Stenabolic SR9009 Reviews: Do Not Take It Before Reading This!

SR9009 or Stenabolic can be a confusing drug. It is categorized with many SARMs but it is not a SARM. It is a synthetic drug that works by attaching to the REV-ERB proteins in your body rather than the androgen receptors. These proteins are what is responsible for the way your liver uses fat and glucose from your bloodstream. REV-ERB proteins are also responsible for storing new fat cells.

SR9009 acts on these proteins to make your liver more efficient with the way it uses the lipids and glucose in your blood, as well as prevents your body from making any new fat cells.

SR9009 is known by its users as “cardio in a pill” because it increases your body’s natural metabolic activity. This makes your body respond as if you just went through an hour workout at the gym, just by taking a pill.

A faster metabolism also helps you burn fat faster, leading to more weight loss. It was also originally created to study circadian rhythm.

Circadian rhythm is the 24-hour cycle of sleep and alertness your body goes through. SR9009 can help keep you more awake and alert during the day. This also means it can help you concentrate more in the gym to prevent injury.

Throughout the rest of the article we will discuss the benefits, of SR9009, dosage, cycle length, results you can expect including some SR9009 before and after pictures, and finally, where to find SR9009 for sale.

SR9009 Human Trials

The first order of business is to address the fact that there have never been SR9009 clinical trials completed.

The SR9009 trials that have been done were completed on rats. This did give researchers some solid evidence to examine the uses of SR9009 and the effects that it has on rat bodies, but it means that there is no real understanding of how it may affect the human body long term.

The trials done on rats allow researchers to understand some benefits and uses, but most of the other information on SR9009 comes from anecdotal evidence of real users. Many people looking to lose weight, especially in the bodybuilding community, have turned to SR9009 as a tool.

From what we have seen so far from these users, there are no long term effects on the body, but this is not something that we know for sure.

This means that when you are debating whether to take SR9009 or not, while many people have used it and seen only benefits and no adverse effects, it is important to take into consideration that there have been no clinical trials completed to ensure that it is completely safe for human use.


Benefits Of SR9009

Taking SR9009 has many benefits throughout the body in a user’s weight, muscles, metabolism, and overall well-being.


SR9009 is known for helping users lose weight very quickly. This is because of the way that it works on the REV-ERB protein in the body which helps it to not only use the lipids and glucose more efficiently but also helps prevent your body from making new fat cells. This means that you will lose weight quickly by forcing your body to use the fat reserves that it already has.


SR9009 offers other benefits that work directly on the muscles. While it is not known for helping to create muscle mass, it does help users replace old and dead mitochondria and build new mitochondria in the body.

This not only helps muscle recovery, but it also helps increase the rate that you can produce new muscle tissue because of the production of new mitochondria. This means that you have the opportunity to increase your lean muscle mass. It also boosts your endurance which helps you use your muscles, whether you are doing cardio or strength training, for longer periods of time.


SR9009 also helps you boost your metabolism. This is partly due to the creation of more lean muscle tissue thanks to the production of more mitochondria. Additional lean muscle tissue raises your metabolism because you need more energy to function. This means that your metabolic rate, even when you are sitting on the couch or asleep in your bed, is naturally raised.

Overall Well-Being

SR9009 helps improve a user’s overall well-being in many different ways. First, it can help decrease cholesterol as well as inflammation. These are both important for bodybuilders because steroids are known to increase cholesterol in the blood. This is damaging to heart and organ health. In addition, the stress that bodybuilding puts on the body increases inflammation which can be very painful, so anything to decrease that is always welcome.

SR9009 works on the user’s circadian rhythm which means it can keep you alert for 12 hours a day. This helps you stay more focused throughout your day, and can help you combat fatigue during a hard workout. It can also help you have more restful, uninterrupted sleep which is a plus for everyone whether they are a bodybuilder or not.

SR9009 can actually lower your anxiety. This is a plus for anyone who has experienced mood swings that are equated with steroid use. Finally, it does not affect your natural hormone activity. Steroids affect natural testosterone production in the blood, but SR9009 does not. This means that you won’t need Post Cycle Therapy following a cycle of SR9009.

SR9009 benefits

SR9009 Dosage

Now that you understand a little bit more about how SR9009 works and what the benefits of taking it are, you may be wondering how much you are supposed to take. The average recommended dose is 20-30 mg per day while never exceeding 50 mg per day. If you take more than 50 mg per day you could start to experience negative side effects.

The half-life of SR9009 is 4 hours. This is relatively short and means that you need to spread your doses out throughout the day to make sure that it stays in your body. It is recommended that you take 10 mg every 4 hours or with every meal (breakfast, lunch, and dinner).

When to take your dose also depends on your goals. If you are trying to use it to increase your weight lifting performance, you should take a dose one hour before your workout. If you are trying to use it to improve your mental clarity and have better sleep at night, you should take it in equal doses throughout the day.

