Is White Maeng Da Kratom As Powerful As They Say?

What you’re going to learn about White Maeng Da kratom here may surprise you, but in this detailed guide you going to learn everything you need to know:

  • What exactly is Maeng Da kratom?
  • Is White Maeng Da as powerful as people say?
  • Should you pay extra money for Maeng Da kratom?
  • What’s the right White Maeng Da kratom dosage range?
  • Where can you actually buy genuine Maeng Da kratom from?

White Maeng Da kratom may not actually be what you think. So let’s get right to it now and explain why this is a totally unique and different type of kratom.

What Is Maeng Da Kratom?

Maeng Da translates as “pimp grade”. So it’s not the name of the strain, it’s not Borneo or Bali. It’s just a name that implies it’s a stronger, more potent type of kratom than usual

White Maeng Da kratom, like red and green, is a more potent kratom than standard powder. That’s what the pimp grade refers to, it’s a marketing term to imply it’s better and stronger. It’s not a strain of kratom at all.

It’s more potent because it’s found to be richer in alkaloids than standard kratom. Let’s say your American company import a load of White Borneo kratom. They have it independently batch tested (all reputable kratom sellers independently test the quality of the kratom before they sell it), and it’s found to be stronger and richer in alkaloids than usual.

So rather than sell it as White Borneo, they label it up as White Maeng Da, and sell it like that, but at a higher price. You are getting stronger kratom than usual, but you don’t actually know what type of kratom you’re getting.

I’ll also say that some Maeng Da is a blended kratom. That’s seller could have found that really strong white kratom and they wanted to calm it down a bit, so they mix it with a bit of red to give it calmness as well. You can’t judge Maeng Da generally, each batch is different. Basically, you have to buy it and try it.

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Different Effects On Different Dosages

If you do manage to get genuinely stronger White Maeng Da, then you will get classic white kratom effects, but they could be tempered with more calmness and pain relief if it’s been mixed with red.

But for the sake of argument, if it’s a classic white kratom that is just stronger than usual, then White Maeng Da effects will be as follows:

  1. At low doses, you’ll get a small but noticeable burst of physical and cognitive energy that lasts for several hours.
  2. At a moderate dose, you’ll start to feel the full spectrum of effects. You’ll feel strongly energized, positive, tons of get up and go, backed up by sharp and cognitive skills, and faster motor functions as well. You’ll be working at 110% but without feeling out of control.
  3. At a moderate-to-strong dose your start to move up a notch to where things can feel slightly out of control. You’ll still be full of everything we’ve talked about, but for some people, it’s starting to get too much, like a massive caffeine hit that leaves you a bit jittery. That’s why white kratom generally, and especially pure White Maeng Da isn’t good for people suffering from anxiety because it can create even stronger symptoms.
  4. At a very high dose, you’ll feel a real rush. This can even be a euphoric kratom high, where you are rushing for several hours. Slightly out of control, giddily happy, so much energy you just can’t stop physically or mentally, talking incessantly, just full of life.

 Recommended Dosage

For some people, White Maeng Da can be too much of an experience. They find that standard strength kratom powder is better for their needs.

But if you want a bigger experience on the same dose, or you just want to take less kratom, then good quality White Maeng Da allows you to do both.

Typical White Maeng Da kratom dosage to achieve what we’ve already talked about falls in brackets as follows:

  • Low-dose up to 5 g
  • Moderate dose up to 7 g
  • High dose up to 9 g
  • Very high/euphoric dose around 10 g (but often less)

My advice you if you’re not used to strong kratom, or you’re new to kratom, is to start with 4 g and see how you feel. Then work up a gram at a time. By the time you get to 7 g thing should be rushing along nicely, you should be really feeling things strongly, as long as you’ve got kratom that is genuinely strong enough to be called “Maeng Da”.

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White Maeng Da Vs White Borneo

As I’ve already said, White Maeng Da is just a stronger white kratom. So White Maeng Da could literally be White Borneo that’s just richer in alkaloids compared to normal.

So it’s impossible to quantify how White Maeng Da would really compare to White Borneo because we don’t know what the composition and strength of White Maeng Da actually is until we buy it and try it.

But generally, White Borneo is a classic white kratom. Low in calmness and pain relief, high in energy, cognitive sharpness, and happiness. So if you want classic white kratom, Borneo is a brilliant choice. If you want something strong or different, then buy some White Maeng Da from a kratom seller who is trustworthy enough to only label up genuinely stronger kratom as “Maeng Da”.

Buying Real Kratom Online

I want to finish this post by telling you exactly where you can buy genuinely stronger kratom. You’ll only get the desired effects at a decent dosage that is stronger than normal white kratom if you can find a seller who is honest about how they test/blend the kratom to create a stronger experience.

Coastline Kratom is probably the best known and most trusted retailers in the USA. They’ve been around since 2015 and have a great track record. Every batch of kratom is tested for alkaloid content and they even publish those reports.

They sell White Maeng Da in both powder and capsule form. Because you can take slightly less, especially if you are a beginner, then capsules could be the way to go, even though they are slightly more expensive.

The other place that’s highly recommended is The Evergreen Tree.

They do highlight how companies pretend that Maeng Da is a strain though when in the description of the powder a state it’s: “originally grown White Maeng Da”. The truth is that it just means it’s originally grown kratom that’s been labeled up as Maeng Da, but you can see how the wording implies it’s a strain.

Putting that aside, again, you’re getting fantastic quality kratom with a really high alkaloid content. In fact, The Evergreen Tree allows you to select from two different purity ranges.

They also offer Maeng Da in five different types of capsules, five different types of powder, and two types of extracts as well. Whatever you want to buy, between these two companies, you can definitely start experimenting with White Maeng Da properly.