Xstream Synthetic Urine: Does It Actually Work?

If you’re looking for a realistic Xstream synthetic urine review, that tells you the truth about whether it can pass a urine sample drug test, then you’ve come to the right place.

In this detailed review of Xstream urine, you’re going to learn what’s in it and if it’s capable of fooling a professional drug test company. You’ll also learn how to use it to try and pass a drug test, and you’ll get a couple of top tips for giving yourself a great chance of doing it.

Plus, as well as answering the key questions you need to know about Xstream urine, you’ll learn about how it compares to a couple of other key synthetic urine products out there.

What’s In Xstream Fake Urine?

Xstream fetish urine is marketed as just that. If you visit the company website you will see it’s completely aimed at the fetish market (I won’t go into details what that means, but I’m sure you guys can work it out).

However, underneath all that talk it mentions how it’s used to calibrated lab testing equipment. Now that’s evidently not true, but it sends a message to the reader of how this could be used to pass a drug test.

According to the company website, Xstream urine has the following characteristics that could allow it to pass a drug test:

  • Contains your urea and uric acid
  • Xstream contains creatinine (a waste product of creatine)
  • Contains amino acids found in urine
  • Also contains proteins found in human urine
  • Looks like the real thing

So on the surface, this stuff could pass you a drug test. And a lot of people online have said they have passed drug test with it. However, if you look at more recent user reviews online of Xstream you will notice a trend towards more people complaining it failed than saying they passed.

Xstream urine


Before I get into the whole business of telling you if Xstream fetish urine could work to pass a drug test, let’s give you instructions to use it to do that:

  1. For best results you’ll need a microwave. This urine is premixed, so just put it in the microwave for about 15 seconds, shake bottle and look at the temperature strip. If it’s not registering (between 90°F and 100°F), microwave it for another 10 seconds or so until it does.
  2. If you’re just going to use the heatpad to warm the sample, activate the heatpad and strap it to the sample. It will take about an hour to get it to within the right temperature range and keep it there.
  3. A top tip if you are using a microwave is to activate the heatpad about five minutes before you start microwaving it. This will give the heatpad time to warm up a bit, so the sample doesn’t cool when you apply it to the side of the sample bottle.
  4. Put the sample of Xstream fetish urine between two pairs of underpants, put on some baggy jogging bottoms (or a loose t-shirt that covers the area) and go and submit your sample. Just make sure that you go into the testing facility that you check the temperature.
  5. If you’re Xstream urine samples cool, you will need to warm it up before you submit it. If you’re not in the lab facility then look for a restroom somewhere so you can potentially find a hot tap to run the sample under. If you’re just about to submit your sample and it’s cooled, and you’re not in a separate room with hot water, tell them you’re feeling unwell and you might be sick, and can use their restroom. You’ll then have to gamble that there’s hot water in it.

Can It Pass A Drug Test?

So look, the million-dollar question for any fake urine is does it pass a drug test?

Although it’s not specifically mentioned on the company website, but it’s obvious that this is partly designed to do that. Otherwise they just wouldn’t bother putting in the ingredients they have.

Plus, they even sell are discreet thigh strap belt to keep the sample bottle strapped to the inside of your thigh, which again they wouldn’t bother with if this was just meant for fetish use.

On the surface, Xstream urine looks like the real deal. It contains all the ingredients that might be looked for, it’s a pretty complex formula, that’s balanced for pH and specific gravity as well. It looks, smells, even froths like the real thing. So we could be onto a winner here.

But you have to look below the surface. Look at the pricing. A 3 fluid ounce bottle only costs $24.95. Worse than that, if you buy two bottles, you get the third free. They are basically giving the stuff away.

The reason is simple. It contains an artificial preservative called biocide. So even though the formula is advanced enough to pass a basic pre-employment drug test, if the lab tests for the presence of artificial preservatives (something it’s rumored some of the labs do) then it doesn’t matter how advanced the formula is, you will fail. That’s the reason I suspect by so many people have failed using Xstream.

Xstream synthetic urine alternatives

Alternatives To Xstream Fetish Urine

So for me, it’s not worth using. If you’ve already got some, don’t worry about that question around does Xstream synthetic urine expire, because it doesn’t matter. Throw it away.

This stuff will fail you a drug test. So the conclusion of my Xstream synthetic urine review is that it’s a brand to avoid.

Sure, if there’s literally nothing else available to you, say you’ve got a drug test that day and you grab it out of a smoke shop because there is nothing else available, then it could work if they don’t test for the presence of artificial preservatives.

But if you’ve got a few days until a drug test, there are far better brands out there. The one mention to you at the end of this review of Xstream fetish urine is Sub Solution. That costs $80, so three times the price of Xstream, but you’re getting three times the product.

It’s a far more complex formula, it definitely does not contain biocide or any other detectable artificial preservative, and it doesn’t use a heatpad which can fail.

Sub Solution uses heat activator powder which you simply add to the sample just before you go in submit it, and it raise the temperature in about one minute. No worry about the heatpad failing, no worrying about lab detecting artificial preservatives.

Another option is Quick Fix synthetic urine. It’s not as good as Sub Solution and doesn’t come with heat activator powder, but good enough to pass a simple pre employment drug test.