White Kratom: All You Need To know In 5 Minutes

Kratom can be confusing. When I first started out experimenting with kratom for both energy and pain relief, it took me a while to work out the differences between the strains and the vein colors, and how they are subtly different. In this post I’m going to tell you in simple terms exactly what you can expect from white kratom.

I’ll tell you about white vein kratom effects, and how they compare to red and green kratom. I’ll tell you why dosage is important, and how the effects change as the dose does.

All that, plus we will discuss why people get caught out using White Maeng Da kratom, and I’ll tell you why purity is more important to your kratom experience and the strain or vein color.

White Vein Kratom Effects Vs Red & Green Kratom

When it comes to explaining white vein kratom effects to you, it’s important to say here at the start of this white kratom review that dosage and your personal situation matters.

At a low dose, all kratom is a stimulant. Doses of 1-4 g are usually stimulating physically and mentally, whether you take white, red, green kratom. It only the quality that will mostly differentiate your experience.

Also, your health, whether you have an empty stomach when you consume the kratom, your metabolism, what other drugs or medications are in your system, all those things matter in addition to the type kratom you’re taking.

But if you take a moderate dose of kratom that pure, on an empty stomach, then you will start to experience the spectrum effects of kratom vein colors as follows:

  1. White vein kratom is all about physical and mental energy. A moderate dose will start to produce strong physical energy, that lasts for hours, within about one hour of taking it. You’ll feel more motivated physically and able to drive yourself longer. Mentally, you’ll feel sharper, and you’ll cognitively benefit for several hours. Thinking will be clearer, you’ll be on top of your game and your confidence will be higher.
  2. Green kratom is the bridge between white and red. Its alkaloid profile is more balanced so you’ll get some of the energy physically and mentally of white kratom, but with some of the pain relief and calmness of red kratom.
  3. Red kratom is all about calmness and pain relief. The higher the dose, the more chilled out will be, and the less pain you will feel. If you want energy, this is not the kratom strain for you, you need white kratom.

white kratom

White Maeng Da Kratom Explained

 I just want to briefly talk about White Maeng Da kratom. People get confused about this because they are just told it’s more potent than standard kratom.

The thing is though, Maeng Da isn’t a strain at all. It’s not like Borneo or Bali. It’s actually a blended kratom or even a single type of kratom that just found to be richer in alkaloids when it’s tested for purity.

So say your supplier gets in a batch of White Bali and tests it to find that it’s stronger than usual. Because of this, they label it up as White Maeng Da and sell it at a higher price. But it’s actually just stronger white Bali. Or they mix a strong white with a strong red to create an overall stronger kratom.

That’s why White Maeng Da can be both variables in its strength and its effect profile. It’s not a “classic white kratom”, and if you are going to use it, you should be aware it may not produce the effects of a pure white.

Dosage Chart

As I said earlier, the effects of kratom change as the dose increases. So if you take white Borneo at a dose of 3 g, you’re probably not going to feel much other than a slight physical and mental energy boost.

Kick that dose up to 5 g though and you’ll start to get the full spectrum effects: significant boosts in physical and mental energy, calmness, confidence, drive, and focus.

Kick that dose up to around 8 g and it will start to become overwhelming, delivering incredible energy, but you may lack focus, a rush of mental clarity but with thoughts which can be controllable.

Kick it up another notch to around 10-12 g and you go into orbit on pure white kratom. You’ll get a high, a rush, an absolute out-of-control pleasure, happiness, and physical rush of energy that is getting pretty close to something like MDMA.

So generally, if you are starting out with kratom, the white vein kratom dosage guide I would give you, a ladder to work up with pure kratom, would be:

  • Level I white vein kratom dosage of up to 3 g (minor stimulant effect)
  • level II white vein kratom dosage of up to 5 g (full spectrum effects at a low level)
  • level III white vein kratom dosage of up to 8 g (full spectrum effects at a strong level)
  • level IV white vein kratom dosage of up to 10 g (full spectrum effects at an overwhelming level)
  • level V white vein kratom dosage above 10 g (starts to tip over into uncontrollable effects)

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Popular White Strains

Any white kratom strain will do, as long as it’s pure. Let’s just quickly look at three of the most popular White kratom strains so you can see why people talk so positively about them.

  1. White Borneo is a classic white kratom strain that is incredibly popular. It’s very affordable, which is why it’s popular. But also, it produces classic white vein kratom effects if it’s pure, dosed at around 5 g. An incredible rush of pure physical energy, clarity of thinking, speed of thought, and positivity. If you are looking to buy pure White Borneo, click here or here.
  1. White Sumatra is another classic white kratom strain. Just like Borneo, you’ll get a rush of energy mentally and physically, clarity and confidence. Some people say it can last slightly longer than some other types of kratom, and that at higher doses it has a slightly more pain relieving effect, but I haven’t experienced that. For my favorite White Sumatra vendor, click here.
  2. White Maeng Da is definitely popular, even though it’s not actually a true white strain. But if you can get genuine Maeng Da then it will be stronger, and it will produce the rush of physical and mental energy you need stop just be aware that if it’s mixed with red kratom to produce that stronger effect then it could be slightly more calming and sedating than you want.

You can buy great quality Maeng da (green, white and red) from Coastlinekratom.

Purity Is Vital For A Great Kratom Experience

So I hope that’ll be helpful, but I want to conclude this white kratom review by telling you about why purity is more important than the strain.

If the kratom is impure if it’s mixed with other stuff, or the alkaloid content is low, then it doesn’t matter what type of kratom it is, you’ll get a bad experience and will have to take a very large amount of kratom powder to get the effect you want, but even then, those effects will be diminished.

If you buy 100% pure kratom that is guaranteed by third-party independent lab reports, from a trusted kratom retailer, then your experience should be fantastic at around 5 g. That’s the sweet spot most people talk about, and pure white kratom is definitely important than the precise strain.