for stimulating the testes to produce sperm.

As S23 suppresses these hormones, the user’s testosterone is reduced and the sperm count is lowered. Scientists are thinking that this might become an option for the “male pill” because it does not have lasting negative effects on reproduction but can be taken for a time as a contraceptive measure. Throughout the rest of this S23 SARM review we will be discussing the benefits of S23, the dosage of S23 during an s23 cycle, s23 results, and where to buy s23.


Benefits Of SARM S23

There are many benefits to taking S23 besides the ones that we briefly mentioned in the introduction. In this section, we will expand on those and more.

Benefits For Muscles And Bones

When you take S23, you will notice an increased lean muscle mass, as well as increased bone strength. S23 helps with the production of lean muscle mass, which means that you will see a growth in your muscles without the addition of fat or water weight.

This is a benefit for the obvious reasons of helping you produce more muscle mass, but also because it is different than the way that steroids will affect the growth of your muscle mass. Steroids often lead to muscle growth that comes with some fat or bloating due to the way they increase estrogen in the blood.

When you take S23 you will also notice the benefit of added bone strength. S23 enhances your bone mineralization, which is the way that your bones get stronger. When you are bodybuilding, you put extra stress on your bones, so it is a benefit to give them some extra strength. It also aids in bone strength by increasing the muscle mass around the bone.

This gives your body’s structural system additional support and can provide a safeguard to your bones. Both low and high doses of S23 have beneficial results in bone health.

Sexual Benefits

There are sexual benefits for both men and women when they take S23. For men, as we previously mentioned in the introduction, it drastically lowers your testosterone and sperm count which is a benefit if you and your significant other are not trying to get pregnant. Researchers are hoping this could be the “male pill,” but just like most other contraceptives, it is not 100% successful so you should still use other contraceptive measures until you know how your body will respond.

In women, S23 actually increases sexual motivation. When women go through menopause and their sex hormones are drastically reduced, it lowers both sexual desire and arousal. Doctors usually prescribe testosterone to women who suffer from this, but researchers have also found that S23 can be a safer alternative for these women.

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Other Benefits

One of the other benefits of SARM S23 is that it helps users lose fat. Most bodybuilders who take it want to gain lean muscle, which means gaining muscle without the added fat as well. S23 is very effective at helping users do this.

In addition, when you are in a calorie deficit like you have to be in order to lose fat, you will normally lose muscle as well as a product of not having enough caloric intake. S23 helps prevent that muscle wasting so you just lose pure fat while maintaining or even gaining muscle mass.

S23 also helps lower your cholesterol. This is important in helping you stay heart healthy while you are working out. It works by lowering the bad LDL cholesterol and triglycerides in the blood. These are often elevated following steroid use, so if you are using S23 in a cycle as a substitute to your normal steroids you will enjoy this benefit.

Finally, S23 has fewer side effects that its steroid alternatives. It is strong and will require a PCT cycle afterward, but it does not lead to as many negative side effects as anabolic steroids do. However, there have been no clinical trials on humans yet to be able to know exactly what all of the potential side effects are.

Recommended S23 Dosage

Now that you understand what S23 is and the benefits of taking it, you may be wondering just how much you should take. Clinical trials on humans have not been completed yet for this SARM so dosage recommendations come from bodybuilders who have used this SARM repeatedly.

These bodybuilders recommend a range of 10-30 mg per day. Some recommend starting with a lower dose if it is your first cycle just to see how your body will react, and then building up to stronger doses in subsequent cycles.

In addition, it is important to split however much you take into two doses taken in the morning and at night. This is because the half-life of S23 is only 12 hours which means you have to spread out your dose in order to keep it constant in your body. It is not recommended to take anything higher than 30 mg per day because it may result in diminishing returns you could otherwise get from taking it.

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S23 SARM Cycle

An important part of understanding the dosage is also understanding when to take it and for how long. An S23 SARM cycle can be up to 8 weeks. It is often used in a cutting cycle or a bulking cycle as it helps with building muscle mass during bulking, as well as preventing muscle wasting during a cutting cycle.

For a cutting cycle, you will do an 8-week cycle of 10-30 mg per day split into 2 doses like we previously mentioned in the dosage section.

An S23 SARM cycle that is used for cutting purposes can also be combined with other SARMs like Cardarine, Ostarine, or Andarine. These help you lose more weight effectively while maintaining your muscle mass.

For a bulking S23 SARM cycle, you will also do an 8-week cycle of 10-30 mg per day split in 2 doses. This cycle will most likely be stacked with other SARMs like Ibutamoren, RAD-140, or LGD-4033. A stack with one or more of these will help you increase your gains during this S23 SARM cycle.

It is also very important to keep in mind that following any S23 SARM cycle, you will have to do post cycle therapy. S23 is highly suppressive, so you will need to take something to help your testosterone levels recover to their normal function. A PCT cycle is usually an additional 4 weeks and you will take either Clomid or Nolvadex to help your body return to normal.

S23 Results You Can Expect

S23 Results are highly favored among its users. Much like the benefits of taking S23, the expected results can be seen the most in structural health including additional bone strength, fat loss, and muscle growth results. SARM S23 results can also be seen in the way they affect the sex hormones in the body for men and women.

S23 is very effective at helping users build both muscle and bone strength. One of the great S23 results is increased stamina which allows you to work out harder and longer in the gym. This boost in physical endurance coupled with the way it works on your muscles to build lean mass allows you to increase your strength and lean muscle mass. This is a great S23 result that bodybuilders enjoy.

S23 is well suited for cutting cycles because it helps prevent muscle wasting when you are in a calorie deficit. This is an important S23 result because it will prevent you from losing the gains you worked so hard for when you are trying to lose body fat. In addition, it increases bone strength by working on bone-building cells that increase bone density. This has the result of protecting your bones from extra stress or further damage.

The additional muscle mass will also help strengthen your bones. Both of these S23 benefits, effective fat loss and fortifying your bone strength, means that you will be losing fat but not wasting muscle or bone mass.

The final S23 effect you can expect is the way that it works on sex hormones in both men and women. For men, it has the negative effect of lowering testosterone because it suppresses the Luteinizing Hormone as well as the Follicle Stimulating hormone in the body. This is why it is mandatory for you to do a cycle of post cycle therapy following an S23 SARM cycle. However, the lowering of these hormones also leads to very minimal sperm production, if none at all. This is beneficial if you are trying to use S23 as a male contraceptive. In women, it can also help stimulate both sexual desire and sexual arousal if women suffer from lower hormones.

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S23 Half-Life

The half-life of S23 is 12 hours. This means that you have to stagger your doses 12 hours apart, usually in the morning and night, as we previously mentioned in this S23 review. This ensures that the S23 will stay steady in your blood. However, this was determined by studying rats and not humans. This means that the half-life could be different in humans, but we won’t know for sure until proper clinical trials are completed on it.

Where To Buy S23 SARM

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