Is Testogen As Good As Reviews Say?

There are tons of testosterone boosters out there, some good, some bad, and some just a total waste of money. This detailed guide is going to cover everything you need to know to make an informed decision about buying the best testosterone booster supplement.

You’ll learn everything you need to know, what’s in it, how those ingredients work to produce increased testosterone levels, realistic effects you can expect within one month, dosage, and potential side effects.

We will also do a comparison with another top brand: PrimeMale Vs TestoGen, so you can see how they stack up in terms of what they contain, and the potential benefits both have. On top of all that, you’ll also learn exactly where not to buy this supplement, and also where to buy TestoGen at the best price.

What Is TestoGen?

It is a testosterone boosting supplement. It uses completely natural ingredients that have been proven scientifically to raise free testosterone levels (the testosterone men have available to be used) significantly.

Increased testosterone levels can bring the following benefits:

  • Feeling of confidence
  • Increased reaction times
  • Better motivation
  • Improved physical strength
  • Ability to power through gym routines
  • Build more and stronger lean muscle
  • Cut fat more easily
  • Clearer thinking and decision-making
  • Improved drive and determination

TestoGen is one of a range of what I call the mid-price quality testosterone boosting supplements. That means it’s not ridiculously priced, as some of the supplements are over $100 per month which is ridiculous. But it’s also not one of the cheap $10 Amazon buys which are absolutely useless.

Testogen ingredients

My Experience

So let’s take a look now at what is in TestoGen, and how it works in the body when you take it.

I’ll point out here right at the start of this TestoGen review that it needs to be taken regularly, every day on an ongoing basis. If you start skipping days, or you give up for a few weeks, your testosterone levels will start returned to baseline.

Let me just explain what I mean here.

When you’re about 20 your testosterone levels peak. They then decline slowly, on average 1% per year, for most of the rest of your life. By the time you’re in your 50’s your testosterone levels can be half of what they were when you were 20!

So it’s little wonder as you get older you start to feel lethargic, lacking in confidence, your muscle doesn’t pack on and stay there when you work out, you just don’t feel the same energized man you used to.

So testosterone boosting supplements like TestoGen work by putting natural ingredients into your body which help it to raise your T levels, sometimes dramatically.

The ingredients in TestoGen are:

  • Red ginseng extract
  • Zinc
  • Magnesium
  • Vitamin B6, K1, D3
  • Fenugreek
  • D-Aspartic acid
  • Nettle leaf extract
  • Boron citrate

So that’s eight key ingredients, all of them scientifically linked to raising testosterone levels. They do this either indirectly by helping the body to produce its own supplies to the maximum it can unaided, that’s the stuff like zinc, magnesium, and the vitamins.

But also you’re getting several ingredients in there which directly provoke testosterone level production well above can unaided, most notably D-Aspartic acid, Nettle leaf extract, and Boron citrate.

Testogen directions

Proper Dosage

In one way, it’s really easy to take TestoGen. You just take four capsules every morning with water, first thing when you wake up, before breakfast. That’s it.

Do that every day, and after about a month, I’m telling you that you’ll start to feel very different. For me, it was lifting weights I hadn’t got near for years, and in terms of cardio and fitness, I’d put 2 miles on my average run length.

On the downside, you do have to remember to take four capsules every day. Four capsules is actually a bit of a pain. I would rather they had concentrated it down into a single capsule, or maybe two. But that’s just a minor moan.

Testogen dosage

Results You Can Realistically Expect

So let’s talk about the results, and what you can realistically expect them to be. When you take TestoGen, you’ll feel a little different for maybe two weeks. But between one week in and two weeks into the course, you will start to feel mentally different. You’ll feel sharper, better.

Physically, you’ll start to feel more energetic, more able to cope with a heavier load. This will get better and better until the full effects are felt between one month and six weeks.

The all natural ingredients hit different processes in the body that make free testosterone. Something will work well for some people, but not brothers, which is why the great combination of ingredients at high-dose means that whoever you are, you will benefit from some sort of testosterone rise.

Even on its own, one study showed that D-Aspartic acid raises testosterone levels in fit and healthy men by up to 42%. Imagine that much of a boost to your mental and physical performance, it’s gold dust.

I took a bit longer than a lot of people, around six weeks to really feel the full effects, and it was alongside a progressive gym routine. But from that point on, the difference was like night and day.

People talk about those before and after photos for supplements. But this isn’t some weird mixture, it’s a blend of scientifically proven ingredients that will definitely raise your testosterone levels. As the benefits of elevated testosterone, especially as you get older, are proven, there’s just no risk with this, you’re going to get the benefits I’ve already talked about.

