Quick Guide: Adrafinil Dosage, Effects, Safety & Where To Buy

Adrafinil has been around since the 1970s, but there’s still a lot of confusion around it. So, what we’re going to do here is talk about Adrafinil dosage ranges, effects and results, and safety for you. You’ll also get a comparison between Adrafinil and modafinil. We will explain how they are related, and help you to understand which one could be best for your nootropic needs.

Plus, this quick Adrafinil review will conclude by telling you where to buy Adrafinil that’s 100% pure and safe to experiment with.

What Is Adrafinil?

Adrafinil was created in France during the early 1970s. It was designed to help people who worked strange hours and who struggled to focus. It was also looked at as a cure for narcolepsy. This stuff basically promotes strong wakefulness.

It works by boosting the production of a neurotransmitter in the human brain called hypocretin. This neurotransmitter is the primary one that deals with wakefulness. The higher the dose the more alert mentally will be, and the less fatigued you will feel.

But it was also found to improve focus and cognitive performance. It influenced better memory by breaking down glutamate. This also helped to improve mood.

Put together, and Adrafinil was found to have the potential to be a strong smart drug, one that increased alertness, cognitive performance, and confidence.

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Adrafinil Review: Effects & Benefits

What are the exact Adrafinil effects and benefits you can expect to gain if you take it?

Well, everyone is different, but generally, the following are the effects experienced:

  1. Adrafinil definitely increases wakefulness. You will feel more alert, awake, alive. But unlike other stimulants like caffeine, you don’t feel jittery, you don’t feel anxious. It’s a peaceful, calm stimulant.
  2. Adrafinil can improve your mood. You’ll feel more motivated, more certain, and happier. This is because glutamate helps to produce more GABA, the neurotransmitter which keeps is calm, focused, and in addition, it also raises dopamine levels.
  3. I’m not advocating this as something to use it for, but Adrafinil does decrease appetite. So you could use it as an appetite suppressant alongside using it as a smart drug.
  4. Adrafinil has been found to enhance memory performance. You’ll feel sharper, think more quickly, gain faster memory recall, and better memory storage skills. These are the key traits that make it a true nootropic.
  5. Adrafinil can raise physical energy levels. That’s why it often used as a pre-workout supplement. Alongside the wakefulness and focus it produces, it can be ideal for bodybuilders. But this physical energy is not overwhelming, it just helps to make you generally feel energized so you can focus on being more alert.


Adrafinil Dosage Guide

Adrafinil dosage is crucial, because you will get the full effects of the dose is too low, and high doses can actually have adverse effects.

The problem is that they have not been any studies into using Adrafinil as a nootropic. All the human studies done have been around using it to promote wakefulness and deal with conditions like narcolepsy. There have been minor trials on using it for ADHD, but nothing significant around using it to improve cognitive performance in a healthy-minded person.

My advice is to start at the low end of the scale. A dose of 200 mg is a great starting point. The highest dose I’ve ever read about anyone using is 1200 mg, but that seems nuts to do more than once in a blue moon. I would stick to a dose of between 200 mg and 600 mg to be safer. Even then, I’d only dose a couple of times per week.

Adrafinil is water-soluble, so if you get powder then you can just mix with water or juice. But it often also comes in capsules or tablets, so you don’t need to weigh it or mix it. But tablets are usually far more expensive than bulk powder.

I’d recommend you take your Adrafinil dosage a couple of hours before you need to use it. But because it promotes wakefulness, it’s not something to take later than lunchtime, because otherwise, you will struggle to sleep.

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How Long Do Adrafinil Effects Last?

Adrafinil effects will last longer if you take a higher dose. However, a typical dose of 2-300 mg delivers effects after an hour.

Those peak Adrafinil effects from a typical Adrafinil dosage last around two hours, then they slowly tail off over another two hours. But the wakefulness can last significantly longer than that even though you don’t feel mentally energized.

If you’re going to use it for a challenging day, take it on an empty stomach with water or juice first thing in the morning. That means that you will get the majority of the day with enhance cognitive performance and then still be able to have shaken off the effects so you can sleep.

Adrafinil High: How Does It Feel?

For me, Adrafinil felt fantastic. I’ll compare Adrafinil to Modafinil in a moment, but for the reasons I’ll explain, the sensations are identical. On 300 mg, the first time I took it, within an hour I started to feel more focused. Sharper, more alert. I was aware something had changed, but I couldn’t nail down what was specifically going on.

I could focus for longer, my attention span increased, and my motivation levels went up. I also felt in a better mood, more positive. I just got more done.

This went on for about three hours and then it started to tail off. But there was definitely a significant increase in my mental abilities. The second time I took it, I did 500 mg of Adrafinil. I guess I expected significantly stronger effects, but they didn’t really come. However, it did last longer, several hours longer.

So in terms of overall effects, I’m not sure a powder dose increases your cognitive skills that much, it’s more about the length. I wouldn’t advocate dosing twice per day, because you won’t sleep.

But taking up another notch into an Adrafinil high, that’s a completely different experience. For that, I took a one-off dose of 1000 mg, and within two hours I had this completely out of control rushing feeling. A really high level of happiness, tons of energy mentally and physically, and a sense of complete confidence.

However, on the downside, I didn’t actually do anything productive. I was hyper-focused and energized, but on all the wrong stuff. It was impossible to channel it into anything productive. Basically, I was wired.

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Adrafinil vs Modafinil

Adrafinil is actually a precursor to modafinil, a prodrug. In layman’s terms, Adrafinil is converted in the liver to modafinil which is then the active ingredient that produces the cognitive effects.

When this was found, modafinil was born. So when you take Adrafinil and modafinil, you’re actually taking the same thing, they both use the active chemical modafinil to produce the results.

However, modafinil does have some pros over Adrafinil:

  • Adrafinil needs to be metabolized in the liver which can cause stress in people with liver problems
  • Modafinil has a more rapid onset because it doesn’t need to be metabolized
  • Most people report modafinil having a more intense set of effects

But Adrafinil does have a couple of benefits over modafinil as well.

Firstly, people don’t report as much nausea or sweating using Adrafinil as they do modafinil. I’ve no idea why that is, but it’s very common.

Secondly, Adrafinil is considerably cheaper than modafinil. Often it works out about half the price, especially if you buy powder.

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 Where To Buy Adrafinil High-Quality Powder

I hope this quick guide to Adrafinil dosage, effects, and how to use it has been useful. I want to conclude by telling you where to buy Adrafinil powder. The problem with all these non-regulated nootropic supplements you just don’t know what you’re buying.

That’s why I only ever buy from retailers who get each batch produced tested by an independent third-party professional lab. They test its composition and purity, and those resulting purity reports are published on the product pages for your peace of mind.

  1. Science.bio is based in the USA, and a brilliant place to buy Adrafinil and other supplements from. Prices are good, and purity is guaranteed. Interestingly, they sell both powder and dissolved Adrafinil in a sublingual dropper bottle. 5 g of powder costs just $18, absolutely dirt cheap. 3000 mg, 3 g, in sublingual liquid costs $20. So more expensive for less, but you don’t have to mess around with weighing powder and consuming it.
  2. 2.Nooptropics.com is another reputable USA smart drug seller. They sell Adrafinil in capsules. As you can see, between the two recommendations here you’ve got all three formats to choose from. In terms of pricing, 60 capsules cost $69. Each capsule doses 300 mg, which is metabolized into 100 mg of modafinil.