I Tested Two Different White Horn Kratom Powder

This White Horn review is going to tell you everything you need to know about this special type of kratom in just five minutes.

You’ll learn exactly what White Horned is, and we will dispel some of the myths out there around it as well. You’ll learn about dosage and effects, alongside how it compares to Red Horn kratom in terms of its effects as well.

All that, plus you’ll also learn about a couple of websites that sell genuine horned kratom that’s sourced directly from where it is made.

What Is White Horned Kratom

Horned kratom has something of a mythical status in the world of kratom. But it’s not really justified in my experience. Some people claim that it’s especially potent, but that’s not actually true. Others say that it’s a special type of kratom that’s only found in a small area of Indonesia. Again, that doesn’t appear to be true.

Horned kratom is just standard kratom leaves that have a jagged edge, creating little horns. But other than that, it’s just standard kratom in terms of its construction and effects.

The evidence appears to be that it’s random. For some reason, naturally, a few kratom trees occasionally produce these jagged leaves. It could be a subspecies, it’s tough to tell, but it doesn’t appear to be orchestrated or common.

So there’s a bit of marketing hype around horned kratom I’m afraid. But the upside is that it’s never blended with other types of kratom, and it’s treated with respect because they know that they can sell it for a higher price because of it horned. At the very least, you’re getting a very pure type of kratom.

 Effects Most User Experience

So White Horn kratom effects are basically just pure white kratom effects. But what you’re getting there isn’t diminished by that, it’s enhanced. You’re getting a very strong and specific white kratom experience:

  1. At a low dose, you’ll get an incredibly strong boost in mental and physical energy. You’ll feel lifted, energized, positive.
  2. At a medium dose, the full effects kick in. Extravagant energy and enthusiasm, backed up by mental clarity that is greatly enhanced. You’ll feel happy positive, a better version of yourself with bags of energy.
  3. At a high dose, White Horn kratom effects are incredible. A powerful boost in physical and mental energy, that some people find overwhelming. Your mind will race, you’ll be deliriously happy, positive, confident.
  4. At an overwhelming dose, you’ll get a rush of pure energy and happiness. It can be quite a ride, and far too much for some people. It will also eventually tip over into tiredness and an inability to do much at all after several hours.white horned kratom

Proper Dosage Is Very Important

So as you can see, there are really four levels to White horn effects. This is in common with all kratom, because kratom effects change as the dose increases.

At a low dose, all kratom is a stimulant, white, green, and red. As the dose increases red becomes more calming and pain relieving, while white produces an ever-increasing amount of physical and mental energy backed by an out-of-control enthusiasm and happiness.

In terms of the White Horn kratom dosage you need to get to those four levels, I’d always advise looking at them in the following dosage ranges:

  • Up to 4 g  will produce a clean mental and physical energy boost
  • Up to 6 g will give you a medium full-spectrum dose delivering the effects we’ve already described
  • Up to 8 g is a strong dose where you are rushing, full of energy and enthusiasm that can feel out of control
  • Above 8 g you’re really getting into the territory of it being overwhelming and out-of-control. For some people 8 g is a lot, but others don’t feel this until they hit 10-12 g.

My advice when it comes to dosage, especially if you are new to kratom, is to start around 4 g and see how much of an effect it has. It won’t be the full-spectrum dose but it will give you an idea.

Then just go up a gram at a time to see how the effects change. If you got 100% pure White Horned kratom then by the time we get to around 7 g the effects will be incredibly strong and unmissable.

White Horn Vs Red Horn Kratom

To be honest, people searching for White Horn Vs Red Horn kratom are trying to compare apples and oranges.

As you now know, White Horn kratom is a pure white kratom strain that is full of physical and mental energy, happiness, positivity, a classic white.

Read Horn kratom is exactly the same, but it’s a classic red. So you’re getting pain relief, calmness, and downbeat quiet confidence. It’s not the same as White Horn, just as any classic red isn’t the same as a white.

white vs red horned kratom

Where To Buy Genuine Horned Kratom

A lot of unscrupulous sellers out there just bag up any old white kratom and sell it as horned White kratom because they can charge a slightly higher price for it.

There are only a few retailers out there who genuinely sell 100% pure kratom that is guaranteed. They import directly from the source, they build relationships with the suppliers in the regions the kratom’s grown in, and they are honest about what they are selling to you.

They also test the purity of every batch of kratom to make sure that it’s high in alkaloid content so that you’ll get the best experience from the least amount of kratom. For me, if you can’t feel the full-spectrum effects at around 5 g, then you have been sold a dud.

One place I know that sell is 100% pure white horned kratom is Coastline Kratom. They sell White Horn kratom, red, and red ultra-enhanced (which is even stronger than standard red).

I regularly use this and it hits the spot at around 5 g every time. It’s great for energy and enthusiasm, and if I’m going on a night out then it’s a brilliant way to loosen up and have energy and stay awake.

The second place I’ll tell you about is BuyKratom. It’s slightly cheaper than Coastline Kratom, but I think that you can notice that slightly. Not much, but quality does matter.

But either of these will do as a fantastic place to buy White Vein Horned kratom from. Coastline Kratom also sell it in capsules, which is brilliant for dosing on a night out, or on the move, and perfect for beginners.