Then let’s just ram it home here, by telling you the exact benefits I felt after 6 weeks:

  • I was working out harder than I had for years
  • My muscle gain was noticeably better
  • I felt calm and slept better
  • I felt confident and in control
  • My skin improved
  • My sex drive got better
  • I was recovering from workouts in half the time

For me, it’s one of those “no-brainer” things. If you know that you are suffering from low testosterone levels, if they are on the decline, you’re feeling blue, and you know it’s getting worse, then there is something you can do about it.

But it is not just some miracle thing. I had to keep taking it to get the benefits. Six months on, and I’m loving it. My performance is better, my mental health is better, and the results from the gym are better.

Testogen results

Possible Side Effects

So look guys I’ve talked about all the great results you can expect from TestoGen, but I do also want to briefly cover the potential negatives of using the supplement.

Most of you, I included, won’t experience a single side effect at all. You’ll just feel better, stronger, more active and confident, and your muscle gains will be fast improved. But for some people, you might have problems if you boost your testosterone for a significant length of time.

Guys over 60 have been found in studies to be more likely to get heart problems from suddenly increasing their testosterone levels. Studies using testosterone pills in the past have found that to be the case if the heart isn’t healthy, or there is an irregular heartbeat.

So if you’re slightly older, I’d say in your mid-50s or later, if you’re going to take a testosterone supplement for the long term, I’d get your heart health checked out with your doctor first.

The only other problem could be male pattern baldness. High testosterone levels are prevalent in men who suffer from premature baldness. Although this shouldn’t really make much difference, if you are genetically predisposed to male pattern baldness, say you are already losing hair in your early 30s, then dramatically increase your testosterone levels could accelerate the process.

But other than that, the vast majority of fit and healthy men are only going to benefit from the significant performance boosts both mentally and physically that TestoGen will bring.

PrimeMale Vs TestoGen

PrimeMale is another high-quality testosterone booster that I’ve used previously. So I wanted to do a PrimeMale Vs TestoGen comparison so you can see what my thought process was in swapping supplements.

Both of these testosterone boosting supplements have a very similar range of ingredients. The difference is that PrimeMale contains one ingredient that can fight the conversion of testosterone into estrogen, which is good, but also one ingredient I didn’t really get on with.

So in one way, PrimeMale could have been my first choice. However, it contains something called Mucuna Pruriens. This is a powder made from beans of a plant native to Africa and other parts of the world, known as the “dopamine bean”.

Basically, it increases levels of dopamine in the brain. Dopamine is the neurotransmitter that makes us risk more, and feel better after getting a reward. So it could be really good.

However on the downside, it’s also known that in some people artificially elevating levels of dopamine can get depressed, which is why people who take MDMA (ecstasy) a lot can suffer, they shut down the natural production, meaning they struggle when they stop elevating their levels of dopamine artificially.

For me, suffering a little bit from depression (although that has cleared up which makes me think it was the low testosterone), I really didn’t want to go down that road.  TestoGen contains pretty much all the other ingredients that PrimeMale does, so in a battle of PrimeMale Vs TestoGen, for me, it was about that slight difference in those ingredients.

My advice is to start with TestoGen. If it works brilliantly, why change? If you feel you want to try some a little bit different, then you’ll still get a boost in testosterone from PrimeMale, but it does have another effect in the brain for you to consider.

Prime male vs testogen

Problems Buying It From Amazon

Before I tell you where to buy TestoGen, I want to give you a strong TestoGen Amazon warning, which is basically don’t buy it from Amazon. It’s about the same price as buying directly from TestoGen. And you can get free next day delivery if you are an Amazon Prime member.

However, you can also get completely free delivery if you order from TestoGen, so the free Amazon delivery makes no difference.

But my bad experience was that the package arrived smashed up. The container was cracked, and pills were loose in the box. The driver didn’t care, because they never do. I didn’t know if that package had been contaminated, nothing. I took photos and got my money back, but it was just a pain.

If you want the best experience, to avoid unpleasant surprises, then it’s always best to order direct from the official website, especially when they actually offer combo deals which make it far cheaper than buying TestoGen from general marketplace sites like Amazon.

Where To Buy It For The Best Price

The conclusion of my guide here has to be that it worked for me, that’s all I can really tell you in terms of evidence.

I felt so much better emotionally, so much better physically. The gains I got down the gym have really started to stack up. I’m burning fat quicker, my sex life is better. Basically, things feel like they used to.

I’ve already told you about avoiding buying TestoGen from Amazon, and when it comes to telling you where to buy TestoGen from instead, the official website is definitely the way to go. One month of TestoGen will cost you $59.99. That’s 120 capsules at a rate of four per day.

where to buy Testogen

But the best deal, which is awesome, is the three month deal. By three months’ worth, and you’ll get two months free, a total of five months worth of TestoGen for just $179.99.

Take that deal and it will bring the monthly cost below $40, which is peanuts. It’s a great quality testosterone booster, and for that money, giving it a go for five months to see how it changes your life and gym performance is ridiculously cheap.