SR9009 Cycle

Just knowing what the proper dosage of SR9009 is, is often not enough when you are trying to understand how and when you should take it. An SR9009 cycle should follow the dosage instructions above. In addition, you should go for 8 weeks on cycle and 8 weeks off. During the cycle, take 20 to 30 mg per day.

These doses should be split up into 10 mg doses. This makes sure that the SR9009 stays in your system due to the short half-life. Also, you should start with the lower dose to see what your body’s tolerance is.

This helps you avoid some nasty side effects and lets your body get used to working with SR9009. Once your body is used to it, you can increase your dosage up to 30 mg per day.

It is very important that you also take a full 8 weeks off your SR9009 cycle. Your body needs this time to do a reset to make sure that it does not build up a tolerance or resistance to it.

Even though you may not be happy with having to take a break from your great weight loss results, if you don’t allow your body some time away from it, your body will just become desensitized to the effects and you won’t be able to see those results anymore anyway.

The time off stenabolic is just as important to the SR9009 cycle as the time that you take it. Although you will have to take a break from the rapid weight loss that you achieve while on stenabolic, it is just as important that you take 8 weeks off so your body does not build up a tolerance or a resistance to it.

Your body is always trying to maintain homeostasis in order to keep it working at the same level all the time.

This means that if you take stenabolic with no break, your body will just adjust to it, and then you will no longer be able to see the results while you are taking the drug. This is why it is important to give your body a break so that you can always see results while you are taking it.

SR9009 dosage

SR9009 Results You Will See

The number one most important thing every bodybuilder wants to know when they are researching drugs to add to their upcoming cycles is what results they can expect to see. SR9009 is not a miracle pill, and you won’t see magic results overnight, but you can expect to see some great results while you are one it.

One of the biggest results you will see is quick weight loss. Stenabolic works on your REV-ERB proteins as we have already mentioned helping you burn weight more effectively, and prevent you from producing any new fat cells. This is the perfect combination for quick weight loss while you are on your 8-week cycle.

Another great result you should expect to see from Stenabolic is better to sleep at night. Because it also works on your Circadian rhythm, it can help you sleep better at night. Everyone wants better sleep, and especially when you are putting hard workouts at the gym, getting restful sleep is very important to your recovery.

When you are taking Stenabolic, you can expect to also see faster recovery times. This is partly because you will be sleeping better, but it is mostly due to the fact that your body will be producing more mitochondria to replace your old and dead mitochondria. This helps your muscles recover faster because it can rebuild the tissue that you have torn in order to add mass to your muscles faster than if you had to wait for your body to naturally recover.

In addition to helping your muscles recover faster, you can expect Stenabolic to help you notice gains in your strength. It is not a drug that will help grow your muscles like Ostarine, but it will help you gain some strength and endurance when it comes to gym time. This is because it allows you to work out harder and longer which naturally helps you build strength.

Finally, one last result you can expect while taking Stenabolic is better cholesterol. SR9009 helps lower your bad cholesterol. Users have seen lower HDL levels and lower triglycerides while taking SR9009.

SR9009 reviews

This is an important result for users who have used steroids recently because steroids are known to raise cholesterol. A helpful substance that will lower your cholesterol is always a good thing.

SR9009 Reviews Online

Since there have been no clinical trials of Stenabolic, it is important to read several different reviews from many different people before going ahead and taking it yourself. We tried to find a variety of different reviews to demonstrate different points of view and the different positive effects that people are seeing while they are on SR9009.

Most of the reviews for SR9009 were positive. One man said that he immediately felt the effects and he was able to stay more alert and active throughout the whole day. Another man said that it helped him reduce some very painful inflammation that he suffered from so that he could work out again with limited pain.

Another said that it helped him break his 40-year-old long-distance running record in the 5k race and the half marathon. One notable user said that it even boosted his stamina in the bedroom which both he and his wife are pretty happy about.

Other users reported some negative reviews. One user said that it led to some insomnia which was a frustrating side effect. Another user said that it didn’t work for them at all and they were guessing this was because of the very limited bioavailability of the drug.

SR9009 Before and After Pictures

We have scoured the internet to try and find a reliable image to show the effects of Stenabolic. SR9009 is not a magic pill, and many images you will find online are not accurate.

These people have either exaggerated the images or are using SR9009 as part of a stack with other SARMs to get gains in other places that SR9009 alone can not give you. However, we found a couple that we think are reliable to show you the effects that you might be able to expect to see.

SR9009 before and after

Possible Side Effects

SR9009 seems to come with very minimal side effects unless users take too much. However, some common side effects that users have reported are headaches, migraines, dizziness, acid reflux, acne breakouts, sleep disturbances, and body aches. You know your body better than anyone, so if you start to experience these things you might need to adjust your dose or consult your doctor or coach to see what they recommend.

SR9009 Side effects

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