My Sunifiram Experience: Effects, dosage, Where To Buy

Sunifiram is one of the newer racetams out there. Even though there’s only mostly anecdotal evidence about all of them, because it’s more recent, there’s less user experience to go on. In this Sunifiram review, I’m going to try and fill in the gaps.

Based on the experiences I’ve had with nootropics of the past few years, I’m going to tell you about all the research I’ve done around Sunifiram, and the experiences of had with it.

You’re going to learn about what it is, how it works, what a typical Sunifiram experience feels like, how to dose it, and even if it’s possible to experience a Sunifiram high.

Plus I’m going to fill in the biggest gap of all. The toughest thing is to actually find 100% pure smart drugs that are reliable and safe at all. So I’m also going to tell you about an online store that provides independently purity guaranteed nootropics, including Sunifiram.

What is Sunifiram?

Sunifiram (also less commonly known by the alphanumeric name DM-235) is a derivative of Piracetam, and a direct molecular simplification of Unifiram.

It was first synthesized in the year 2000 in Italy by scientists at the University of Firenze. They couldn’t find a use for it, and so they shelved it. What’s amazing is that those scientists found out 10 years later that the recipe had been copied and was being sold on the grey market with great success. A follow-up study found that it was widely available throughout the world, and had excellent nootropic effects.

But here’s where it gets confusing guys. Sunifiram isn’t actually a true racetam at all. Because it doesn’t have a pyrrolidone backbone, it’s a derivative rather than a true member of the family.

In truth, it’s an AMPAkine, because it exerts most of its actions in the brain through the AMPA receptors. The AMPA receptors are one of the three subgroups of the glutamate receptor.


How Sunifiram Works

I don’t want to delve deep into the science here because this is a Sunifiram review in which I want to tell you if it’s great as a smart drug. But if think it’s important you understand how it works, so in your own research you can see how it varies from other racetams and their derivatives.

  1. Sunifiram primarily stimulates a subgroup of glutamate receptors called the AMPA receptors. They are actually named after synthetic agonist called AMPA, which in itself is a bit weird. Along with the other glutamate receptor subgroups AMPA receptors the transmission of excitatory messages throughout the central nervous system.
  2. Sunifiram produces its effects mainly in the hippocampus, which is where most of the key neurotransmitters and hormones are managed in the brain that is crucial to learning, cognition, calmness, excitement, and happiness. Importantly, it also stimulates the second group of glutamate receptors called NMDA. This is important because the overstimulation of the NMDA receptors can lead to bad side effects if done over a long period of time.
  3. Sunifiram does work in the same way as true racetams in that it’s cholinergic. That means it uses up choline, which leads to a production spike of acetylcholine, a crucial neurotransmitter in our cognitive processes.

Having explained all that, I want to tell you something else astonishing. Scientists don’t actually know what the mechanism of action truly is in Sunifiram. Basically, although they know broadly how it interacts, they don’t yet know the exact processes that produce its effects.

How Does A Sunifiram Experience Feel?

So now you understand how Sunifiram works, let’s talk through what a typical Sunifiram experience feels like: what benefits you get from using it?

Mostly I’m talking from my own experience, but also from some research online as well to see what’s typical:

  1. Sunifiram can enhance your perception. For me, colors are a little bit brighter and everything is a little sharper. Small details jump out and you just feel like you’re processing what you see more thoroughly.
  2. I felt my concentration was very much improved. I felt sharper, I could focus for longer, and was just producing more work. I had better clarity, my recollection was superb, I just felt like I was on absolutely top form. I’ve heard other people describe it as giving them “laser focus”. On the downside though, it can make you a bit intense at higher doses. Once it was commented on at work I seemed “manic”. That was at a high dose, but I think it shows that this stuff really can kick in strongly.
  3. Sunifiram also made me feel more motivated and wanting to get on with things. But it wasn’t uncontrollable like a huge hit of caffeine, it was just a smooth desire to get things done.
  4. I felt good. Not delirious, not a Sunifiram high, but good. I think that’s because it is an agonist indirectly of the glutamate receptors, glutamate is our main excitatory neurotransmitter. So I just felt in a better mood, more positive, and at higher doses, I can only describe myself as joyful.

Sunifiram powder

Sunifiram Dosage & Usage Guide

If you are familiar with smart drugs then you’re probably already aware that talking about Sunifiram dosage ranges is tough.

Sunifiram has never had any human trials, it’s basically a research chemical. In fact, it’s only ever had initial animal studies done.

So there’s no advice on dosage at all other than telling you what I’ve used, which was based on chatting to people and reading places like Reddit to look at what was usual.

I started with 5 mg. Within 30 minutes I felt “Sunny”. Yes, it’s a joke term people who use Sunifiram have because of how it feels. You start to feel positive like the sun is coming out.

Some people use 10 mg as a standard dose. I tried that a couple of times but found it a bit too much. Also, it just ate away at my choline so fast that I couldn’t avoid a headache as I came down, and the day afterward. That was using Alpha-GPC dosed at 500 mg as a choline source.

Sunifiram Vs Adderall

So look, because it basically hits the glutamate receptors Sunifiram is quite stimulating. Focusing, energizing, but definitely a stimulant. This isn’t going to calm you down and you’re looking at using something else to do that, with many people using L-Theanine (more on that when I talk about side effects).

Adderall is complimentary, but not directly comparable. It causes increased uptake of dopamine and norepinephrine.

Both are central nervous system stimulants, but Adderall is significantly more “upfront” because it’s raising levels of dopamine which is pushing drive and focus. Sunifiram

Sunifiram Side Effects

Before I finish this Sunifiram review I do want to talk about side effects, because there can be some problems using this nootropic you need to be aware of.

If you use elevated doses of Sunifiram for a long period of time it can overstimulate both the AMPA and NDMA receptors, making them continue to fire on maximum.

This can lead to what people describe as a burning brain. I don’t mean it’s literally on fire, but a burning sensation in the brain. It doesn’t appear to be linked to anything significant, but it can be uncomfortable.

Other people make this worse because they dose it long and strong for weeks on end and overstimulate the NMDA receptors, but they are countering stimulation by calming things with L-Theanine.

Problem is that that is also a mild NDMA agonist. So it’s making the problem worse.

By all means, experiment with low doses of Sunifiram. But only do it for a few days at a time, at the lowest dose you can (5 mg is good), and then have a long break of at least a couple of weeks before doing it again.

Where To Buy Sunifiram

I really hope this review of Sunifiram has been helpful to you, and that you now understand a bit more about the sort of experience you’ll have.

At really high doses (10 mg and above) it is possible to experience a rush, a sunny feeling, but I wouldn’t describe it as a Sunifiram high. Nor would I want to take more than 10 mg for any length of time because I don’t want a burning brain.

So sensible experimentation can bring great rewards with this nootropic, but keep it, sensible guys.

In terms of where to buy Sunifiram, you’re looking for a place that sells smart drugs that has third-party independent lab testing done on every batch to prove it’s pure. do that, and they publish the latest batch test reports on the product pages.

Sunifiram powder

A huge 10 g pot of Sunifiram powder costs just $34.99. When you think the dose is around 10 mg at most, that’s going to last you for years unless you are nuts.

Make sure you have a reliable micro scale. Not one of those cheap and crap ones, that sometimes come with fake weights so you’re fooled on them being calibrated. Spend some cash, because when you want to dose 5 mg of Sunifiram, you need to make sure you are really dosing 5 mg.