Sub Solution Review: My Drug Test Story [Clear Choice Urine]

If you read Sub Solution synthetic urine reviews you will be told that it’s better than any other brand out there. I was a bit skeptical as well, but after doing my own detailed research, I decided it was the best of the bunch.

So this is not really a Sub Solution review, more my personal experiences with using it. I’ll tell you everything you need to know about using Sub Solution, based on my own experiences, and answer the key question: does Sub Solution work?

I did a lot of research before using Sub Solution, and I’m now experienced with submitting fake urine samples. I’ve also advised a couple of friends on doing the same, and they both use Sub Solution as well.

So read on to get my knowledge from using Sub Solution to pass a drug test and best practice for making sure you do it successfully.

My Drug Test Situation

My first experience with Clear Choice urine was just over two years ago. I was going for a new job, fed up with retail and wanted something better for myself. So just winging it, or relying on a detox drink didn’t seem viable.

Plus, I’ll be honest, I’m a lazy person who loves smoking weed to relax in the evening. But that one joint a day means I was always going to test positive, and I didn’t want to go through the pain of natural detox, even if I was trying to accelerate it with detox pills. It’s a lot of hard work, believe me.

So synthetic piss seemed an amazing option. If the hype was true, and that’s where I was so damned skeptical.

I did already know a couple of guys who used synthetic urine to pass drug tests. One was someone I only knew online, and he had done it recently using Sub Solution. The guy I knew in real life, an old college friend, had used a brand called Quick Fix 6.2.

But that had been about a year before, and I worried about testing having become more clued up. I knew the test was going to be at Quest Diagnostics, not some little local company, so they would have the latest equipment and knowledge.

However, I was told to come in for an interview for the job in one week’s time, which forced my hand. I really wanted the job, and the only option seemed to be synthetic urine.

synthetic urine for drug test

About Clear Choice Urine

Clear choice urine is meant to be the best out there. Quick Fix comes a close second, but I didn’t choose it for the reasons I’ll go through in a moment.

Clear Choice makes Sub Solution, and just give you a heads up that they now do an even better formula that’s premixed, called Quick Luck. Basically, Sub Solution on steroids.

They also make Rescue Cleanse, one of the best-known detox drinks that has a great track record as well. So for those reasons the company seemed reputable, which made me more confident about Sub Solution.

Why I Chose Sub Solution Synthetic Urine

So look, I didn’t just pluck the name out of thin air from the Internet, or hear it from a friend, and think that’s what I’ll do, and just bought  Sub Solution.

I really looked into this stuff while I was deciding how to pass the drug test. I really just wanted to do everything I could to avoid that damn painful natural detox and giving up weed.

Sub Solution ticks so many boxes that are obviously important to pass a drug test:

  • It looks, and smells, like the real thing
  • It will froth like the real thing (yes they do sometimes do that)
  • It contains creatine, urea, and uric acid
  • Sub Solution contains an additional 11 chemicals found in human urine
  • Sub Solution is formulated within the correct pH and specific gravity range

So the bottom line is that Sub Solution is as close as you going to get to the real thing. I stacked it alongside Quick Fix by researching that as well, and it didn’t come close.

Some people report that Quick Fix has a slight green tinge to it, and I even watched a video on YouTube where someone who claimed to be a lab technician, said that they knew how to spot Quick Fix.

Plus, I’ve also read a lot of brands of synthetic urine (although not apparently Quick Fix) contain something called biocide. Biocide is a preservative.

The rumor is that some testing labs, and I’m assuming the big ones, realized that biocide was present in most types of fake pee and decided to just test for its presence. Makes sense doesn’t it, because it would rule out loads of fake samples just looking for one chemical.

I know Sub Solution doesn’t contain biocide. I know that because the company said it themselves: Clear Choice urine does not contain biocide.

Sub Solution reviews

The Clincher: Heat Activator Powder

But there was another reason why I was looking at Sub Solution so seriously as my best option.

One of the things I had read about was how synthetic urine products almost always use a heatpad. This is a little pad that is air-activated and releases heat. It should release a steady heat for a couple of hours, giving you time to keep the sample warm while you go to the lab and submit it.

I was skeptical, especially as I was reading people slating certain brands. It made me think the heatpads might be defective. Perhaps it isn’t the formula failing people at all, perhaps they are submitting the synthetic urine at the wrong temperature?!

I also looked into the temperature it should be. Human urine leaves the body within a stupidly small temperature range. Usually between 96°F 100°F. But I found out that legally, to allow for cooling when you hand it over before they test it, it has to be accepted at 90°F or above.

But that was still only a small 10°F margin of error. That means using a heatpad, you would have to get it to the lab within a couple of hours, with the heatpad generating exactly the right heat to maintain that. Yes, it’s possible, but that’s a big potential for failure.

Sub Solution doesn’t use a heatpad at all. It uses something called heat activator powder. You agitate it in the mixed fake urine, and it generates its own heat. It dissolves and is untraceable, but the liquid is then warmer.

So for me, that was brilliant, because it means that you don’t even really need to warm it up when preparing the sample. All you have to do is mix the solution up so it’s clear. The plan was to use warm water, and then when I arrived I would pop into a toilet nearby and get the sample at the right temperature again using the heat activator powder.

I even used Google maps to check that there were shops nearby that had toilets, so I could do it discreetly just around the corner from where Quest Diagnostics was in my city.

Sub Solution heat activator powder

Using The Sub Solution Powdered Urine Kit

So on the day, 15 minutes before I left, I mixed the Sub Solution powder with water.

I will say that I took an extra precaution here though. I used filtered water from a filter jug I have. I didn’t want anything unusual in the sample, and I obviously didn’t want to use bottled water because of all the minerals it contains.

I mixed it up, warmed it in the microwave until it registered within the right temperature range on the strip, then put the sample between two pairs of underpants to keep it as close to the right temperature as possible.

What Happened At My Drug Test

So what happened at my drug test? Well, I made up the powdered urine kit and I got on the bus.

When I got off, I went to the store near Quest Diagnostics that I checked out and went into the toilets. Sat in a cubicle, and got the sample out. It had cooled because there was no temperature registering.

I added a little bit of heat activator powder and gently agitated it until it dissolved. Still no reading, so I remember adding a little bit more and starting to worry that things were going horribly wrong. But about a minute later, the temperature strip started to register a reading. I added a tiny bit more, which got it close to 100°F.

I tucked it back in my underwear and went around the corner to quest. I booked myself in, waited 10 minutes, and then went into another room where I had to go behind the screen and submit the sample.

The Quest person was in the room, but they couldn’t see what I was doing. So I discreetly pulled out the sample and poured it very quietly into the container. I decided that no noise was better than an unusual noise, they would just think I was nervous and had low flow! I looked at what I poured into the cup, and it looked just like my piss usually does, so I was confident. I handed it over, did the final details, and left. The Quest person didn’t give it a second look.

Sub solution for drug test

Sub Solution Reviews Are Right!

So does Sub Solution work? Well, for me it definitely did. I got the job. So those Sub Solution reviews that convince you to buy it are telling you the truth, Sub Solution works, and it’s definitely the option I would take every single time now.

The confidence of it does not contain biocide, being so complex, looking and smelling like the real thing, plus that amazing heat activator powder just takes all the variables out of the situation.

Using Sub Solution turns a gamble into a certainty. Now obviously there is that one percent chance was something goes wrong, or you are facing a more advanced type of drug test that picks up something unusual, but for your basic pre-employment drug test, you simply cannot go wrong using Clear Choice urine. Sub Solution is not cheap, one bottle costs $80, but remember you get what you pay for!