Top 5 Leg Exercises For Muscle Growth & Strength

Every guy wants bigger legs, and they want them to be stronger. The way to do this is to do the best leg exercises you can to develop your muscles and build your stamina.

That’s easier said than done because leg exercises kill. They are the exercise that hurt most both during the exercise and during recovery. Also, especially when you are not fit in the beginning, leg exercises can really wear you down quickly and stop you from working on the rest of your body.

So what you need to do is develop a set of easy leg exercises you can do in about 20 minutes so that you can quickly build up your muscles and stamina enough to take that leap up to the next level. What we’re going to do here is tell you about the exercises the legs of the best to achieve all this.

Why The Legs Are Always A Problem

Your legs have the largest muscles in the body, and working them can produce a lot of exhaustion very quickly. Plus, working all those big muscles can hurt, especially when oxygen can’t get to them as quickly as possible in the beginning.

On top of that, recovery times can be lengthened, you’ll get stiffness if you don’t warm down and if you’re a little older as well.

Put together, it can create a lot of issues that are together a barrier to really going for it. People workout, they hurt, so they don’t want to do it again, by the time they get round to doing their legs again they are back to the beginning and don’t really develop. They put it off, or they just focus on the upper body where there are more quick and visible rewards.

Tips For Making Leg Exercises Easier

There are a few things you can do to make leg exercises easier though, especially the beginning:

  1. Always make sure you warm-up and warm down. This will get your muscles ready to work out and help to ensure less pain during the workout. Also, afterward, warming down helps to reinforce the work you’ve done and helps with recovery.
  2. Make sure you do these exercises regularly. If you start skipping, they get harder to do again. Also, this increases the risk of injury as well because a pull on the big leg muscle can stop be working out at all for a few weeks. Three times per week in the beginning, and then once you strengthen your legs, twice per week is ideal.
  3. You should use supplements to speed up your muscle development, increase your stamina, and shorten your recovery times. SARMs are excellent for doing this, we will talk a bit more about how SARMs can do these things at the end of this guide.

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The Top 5 Best Leg Exercise Sets For Strength & Muscle Development

 So let’s take a look now at the top five Best leg exercise sets that will help to build up your strength and endurance, and help with rapid muscle development so that you can kick onto the next level in just a few weeks.

Let’s just start here by saying that for these exercises you do a minimum of eight reps, and a maximum of 12. If you can’t do eight, drop the weight. If you can do more than 12, increase the weight. It’s that simple.

Also, you should look to increase the weight every couple of weeks, even if it’s small as a couple of pounds on each dumbbell.

  1. Goblet squat

This is a crucial exercise for building your quads and hamstring muscles up quickly. It’s tough to do the first few times, but your muscles will quickly get used to it.

But be warned, the first few times you do this, it’s going to bloody well kill. The pain is excruciating, and it wears you out quickly. That’s part of the pain process you have to go through.

Cup a dumbbell in both hands like a goblet and tuck it under your chin. Then from a standing position keeping your back straight, move down into a wide leg squat position. Don’t let your bum go below your knees, keep it horizontal at the bottom of the squat.

  1. Reverse lunges

Classic lunges consist of putting one leg out in front of you and then lower yourself down on the rear need, holding a dumbbell to each side.

The problem with the classic lunge is that it can put a lot of weight onto the front knee, which can cause injuries and damage if you are not careful about how you do the exercise.

The reverse lunges are far safer because it takes away all that pressure from the front knee. Instead of taking a step forward, you take a step backward, and then go down onto the rear knee. That way you are taking all the pressure off the front knee and putting the resistance onto the legs.

You may want to try this without weights to start off with, and then use a pair of light dumbbells to increase the resistance levels once you’ve worked out how to balance things correctly.

  1. Farmers carry

This is an odd one because it doesn’t look like an exercise at all, it just looks like you’re walking funny and carrying a couple of dumbbells, but if you keep doing it, it really will work your entire body, especially your legs.

Get a pair of relatively heavy dumbbells, and hold one in each hand. Hold them straight down beside you like a couple of shopping bags, and then walk quickly with small steps. Take about 10 or 15, and then turn on one leg and repeat the process back the other way.

After a few times doing that you’ll start to feel the resistance all the way through your body.

  1. Barbell clean and jerk

This is another great leg exercise that also works at the upper body as well. It can be exhausting though; you should warm up properly beforehand and warm down afterward. The warmup is very important because you can strain muscles doing this.

Have a barbell on the ground in front of you and stand in front of it with your feet about shoulder-width apart. Drop to a squat, and grab the barbell with an overhand grip.

Then in one smooth motion, lift the barbell up using a stiff body and the power of your legs and jerk it up and push your arms up to get it straight over your head. You’ve seen this, it’s the classic weightlifting that everyone is seen at the Olympics.

Be careful when you jerk the weight up above chest level though, that’s where you can pull your back. Make sure it’s a smooth motion that uses the power you generate from the legs to take the weight straight up above your head and then push up with your arms.

  1. Standing long jump

The standing long jump is another deceptively easy exercise on the surface that actually produces stunning results on the legs.

To do the standing long jump you stand with your arms by your side and your legs are slightly bent at the knees. Then you swing your arms backward as you lower your knees and propel yourself forward enough to land flat on your feet without staggering forward.

You are using the momentum built by your legs and then the muscles in your legs stopping you dead to create the resistance for the exercise. Deceptive, but very powerful.

Supplements That Can Make Leg Exercises Develop You More Quickly

So now you know about five easy to do leg exercises, let’s take a look at the supplements that can help you to develop your leg muscles more easily, and get stronger more quickly so that your recovery times are faster you want to get rid of the burden of doing leg exercises, and you want to build your muscles more quickly, then SARMs are a great way of doing this.

SARMs can be quite confusing, but you are basically looking for one that can build muscle and strength, and help your recovery times. Cardarine or Stenabolic are both great for building strength through raising your energy levels. You’ll just work out more, and your range of motion will be better all the way through.

You can go for an anabolic SARM instead that will actually build muscle and develop energy by mimicking testosterone. Ligandrol, Andarine, and Testolone are great choices. You can also stack one of the strengths SARMs with one of the anabolic muscle building SARMs to get the best of all worlds.

Combine a simple stack of SARMs with leg exercises several times per week, and in just a few weeks you will be moved up to another level that will allow you to develop full-body workouts in a way that you’ve never done before.